25 April 2016

Label.M Diamond Dust Range

Label.M - diamond dust - Haircare - body lotion - shampoo - condition - review - collection - range

If you are big on pampering then this a range you will need to try! When I have had a good pamper session I instantly feel better and when I have used an extra indulgent product, there is without doubt an extra spring in my step. So when I was lucky enough to receive the new Diamond Dust range* from Label. M I couldn't wait to try it out. If a bit of body scrub and a face mask can make me feel put together smothering myself in diamonds is going to have me strutting about like Beyonce.

Although only created in 2005 Label.M have rapidly gained in popularity. Partly due to its amazing product innovations and partly due to its Brit- cool style. which has seen them become the official products of London Fashion Week.  Even teaming up with the fabulous designer Jean - Pierre Braganza to create a limited edition tote bag.,which you receive if you purchase 3 Label.M products,.Well if that doesn't scream cool I don't know what does!

The Diamond Dust range consists of 3 products, A shampoo, a conditioner and a Body lotion. Each housed in matching black and metallic gold packaging. The packaging is ultra sleek and without doubt gives  a really luxurious and fashionable feel. Which is only fitting for a range of products that actually contain diamond particles! Each of the products feature an array of highly sought after ingredients including White and Black diamond dust, Champagne, Pearls and White Rose oil. Sounds like my ultimate wishlist!

Label.M - diamond dust - Haircare - body lotion - shampoo - condition - review - collection - range

Introducing the NEW luxury Diamond Dust range Featuring the exclusive Micro-Diamond Complex - a unique blend of hair perfecting ingredients and real diamonds to reveal sumptuous body, silkiness and intense radiance. Formulated to gently remove toxins and build-up from the scalp and hair, whilst dramatically transforming hair’s condition.

It is quite a grown up scent with the rose scent being dominant yet there is depth to the scent that makes it somewhat fresh and anything but old fashioned. After just one wash my hair seemed much shiner and softer to touch. My hair was easy to style and had real body to it without feeling heavy.

Diamond Dust particles exfoliate individual hair strands, removing excess build-up of toxins whilst rich ingredient, champagne acts as a gentle, yet deep natural cleanser revealing hairs natural beauty and shine. Shine-enhancing properties from pearls combined with rich, lightweight oils extracted from white rose petals work to strengthen, protect and provide intense moisture and hydration. Leaving hair revitalised with shine, softness and bounce.

I initially thought the body lotion was an odd addition to the range,as I was expecting another haircare product. Yet after use I think it makes a really nice addition, making the indulgent experience of using the products a full body one. Most importantly it left my skin feeling like silk and with a shimmery glow.

This range is perfect for days you need that extra bit of oomph but don't have hours to spend pampering as even just using these in the shower will have you feeling that extra bit glamorous. So it is a great addition to the ultimate pamper session.

So until I run out I'll be posing like one of the London fashionistas with my Designer tote slung over one shoulder, Flipping my silkly glossy diamond covered hair around in a fabulous divalike manner. (if you are unfortunate enough to witness this I'm sorry lol) You can check out Label.M products on their site here.

Have you tried any Label.M products? What products do you use to instantly make you feel more glamorous? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

This post contains gifted items of PR samples.

20 April 2016

Urban Decay - Naked Smoky palette

Naked smokey - Palette - eyeshadow - urban decay - swatches - review - matte - shimmer - satin - smokey eye - make up

It was only a matter of time before I added the newest Naked palette to my collection. I have contemplated buying it on several occasions but other items have always jumped ahead of it on my wishlist. So when Christmas came around and everyone was asking what I would like, it was one of the first things that came to mind. So it has been in my collection a while now and is definitely my go to for a night out.

Housed in hard plastic case with a slightly translucent cover and  a dark smoke also covering parts of the case. It's really sturdy, with a magnetic fastening. I actually prefer the packaging to the other Naked palettes packaging. You get 13 shades in the palette with a mix of matte, satin, glitter and metallic finishes. With nine of the shades being totally new.

