13 December 2012

Sexy Mother Pucker

Lip gloss - make up - review - soap and glory - sexy mother pucker

I love soap and glory products, they look gorgeous and smell great. Yet are they worth the extra money in a word, YES! Without a doubt in some of their products that extra 2 pound or so makes it superior to other cheaper brands. 
So what about the extremely popular lip plumping lip gloss, called sexy mother pucker! Well I'm undecided  They look amazing and the colours are perfect for all occasions. I love the fact each different colour has a different flavour each smelling and tastes as good as the next. yet the range of colours are quite limited. the flavours although yummy are abit young and sickly, I don't imagine my mum would want chocolate orange flavoured lips.
When on the lips you get a tingly feeling, which is meant to indicate that its working. Many people cant stand the sensation, some even describing it as painful. I can imagine it might hurt on sore chapped lips  It took abit of getting used too but I quite like the feeling. 
Yet does it actually work. Well I don't know if it was because I was more aware of my pout with all the tingling or if it worked but my lips did look noticeably fuller.
The gloss looks lovely and shiny aswell making your lips look very kissable. Yet if you plan on doing any kissing do not wear this lip gloss! my partner is now refusing to kiss me if I'm wearing this sticky stuff lol. He hates the feeling of sticky lips and this gloss is thick and sticky lol.
Also also beware hair is majorly attracted to this gloss never a good look but easily made worse by wind and drunk dancing (might just be me lol)
It is a little expensive for what it is, at £9.00.  I wouldn't bother buying it again!
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect lip plumper. have you found it? what do you think about this lipgloss? 

Lots of Love,
Laura x

12 December 2012

My Claireabella bag!!!

Claireabella - handbag - personalised jute - jute bag - shopping bag - beach bag - review

I was so lucky and bagged myself this beautiful Claireabella bag! I have wanted one for what seems like forever. I was hoping to receive one for my Birthday or Christmas! So I was over the moon to finally get my hands on one!

If you haven't heard of Claireabella (where have you been?) They are company that make the cutest personalized things from mugs to bags. The Bags are a must have among celebs such as Katie Price, the Towie girls and many others. They really are perfect to add some fun to your outfit, or to make sure you stand out from the crowd. to find out more visit the website http://claireabelladesigns.co.uk/ . The customer service is amazing and they really care about every customer!

There has been quite a battle between the personalized tote bags this year and for me Claireabella has won hands down. The designs are fun, girly and make the most amazing gift! Plus the girls on the bags look cute unlike other brands where the girls look plan scary lol not mentioning any names.

I love how you can personalize the bag to make it match you and the things you love! I decided to have a red dress and my beautiful doggy on my bag! With me with a glass of pink champers as its my fave tipple, well apart from tea but tea doesn't have the same glam affect lol.The possibilities are endless regarding what you could have on you bag, what your wearing, hair and eye colour. so everyone's can be totally individual.

The only issue I have now is I cant wait to buy another! I'm already planning what little bits to have added to my next one lol!  Do you have a Claireabella? Have you asked for one for xmas?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

5 December 2012

Max Factor eye brightening mascara for Green Eyes

Max Factor - eye brighteneing mascara - ruby mascara - mascara for green eyes - review
I have greeny blue eyes so was I thought I'd be perfect for trying a mascara like this as you would be able to see if it did actually accentuate one of this colours. so I picked the one for green eyes, which promises to brighten green eyes with its ruby tones.

 I have tried this mascara with no eyeshadow on, with full make up  and my normal everyday make up, plus in the day and evening. I Thought this would make the test fairer as my eye colour also looks different lights.

Max Factor - eye brighteneing mascara - ruby mascara - mascara for green eyes - review

The packaging is nice which I have come to expect with max factor. The brush is a plastic one which I'm not to keen on as I like my lashes to have alot of volume and find you never get this effect as easily with these wands. The actually mascara looks really reddish on the wand.  Yet does appear red on your lashes it looks more like a soft black which is quite nice for a daytime or natural look.

