22 April 2014

Amazing Baobella Giveaway!!

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If you haven't heard of Baobella Boutique, it's an amazing site where you can shop online for the must have beauty products! All you have to do is sign up and as an exclusive member you can receive massive discounts on some fab products! Each discount is available for a short time frame so you need to quick to snap up the bargains! 

It really is an amazing site, with real savings to be had on high-end brands, popular brands and new to the market products and best of all its free! All you have to do is sign up to become a member and you will receive emails notifying you of the latest deals available. Its as easy as that!!!

To celebrate the success of Baobella Boutique I have been asked if I would be interested in hosting an amazing giveaway to win some of the featured products. 

A perfect bundle to get you ready for the summer!!

The prizes are - 
1 Karora gradual tan - worth $17.99
1 Sunkissed Cosmetics Bronzed Compact - worth £9.99
1 Set of Beauty UK posh polish GEL Fx collection - worth £20.94

So all you have to do to win all this is to enter on the form below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions
This giveaway is open to UK residents only. If you're under the age of 18, please ensure you have parental permission to enter. To enter the giveaway you must enter through the Rafflecopter form, and enter the mandatory steps as a minimum. There are some additional entry steps which you can also complete, to increase your chance of winning. The prize consists of a 1 Karora Fake tan, 1 Sunkissed cosmetics bronzed compact, 1 set of Beauty Uk gel fix nail polishes and is being generously provided by Baobella Boutique. All entries will be moderated and verified, with any false, duplicate or incomplete entries being removed from the competition entirely. The winner will be contacted within 48 hours of the giveaway closing by email and will have 72 hours from the email being sent to claim the prize, or an alternative winner will be selected.
16 April 2014

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp, Ultra - Volume Mascara

Yves Rocher, Mascara , volume mascara, sexy pulp ultra, lengthening mascara, swatches, after pictures, review, big lashes

I'm always on the look out for that perfect mascara. When Baobella asked if I would like to try Yves Rocher Sexy pulp ultra mascara* I of course said an excited yes. After seeing rave reviews of this mascara, from the likes of Zoella! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

Yves Rocher says - 
For an even more glamorous look! Its generously curved brush perfectly hugs your lashes for lash-by-lash volume without clumping. Its creamy texture thickens and coats lashes without weighing them down for even more volume.


Apply from the lash line to the tips with a light zigzag movement. For even more intense volume and glamorous result, re-apply. Lashes are visibly thicker their entire length and look truly sublime. Use with… Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss on lips, for a totally glamorous look.

Yves Rocher, Mascara , volume mascara, sexy pulp ultra, lengthening mascara, swatches, after pictures, review, big lashes
The brush on this mascara is beautiful with full thick bristles that really do grab hold of every lash. One of my favourite things in a mascara is when you feel the brush is really grabbing the lashes, as you know that even the smallest lash is getting a coating.

Some people may be put of with how big the brush is but due to the density of the bristles it still gives an even level of coverage. It does take a while to get used to the size of the brush. I did get the quite alot of mascara on my lid the first few times i used it. i found one of the best ways to use this mascara is to remove the extra formula from the brush before applying as the brush takes on quite alot of product. Once I started doing this I found that there was much less mess..
Yves Rocher, Mascara , volume mascara, sexy pulp ultra, lengthening mascara, swatches, after pictures, review, big lashes

The finish is dramatic, yet natural! Which is perfect for me as I love this look. Two coats was more than enough to give a real wow finish.to my lashes looked so much longer as well as thicker, One of the best things about this mascara is you can apply coat after coat, without getting massive clumps on your lashes. So if you do want an even more dramatic look, you can easily build up the mascara to give a false lash look.
The formula is easily removed with make up remover and doesn't cause any irritation. Which is brilliant for me, as my eyes are quite sensitive and some mascaras really irritate them. I did get some slight smudging after wearing for a whole day but not a lot. Considering its hay fever season I would normally have black smeared all over my face. I'm really fond of this mascara and I would definitely repurchase. I love the fanned out look it gives my lashes and the variety of looks you can achieve with it.

Have you tried this mascara? Which mascara are you wearing at the moment? Do you like the result? Let me know all your thoughts below.