Naked smokey - Palette - eyeshadow - urban decay - swatches - review - matte - shimmer - satin - smokey eye - make up

In the box is a step by step guide with suggested looks which isn't present in the other naked palettes as well as a dual ended brush. One side is a big fluffy blending brush and the other is densely packed shorter pencil brush,which isn't as good in my opinion ,as the other brushes you receive in the sets. I would have liked a brush for really packing on the colour as well as blending and detailing. Yet this isn't the end of the world ,as most of us have a brush in our collections we can use.

Naked smokey - Palette - eyeshadow - urban decay - swatches - review - matte - shimmer - satin - smokey eye - make up

High - A champagne shimmer with mirco glitter. It's a light warm toned beige with a champagne shimmer and a light coppery glitter.

Dirtysweet - A medium Bronze. It's a warm medium golden brown with a metallic finish.

Radar - A metallic taupe with iridescent micro glitter. It's a warm medium brown with a shimmer finish and golden glitter.

Armor - A metallic sliver taupe with tonal sparkle. It's a taupe greyish colour with a shimmer finish and a light glitter.

Slanted- A light metallic grey. It's a light blue toned grey with a pearlised finish.

Dagger - A medium charcoal with micro - shimmer. It's dark blue toned grey with a satin finish.

Naked smokey - Palette - eyeshadow - urban decay - swatches - review - matte - shimmer - satin - smokey eye - make up

Black Market - A jet black satin. It's a cool toned deep black with a satin finish.

Smolder - A deep plum taupe. It's a plummy bronze tone with a mix of cool and warm shimmer.

Password - A cool taupe matte. It's a medium greyish taupe with a matte finish.

Whiskey - A rich brown matte. It's a muted warm toned reddy brown with a matte finish.

Combust - A soft pink taupe. It's a muted dusty creamy pink with a matte finish

Thirteen - A light beige satin. It's a soft off white with an ever so slight satin finish.

I adore this palette and the mix of finishes means you can create so many different looks. It also has a great mix of warm and cool tones which is always helpful when matching your make up to your outfits. Unlike the other naked palettes this much more geared towards evening looks. So it stands out from the others which  although I love are quite samey. The formulas like all the Naked palettes are smooth and easy to work with. If you like an intense smokey eye then this is a palette not to be missed.

Which of the Naked palettes do you own? Have you tried the smoky palette? What is your go to palette for a smokey eye? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

13 April 2016

Switch up your make up for Spring!

Now the weather is finally warming up and the days are lasting longer,it's a great time to start swapping our winter make up products for some more summery bits. Most of us swap our darker hued lipsticks for softer shades and pick brighter nail polish colours. However there are plenty of other ways to help get a more summery look such as ditching the heavy matte formulas for light weight dewy bases. There's no better time to start swapping your stash or adding some new make up pieces to your basket.

Spring make up - Changing your make up for spring - products to use in the spring and summer - product switches - Lighter formulas - summer make up

Lighten the base!
Switch your heavy duty foundations for a lighter base. Let your skin shine through and use concealer to add to any areas that need extra coverage. A colour correcting cream is great for evening your skintone and even layered under your normal foundation for any nights out. Grab a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to add a light sheer coverage that will smooth out your texture and brighten your complexion. Found your perfect match of foundation? Mix with some moisturiser and voilĂ  you have a sheerer foundation.

Ditch the matte!
When the sun is shining nothing looks better than soft glowing skin, Ditch the matte formula bases and reach for the dewy finishes. If you have oily skin you can still wear a glowing base without looking like a sweaty betty. Lightly powder your T zone or any areas that get oily during the day to stop the make up sliding. If your conscious of looking too shiny grab some blotting papers for easy touch ups on the go.

Trade the contour for a sunkissed complexion!
You don't have to stop contouring altogether but it can look a bit harsh for the day. Use a Bronzer to warm up the face in areas the sun would naturally hit the face. Such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and forehead. Apply in a 3 shape to still get the definition you get from contouring. Can't bear not to look chiselled? Lightly sweep a slightly darker shade than your bronzer under your cheekbones for a more natural contoured look.