As I suspected I didn't get much volume with the brush but after a couple of coats the lashes did look thicker without looking clumpy and my lashes did look really long. With a more separated look than I normally go for but I really did like the finished look.

Max Factor - eye brighteneing mascara - ruby mascara - mascara for green eyes - review

When on its on with no other eye make up. it didn't really make my eyes look any more green maybe ever so slightly. It did really seem to make the whites of  my eyes look brighter. I didn't really think my eyes looked different in my normal make up but did have someone comment on how lovely my eyes looked so not a complete fail lol. When combined with eye shadow for green eyes , this mascara came into its own the green colour stood out alot more. 

I would say it definatley does work and if used on greener eyes than mine would give a stunning look. Making your eyes appear much more green. 

Have you tried this mascara? Whats you're fave mascara? 

lots of love,
Laura x

28 November 2012

Why do we need eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a very important feature to our faces  Different cultures think different types of eyebrow shapes are more attractive than others, Meaning lots of people spend time modifying their brows. in this series of posts we will be looking at these methods of changing the look of your brows such as different types of hair removal. Ways to solve your brow problems and how to find the perfect shape for you.

We pay a lot of attention to them even subconsciously. Eyebrows are also one of our most expressive facial features. they reveal alot about how we are thinking and feeling. raised brows can help convey many different emotions such as disapproval and fear. One of the clearest ways to tell somebody what you're thinking is to simply move your eyebrows. so its important to keep them looking there best. 

Most hairs on the brows are terminal hairs. Unlike other terminal hairs, brow hairs are usually short in length but are still there for protection. the reason we have hairs on the brows and lashes is to stop debris entering the eyes and to keep germs out. also the way the brows are shaped they stop water and sweat dripping into the eyes. 

lots of love,
Laura x

stay tuned for more brow posts! let me no any eyebrow problems your having. What posts would you love to see? 

19 November 2012

I love.. strawberries and milkshake body butter! Well actually i hate it lol

I love .. strawberries and milkshake - body butter - body skincare - body product - review

I hate writing bad reviews but I can't really find anything positive about this product apart from the pink on the label! I have tried a few i love products before and really liked the so while out shopping and I spotted I love strawberries and milkshake body butter.

I was excited to try as I thought it appeared to be a cheaper version of the body shop strawberry body butter which I do love. How wrong was I, it isn't a butter at all its more of a whipped body cream so it absorbed quickly into the skin without a long lasting moisturising effect .

I love .. strawberries and milkshake - body butter - body skincare - body product - review

 Plus the smell was awful! Honestly I hope mine was part of a bad batch or something as I don't understand who wants to smell like the morning after a big night out. It for some reason smells really alcoholic with a faint off strawberry smell. I hated it so much I felt like having another bath to get rid of the smell. Yet lucky the smell didn't last long at all, well I still smelt like an alcoholic with booze seeping out of my pores but the rotten strawberries had gone.

 In all I lasted an hour with this on before having to wash it off. I am so disappointed with this and to top it all off I then got a massive headache must be from all the booze lol!

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Was mine just a bad batch?

Lots of love,
Laura x

15 November 2012

my brow views

Eyebrows are so important they help to frame your face and since eyes are the windows to your soul you wouldn't want them to look scruffy lol! Honestly the difference to your face through changing your eyebrows is amazing they can help open your eyes and change the look of your face shape! I always look at women's eyebrows and if they are bushy and messy, I do tend to think she doesn't take as much pride in her appearance as women with neat and tidy brows.

I'm defiantly not one to follow trends, I think eyebrows are very personal and unique  I don't agree that the same style brows will suit everyone. So I think its important to stick to what suits you. Some women can pull of an big and bold brow and others just cant. So stick to what suits you best and I don't think you can go wrong.

There are so many obstacle's in the quest for the perfect brow! What issues do you have? What do find is holding you back from getting your ideal brow?

lots of love,
Laura x

13 November 2012

Nails of the week!