Lots of Love, 
Laura x 

15 April 2014

Mint Green and Gradient Silver Glitter Nail Art

This week I decided to go with another shade that is perfect for spring. It's a light mint green from Revlon called Minted, its a gorgeous pastel shade. Revlon nail polishes are one of my all time favorites. The formula is ever so slightly runny but two coats gives you a really opaque finish. Also the formula doesn't go gloopy after a few uses like other polishes.

mint green nails - mint green and sliver glitter nails - light green with gradient glitter - spring nails - tutorial - how to - nailart - nail polish - nail varnish - H&M nail polish - Revlon nail polish

To jazz it up I thought I would do a ombre style effect over it in sliver glitter. The glitter polish is from H&M and is called Jo in the house. I really love this polish as it is filled with high density colourful glitter particles.

To get this affect I applied two coats of minted to get an even opaque finish.

mint green nails - mint green and sliver glitter nails - light green with gradient glitter - spring nails - tutorial - how to - nailart - nail polish - nail varnish - H&M nail polish - Revlon nail polish

  • Once this has dried I then wipe the excess glitter off of the brush. I then painted over the top 70% of the nail leaving the bottom near the cuticle clear of glitter.
  • Once this has dried I then paint another coat of glitter half way down the nail.
  • Then over the top 20 % of the nail again to give a really intense finish of glitter.
  • Then once this was dried, I then give the finished look a coat of topcoat.

This is the finished result.

mint green nails - mint green and sliver glitter nails - light green with gradient glitter - spring nails - tutorial - how to - nailart - nail polish - nail varnish - H&M nail polish - Revlon nail polish

I think it gives a really pretty look and I will definitely  try this out with other colours. What do you think? Will you be giving this look ago? Do you have any Revlon nail varnishes?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

14 April 2014

Guide to foundation - foundation finishes

Guide to foundation - Foundation finishes - matte foundation - satin foundation - velvet foundation - cashmere foundation - luminous foundation - shimmery foundation - pick foundation - skin types suited to which foundation - dewy foundation

Here is the next installment in my guide to foundation, Last week we looked at what you can expect from each level of coverage if you missed this post you can find it here. In this post we will be looking at the different textures available on the market! Although the brands might vary, with their terminology, foundations mostly come in the following four types of textures.

So to help you on your quest to find your perfect foundation, I have broken down these different terms so you can get an idea of what they mean, so you can decide which you like best,

Also known as Non shine finish, Powder finish.
Matte finish foundation has become very popular again in the last few years and is perfect for a classic french look. 

Finish it gives - Matte foundation leaves skin without any shine and a powder like finish

Avoid if - The powder finish often highlighting fine lines, so may not be suited to more mature skins. Also not great for those who have dry skin as the finish can make dry patches look worse.

Perfect for - Those of us with combination or oily skin, as it removes shine from the skin.  This is one of the most long lasting finishes so great for special occasions or events when you need your make up to last the test of time.

Also know as velvet finish, sheen finish, Cashmere finish.
The most flattering foundation formula. This type of texture is semi- matte giving a natural smooth finish.

Finish it gives - This gives skin a slight satin sheen, making skin look natural with an ever so slight glow. Not as shiny as Luminous or as flat as Matte.

Avoid if - This finish can be adapted to all skin types.

Perfect for - This sort of foundation finish suits most skin types. Set with translucent powder to make the foundation last. Those of us with slightly oily or combination skin apply more powder over T- zone to reduce any shine.

Also know as Dewy finish, Shimmer finish, pearlized finish.
Most popular for summer months. This type of finish doesn't last as long as matte or satin.

Finish it gives - The skin is left with a shimmery glowing finish. Skin looks intensely moisturized and radiant 

Avoid if - You have large pores as the shimmery finish highlights them. Blemishes may also stand out more. If you have oily skin this may make you look too shiny even with a setting powder.

Perfect for - People with normal to dry skin as gives skin an added glow. Also great for adding radiance to more mature skin types.

High shine 
Although this is a type of finish it isn't seen much other than on catwalks and in magazines. Often seen with a lot of highlighting.

Finish it gives - This gives a full on shiny, glossy finish.

Avoid if - You aren't on a photo-shoot or strutting on a catwalk lol.

Perfect for - This foundation isn't really suited to day to day life. Unless you like looking greasy or like your skins wet.

Now you know what the different terms mean and the result they should give, It should be much easier to pick a finish suited to you. Which sort of finish do you usually go for? Do you wear a different finish depending on the time of year? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x