Substitute your powders for cream formulas.
A face full of powder not only runs the risk of looking cakey it can be really ageing. Switching as many of your powder products for cream formulas will help give you a youthful complexion. Cream blushers have improved vastly in the last few years and now have a lot more staying powder. Really not a fan of cream blushes or have oily skin.? Try to find soft buttery powder blushes rather than anything chalky which looks heavy on the skin. Alternatively you can lightly set the cream blush to keep it from shifting out of place.

What products do you usually gravitate towards in the summer months? Do you regularly change up the products you use depending on the time of year? Will you be implementing any of the tips suggested in this post? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

8 April 2016

WunderBrow - worth the hype?

Wunderbrow - Blonde - Eyebrow product - Gel - Hair fibres - review - swatch - before and after - comparison

While scrolling through facebook you sometimes come across demo videos hailing a new wonder product that will solve all your issues. So when I saw a video of Wunderbrows semi permanent brow make up, I didn't pay any particular attention, passing it off as just another one of those fad products that aren't any good. That was until I tried it and I have to admit I was actually  really impressed.

Available in 4 different shades from Brown/black, Brunette, Blonde and Auburn. it comes in a wand style bottle with a brush style applicator and a separate spoolie. I found the brush to be slightly too big ,I like a small thin brush to get thin hair like strokes, so I just use one of my angled brushes to apply it. The formula is actually really easy to work with ,especially when on a smaller brush and it doesn't take long to dry. I use my little brush to apply it then use the spoolie wand to disperse the product through the hairs.

Wunderbrow - Blonde - Eyebrow product - Gel - Hair fibres - review - swatch - before and after - comparison

Wunderbrow formula contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specially treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair. This Hair Fiber Complex is then infused into a Permafix Gel that creates a flexible matrix, locking the natural color and fibers onto your brows.

Traditional brow pencils, pomades and powders can be hard to apply, have multiple steps, can look unnatural and don’t stay in place or last throughout the day. Some women are so desperate for brows they go to the extreme of “eyebrow tattooing”. This process lasts but often looks unnatural, is painful and expensive.

Wunderbrow is a new one-step solution which allows women to easily fill, define and shape their brows with natural looking color that lasts for days.
Wunderbrow gives the convenience of the perfect brow, at home, and in one easy step.

Much like most brow products the results really depend on your skills, yet it does simplify the whole process. I have thin patchy brows through years of over plucking and Wunderbrow easily covers any of my sparse areas without looking cakey or fake.

Wunderbrow claim it is:
Long lasting - stays on until you decide to take it off.
Transfer-Proof - will not transfer onto your clothes.
Budge-Proof - will not smudge if you rub.
Water-Proof - shower, swim, workout, Wunderbrow stays put.
Hair Fibers - fill in sparse areas for a natural look.                 

Wunderbrow - Blonde - Eyebrow product - Gel - Hair fibres - review - swatch - before and after - comparison

After vigorous testing ,although I don't agree with all the claims, it does tick most of the boxes! The only real thing I disagree with is how long lasting it is.  It didn't last for days on me. It lasted the whole day without budging even lasting a shower without slipping, which in my opinion is brilliant,but it didn't last for days. They advise you  to use an oil free cleanser when cleaning your face to keep your brows intact and then an oil based cleanser to remove them.

I did find they faded even after use with the water based cleanser but I did rub them quite aggressively. The next day after application my brow hairs were still slightly tinted and did look fuller but the formula had all disappeared on the sparser areas which I had filled in. So they did need to be lightly touched up to get my ideal brow. Yet if you have naturally fuller brows, I'm sure you wouldn't need to reapply the second day as they would still be tinted.

Wunderbrow - Blonde - Eyebrow product - Gel - Hair fibres - review - swatch - before and after - comparison

All in all I'm rather impressed and think the Wunderbrow does rival my much loved Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade although I will be keeping both lol. The fact they have little hair fibres as well is what set it apart for me personally, so it does give a much more natural looking finish. Where as you need to be much more skilled and have a little more time to get the same effect with a pomade.

You can get the Wunderbrow at from Boots here or from the site here.

Have you seen the video adverts for wunderbrow? Which brow products do you use? What do you think of the results? Do you prefer a more natural brow or a insta brow? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

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