Hey everyone this is post is abit over due as I didn't do my nails of the week last week, sorry!

Well as we had fireworks night last week and Diwali starting today. November's fireworks aren't over yet! I thought I'd have to do sparkly nails to match and this colour 100% fit the bill! It has green blue and gold glittery bits in it which I thought is very much like the colour of fireworks! Its by W7 which is a brand available at many different stores! I got this from peacocks for £2.50, which is a bargain. Yet  if you really want to scoop a bargain they often sell this brand in pound land for you guessed it one pound! So next time your in the highstreet have a quick nosy.

 As with all glitter nail varnishes, they appear to chip much quicker than normal polishes, but the coverage is great and the bottle doesnt look cheap and nasty. Not the best polish I have tried but for a pound I think its well worth a buy even if only for the amazing range unique of colours they sell!

What colour are you wearing this week? Do you own any w7 nail varnishes?

lots of love,
Laura x

8 November 2012

My New Winter Warmers!

As the temperature drops even lower in the UK, so does my happiness levels! I cannot stand the cold, I get cold so easily it drives me mad. One of the reasons I get so frustrated is that scarfs and gloves can be so bulky they look ugly and frumpy. Well this was the case until I found these little beauty's from Matalan. Not only are they gorgeous they also are so reasonably priced it a sin to resist them.

I picked black as it goes with everything and looks good day or night. I love the little diamante bows, they add a girly twist without being over powering or tacky looking. The mittens are finger less so its easy answer your iPhone or rummage through your bag to find your lippy. All in all perfect for anyone wanting to stay fashionable in the freezing weather.

The mittens cost £5.00
The snood costs £8.00
The hat cost £5.00
When I bought these last week they had an amazing deal, if you buy a scarf you get a hat free, Which of course I took advantage of! Hurry up, get cosy and happy!!!

lots of love,
Laura x

30 October 2012

GOSH eyeliners

Gosh - eyeliner - liquid liner - felt tip eye liner - review - swatch
I was sent these awhile ago but I have been using these religiously since I got them. I don't normal like pen liners but I cant deny they are so easy to use. They are a brilliant way to achieve perfectly applied eyeliner with minimum fuss! I love how you can still be as creative as you would with a brush with no mess. I thought u would be limited to the amount of looks you could achieve as the nib on others i have used have been really thick. This not the case, the nib is flexible but not weak so you get even application.

Gosh - eyeliner - liquid liner - felt tip eye liner - review - swatch

Gosh - eyeliner - liquid liner - felt tip eye liner - review - swatch

 I found these to be versatile and I was able to achieve a variety of looks. After weeks of use the nib is still strong, not frayed which has happened with lots of ones I have previously tried. Also the nibs tend to lose there pigment so you have to go over the same spot several times. This didn't happen at all with these eyeliners, the pigment is brilliant and the colour lasts all day with out smudging or running. Which is a major problem for me as I often get watery eyes. I would without a doubt go and purchase these now I have tried them, I'm addicted.

Have you tried these? what are your fave eyeliners?
lots of love 
Laura x

23 October 2012

Fat Hair Mousse

Fat Hair mousse - hair mousse - review

I love a mousse if you want a blowdry to last and your volume to last its a must! There are so many different ones on the market. I have tried alot some I have liked, some I have loathed, this I loved! I found this one in Superdrug, for about £5.00.

I must warn you do not be tempted to give a big squirt as this mousse does defiantly expand! I found that I don't need to use nearly as much as I do with other brands. So it lasts, big deal I hear you say. Why would I spend more on a mousse for that reason? Well this mousse claims to Transform baby fine hair into thick, luxurious hair. quite a claim! Well I did think this might be a bit over dramatic!Yet I did find that when using this, I did notice that I appeared to have more and thicker hair! The baby hairs didn't appear as sparse or as fluffy looking. The same can be said for broken hairs, my hair is stressed, over bleached and I'm often left with little broken hairs around my hairline. The mousse did make these look 100% better!

 My hair looked so much more healthy. my style lasted, my hair didn't fall flat even in windy, rainy weather! So all round its a winner! I will without a doubt be repurchasing  If you buy this mousse, I can not stress enough don't use to much or you will end up with crispy hair and sticky hands. Never a good look!

lots of love
Laura x

Have you tried this? What are your must have hair products?

9 October 2012

Be kinder to yourself!

I have previously written posts about how I believe girls should be nicer to each other. Today I thought  I would do a post about being nicer to yourself.

I honestly believe us girls are too hard on ourselves. We live in a have it all culture. We are lead to believe we should have a high flying career, flawless skin, money in the bank and all the latest must have gadgets. The media portray a certain image of what we should aspire to and we are constantly putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Yet not even the richest, prettiest or skinniest celebs aren't perfect and we should learn to love ourselves as we are.

I'm as guilty as anyone in striving for perfection and feeling inadequate when I fall short. I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to improve yourself but I have seen how this image of how we all should be can lead to girls hating themselves.Why do we place our worth in how we look, how much money we earn or what possessions we have. The beauty and celebrity industries are constantly laying on the pressure of how we should be, I do believe that making the most of yourself can make you feel great but trying to be someone else will lead to nothing but unhappiness.

I have been trying a new way of thinking and I think we should all give it ago. Every time you feel or think something negative about yourself, say stop in your head. Then think of something you have done well or a time when you were really happy and focus on that. Negative thinking is a vicious cycle and its all about breaking the cycle and eventually you will think these negative thoughts less and less. Dwelling on things that are wrong or your imperfection's is a downward spiral the more you think about it the more of a problem it becomes.

Its defiantly worth a try and even if it doesn't stop the thoughts coming, at least you wont be concentrating on things that make you unhappy.
Join my campaign to stop girls being nasty to themselves and others!

I am giving this a really go and I hope you will aswell! Do you have anythings you do to make you feel better about yourself? will you try this?

lots of love
Laura x

Read my other posts about girl hating here whats beautiful? and stop the girl hating!

3 October 2012

Loreal Professional Absolut Repair

I have found that people very rarely invest in the basics of hair care but spend loads on tools to create looks they use once in a blue moon. I think investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner are one of the best ways to get your hair looking its best! Plus why spend hundreds of pounds a year getting your hair done at the hairdressers then not look after it properly between visits.

My go to shampoo and conditioner is L'Oreal Professional Absolut. Unlike many shampoos and conditioners, the shampoo actually penetrates the shaft and helps restore moisture and strength. Many cheap shampoos will leave your hair looking really glossy but this tends to be superficial coating the hair rather than actually helping it become any healthier  After using these products for a while the hair will get a thick coating layer and hair will cease to look shiny aswell.
I put my hair through alot I have gone for blonde to black and back again. I am always putting in extensions, curling or straightening it. so its fair to say my hair is damaged. Since using this shampoo and conditioner, I have without a doubt noticed a massive improvement in my hair. My hair is softer, stronger and shiner. My hair breaks alot less and is alot less knotty. 

Loreal Professional Absolut - shampoo and conditioner - review - haircare

Here is what L'Oreal say about the shampoo and conditioner.


Damaged hair adores this fabulous shampoo fix. Enriched with Lactic Acid, the formula leaves damaged hair feeling stronger, softer and smoother and looking shiny and replenished.
Featuring Lactic Acid, this lush conditioner is a star performer in the absolut rescue plan for very damaged hair. Cocooning the whole fibre, it leaves hair feeling gorgeously supple and looking extra glossy.

THE EXPERTISE: Healthy hair is hair where the cell structures and ionic bonds are intact and strong.  In sensitized and damaged hair, cortex cells are disconnected, weakening the internal structure and leaving the hair dry, rough and dull.

THE SOLUTION: New Lactic Acid Technology has the power to reach to the heart of the hair fiber to repair broken bonds while simultaneously working at the surface of the hair to smooth the cuticle for a shiny, glossy finish.

RESULTS: In just 10 days*, hair is 74% stronger and 83% softer and more conditioned.

*Daily use of Absolut Repair Shampoo & Masque compared to a classic, non-conditioning shampoo.

I have to agree with what they say as my hair is without a doubt healthier. I love this shampoo and conditioner and although it is a salon product it doesn't cost the earth. I got mine from Capital hair and beauty and they cost me around 10 pound each. When you consider the amount you get for your money, I got the bigger size (1500ml) Its really good value. It lasts for absolutely ages aswell, when I worked it out I had actually saved myself money considering I would have bought at least 4 bottles of normal shampoo and another 4 bottles of conditioner

Have you tired these? what is your fave shampoo and conditioner?

lots of love
Laura x

28 September 2012

Nails of the week


 I was looking for a autumn shade this week when doing my nails. I think I picked a perfect shade. The colour I picked was miracle taupe by No7. I love the colour, I think browny shades always look good on nails. No7 nail varnishes aren't the cheapest at around five pound but you do get alot of product for your money. The finish on the nail varnish is a beautiful metallic affect which looks amazing. The nail varnish doesn't chip and lasts really well. The only problem is it takes ages to dry and you have to be quite good at painting nails as you can see the brush strokes so even application is a must! No7 are available at boots and they always have really good deals, such as 3 for 2. So its always worth keeping an eye out.

What colours do you like to wear in autumn? What do you think of No7 nail varnishes?

lots of love
Laura x

25 September 2012

jacket of the season!

Autumn has officially hit the UK and many of  us are venturing out to pick up a new jacket to help fight of the cold. Which sort of jacket should you get? Well military is a big look this season as is leather so You cant go wrong with the casual coat of the season. The safari jacket! which is a mix of the two with a khaki coat with leather sleeves.

A fave with the likes of Cheryl Cole and Jessica Alba. So many celebs are sporting the look you cant ignore this must have look! This look has been about for a while now but doesn't look to be disappearing so its time to invest, as the trend hots up and the temperature drops!

Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea sported this look a while back and was wearing the Zara version but there a copies popping up all over. If you have been out and about shopping you would have seen how many there are out there.

One of my fave ever bloggers has also done a post on safari jackets have a look here LolaRose!

I got mine from Primark and I love it! Have you invested in a new jacket? What do you think of the trend? will you be buying one?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

19 September 2012

Lynx Attract for women

Lynx - women body spray - lynx attract - review

I dont really know why I was so excited to try this? but I was. I think its because I love to try any new to the market! Lynx have been around for yonks but this is the first body spray for women.

Lynx say Lynx Attract For Him and For Her are packed with such irresistible scents that men and women throughout the UK will not be able to keep their hands off each other, creating chaos in everyday life. Well suposedly lol! I have worn it out and no man has grabbed me yet, thankfully! lol Lynx Attract For Her body spray is made to perfectly complement the male scent which I have carefully avoided as I DONT WANT TO START TOUCHING RANDOM MEN LOL!

A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord. Its a fruity, floral and woody fragrance. Which is a really nice smell but not anything new. It reminds me of an Impulse body spray (don't know which one, but a nice one). It really does work well as a deodorant probably due to the fact that Lynx have been covering up the sweaty smell of teenage boys for years. lol! Unlike the male Lynx which can be continue to be overpowering after a little while the woman's is light, yet strong enough to cover any odours. The scent lasts allday and doesn't disappear like normal women's body sprays! All in all I'm impressed and smelling fresh! Maybe Lynx might want to rethink this being a limited edition and start selling more body spray for us girls!

Have you tired it? Which body sprays do you love?

lots of love
Laura x

13 September 2012

Sleep-in Rollers

Sleep Rollers - velcro rollers - big hair - volume - review - results

I'm sure you all know by now I love big hair. Nothing makes me happier than shiny bouncy hair.  I'm often found with my rollers in, or quickly tonging my hair. Or sitting with my heated curlers secured to my head. Yet alas effortless big bouncy looks often take forever to achieve, plus all the heat doesn't help your hair stay beautiful and healthy. Like most of us I'm sure you own a pair a Velcro rollers but which of course add no heat so are a much kinder way to give body to your locks. However washing, drying and applying your rollers is so much of a faff, can any of us really be bothered to do this every morning. I'm sure loads of you like me have slept in your rollers, your hair might be beautiful in the morning but you never get a good nights sleep as they are so uncomfy they annoy you all night !

Sleep Rollers - velcro rollers - big hair - volume - review - results
So when I found sleep rollers, I knew I had to have them. They don't require heat, so no heat damage! Plus they actually are quite comfy to sleep in! Heavenly what more could you want! I'm not going to lie and say you will get the best sleep ever but once I got used to them I had a good nights kip. They appear to get softer and easier to sleep in after a few uses.They are Velcro rollers with a sponge inside, so they flatten when you lay on them!  Sleep Rollers give you beautiful body and I loved the results especially because it was so easy to achieve!

Sleep Rollers - velcro rollers - big hair - volume - review - results
I bought mine from sallys but the sleep roller phenomenon is spreading fast so the rollers are now available in many different places, aswell as online!

Have you tired them? Do you like big and bouncy hair?
Let me know your thoughts,

Lots of Love,
Laura x

10 September 2012

Nails of the week

Mua nail polish - purple nails - review - purple nail art

I Love so many of the MUA products I have tried and I thought it was about time I tried their nail varnishes! I bought a beautiful purple colour which IS slightly different from the many purple colours I already own! Lol! The shade is called frozen yoghurt and I am really impressed with MUA yet again! The pot is small but at £1.00 I don't think you can moan especially as the nail varnishes is of a high quality. It hasn't chipped in the 2 days I have been wearing it, It doesn't take loads of coats to make it opague and gives a really professional finish.

Mua nail polish - purple nails - review - purple nail art
I used an old purple glitter varnish on the tips. I don't actually have a clue how old it is lol! I cant really divulge any more about it as I'm not sure where I bought it and it is so old it doesn't have much of the label left lol. It does say sleek on it but I'm not sure if its the same sleek that you can buy in Superdrug now!

What MUA shades shall do you recommend? What are you wearing on your nails this week?
Lots of Love
Laura x

5 September 2012

MUA lipstick no14

MUA - Lipstick - nude - swatch - review

I'm a massive fan of lipsticks they can change a boring outfit an up to date look. Or even help you go from a day look to night look with just a sweep of a stick. I'm always adding to my make up collection. MUA are a brand I have talked about before but I am blown away at the choice of lip colours, they have one to suit everyone. Also they have all the latest colours, so are a brilliant way to try the current trends.

MUA - Lipstick - nude - swatch - review

I absolutely love the nude lip look and I have tried so many different lipsticks but I am honestly obsessed with my MUA nude shade 14. It is my go to lipstick at the min. It cost one pound! the lipstick doesn't last a long as other brands but the lipstick now goes everywhere with me for any touch ups. The shade is a beautiful nude that does make you look like you have no lips which I find   some nudes do.

Do you own any MUA lipsticks? What MUA shade do you love?

Lots of Love
Laura x

29 August 2012

Beautilicious Pink cashmere body butter.

Body butter - Beautilicious Pink Cashmere - Body lotion - Skin care - review

I was doing my weekly shop in Morrison's. Needing some more body lotion as I use it like its going out of fashion. I spotted this beautiful box, I was so happy when i saw it. It is beyond cute and is perfect to use again to store your bits and bobs in. Not only is the box lovely but the product inside is lush! I love Baylis & Harding products but some can be quite pricey so I was delighted when i saw this was £2.50 bargain!

Body butter - Beautilicious Pink Cashmere - Body lotion - Skin care - review
When looking at the pot inside i did feel a little disappointed. The pot wasn't nearly as pretty as the box but all disappointment soon disappeared once I tried it. It has a subtle clean flowery smell and leaves your skin soft without a greasy feel. The softness doesn't disappear as soon as it is absorbed either, the silky softness lasts all day as does the fragrance! Definitely a must have!

Have you tried this? let me know what you think of this product or any of Baylis & Harding products!

Lots of Love
Laura x

22 August 2012

N-SPA coconut ice cream, BODY SCRUB

N- spa - coconut ice cream - body scrub - review - swatch

I bought this a while back from Asda's for a pound! I don't think with stuff like an exfoliator you need to spend a bomb. The packaging looks much more expensive than it is and is high quality. It's called coconut ice cream and smells divine! It smells likes it would taste lovely but I have managed stop myself trying it lol.

The smell reminds me of holidays and definitely gets me in the summer mood. The consistency is creamy but not as thick as it looks. When out of the bottle, it is quite runny making it easy to work with. The texture is what you would expect with a body scrub with a rough feel. I do prefer scrubs with bigger beads as it did feel like the beads were tiny and scratchy. I'm not sure people with sensitive skin would get on with this as i can imagine it would be much to rough on your skin.
The beads are so small it feels almost like grains of sand. Which is quite an irritating feeling. You definitely need to spend time making sure you don't have any of the beads still on you as it is as annoying as having sand in your bikini bottoms lol!

N- spa - coconut ice cream - body scrub - review - swatch
Once the product is thoroughly rinsed of your skin feels so soft and fresh. So although I don't really like the feel of it, I cant really say it isn't any good.  It does what it says on the tin and only costs one pound! So all in all if you want a good exfoliator that's cheap but still works, you wont go wrong with this as long as you don't have really sensitive skin.

Have you used this or any other products from the range? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

15 August 2012

Nails of the week!

Angelica nail polish - green glitter - nails

A few weeks ago I did a blog post featuring a nail varnish I had bought from Primark. I also bought this shade called emerald isle which is lush! Its a lovely bright summery shade. As with the other shade takes a few coats to get an opaque look but I absolutely love the finish. Plus its such a fun shade, you cant really go wrong. Every time I glimpse at my nails, I cant help but smile and feel abit brighter. Loads of people have commented on just how glittery they are and how it is such a unusual colour.

what shade are you wearing this week? have you got any of these nail varnishes?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

14 August 2012

my new watch!

If you read my posts regularly you will have picked up on my love of jewellery. More than shoes, clothes and bags. Sparkly things are my thing, I have been called a magpie before as the lure of jewels draws me in every time. My collection is ever increasing, so I thought I would do a series of posts about   some of my fave pieces.

So on to one of my latest additions....
After a wonderful weekend with my family. My Nan gave me some lovely pressies, my Nan has the most amazing jewellery collection. Which to this day I have never stopped lusting over.

As a child I used to get my Nan to go through her jewellery box and tell me the story behind every piece. Trying every one of her rings, necklaces and bracelets on. Dreaming one day I would have a collection as amazing as hers. With alot of help from my loved ones I'm well on my way with my collection of sparkly things ever growing lol.

After expressing my wanting of a gold watch, my Nan very kindly offered me one of hers. I am so happy with my watch I haven't taken it off. I love the look of it and also the fact that its a gift from my nan. so here it is my new watch, I LOVE it!

Gold watch - rotary watch - yellow gold

I'm wearing a bracelet from Dagenham market which cost a grand total of a pound lol. What do you think? Have you got a gold watch? Do you have any fave pieces of Jewellery?

Lots of Love
Laura x

4 August 2012

Whats beautiful? curvy, slim, fake or natural?

Every era has its idols such as Marilyn Monroe in the 50's. Twiggy in the 60's the list goes on but what do all these women have in common? women of the time wanted to imitate them. The ideal figure in the 50's was hourglass. Women pulled themselves into the most uncomfortable corsets and pencil skirts to get the look. in the 60's women wanted boyish figures with really long legs to look like twiggy. Every era has a different view on what is beautiful.

In the 90's it became fashion to be grungy and heroin chic was in. Kate Moss was a star and being stick thin became the ideal. Or you could join the movement towards the Pamela Anderson look with cosmetic surgery on the rise and women being able to change there shape easily.
As time goes on fashions change as do views on body types, these days the blow up doll look will definitely not have people rushing out to copy you. Yet not that long ago people were asking for breasts like Pamela or the bum of JLO.

Both of these looks aren't what natural women look like. We are starting to believe that to be natural is to be some sort of hairy hippie or not care about yourself.
Women starve themselves to fit the medias ideal and whose fault is it? Well really its ours. Nobody forces us women to accept that this is how we should be. If women were less hard on each other and accepted that everybody has a different shape. Things could be different, maybe we would stop wanting to look like others and be happy with ourselves
So what does the future hold well as the recession hit there is still a rise in cosmetic surgery. with all these women changing there looks to fit with the media ideal. what will happen when the fashions change? and what will happen to women that have achieved last years perfection. will they be made to feel inadequate like most of us that don't fit exactly to the mold. Or will they start changing again to make themselves the latest version of perfect or face the wrath of the fashion police for being last session.

We all want what we cant have curly hair if its dead straight etc. Yet we will never be happy if we aren't happy in ourselves and no amount of dieting or surgery will change that.

What do you think? Do you strive to look like someone or to just look the best you can? do you think women will ever be happy and accept that we aren't the same?

lots of love
Laura x

2 August 2012

Nails of the week!

I took a little trip to Superdrug just for a little nosy, when I stumbled across some Barry M nail varnish that I am yet to own. Obviously this had to be rectified immediately lol.
I love glittery nail varnishes at the moment and wearing more than one shade. I was feeling particularly girly and wanted a fun look.
Barry M - nude - Sparkly nails - nail art

I used Barry M 342 in Nude as a base with i think is a beautiful classic shade, which is a must have! 
Barry M - nude - Sparkly nails - nail art

I used Barry M 336 in Magenta glitter to create the spots and on my ring finger! I love love love this shade its girly but not too young looking. Totally lush! 

What nail varnishes are you wearing this week? What Nail colour is your fave at the moment?

Lots of Love

19 July 2012

No17 Lasting Fix Lipstick

No17 - boots - lasting fix lipstick - Blondie - review - swatch

No17 - boots - lasting fix lipstick - Blondie - review - swatch

When out a shopping awhile ago I popped into boots. I saw this shade and couldn't resist the name which is "blondie" I love the colour of this lipstick. it is a gold/nude/pink colour. It goes on lovely but isn't very moisturizing. If you got dry lips beware it can really seep into your lips, making any cracks look a million times worse. I found applying lip balm really helps. this shade really makes your teeth look whiter as well. It does last for ages, I would say it stays on for a good few hours but it does have a drying effect on your lips.

No17 - boots - lasting fix lipstick - Blondie - review - swatch
I really think the packaging is nice and girlie plus it doesnt look like a cheap old lipstick. So u can reapply in confidence, knowing the lipstick doesnt give away the price tag.

Have you used this lipstick? What's your favourite shade?

Lots of Love
Laura x

13 July 2012


Dirty Dolly Jewellery - Jewellery - Bracelet - skull bracelet - review

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday, something I had been excitedly waiting for, popped through my door. Its from Dirty dolly Jewellery, they have a really quirky, adorable website. All of the pieces are really reasonably priced as well. I love so many pieces on there its hard to choose what i want most! I was lucky enough to win this bracelet on a twitter giveaway and I have been wearing it since I got it. Skulls are really in at that min so these sweet little bracelets are a fun way to keep up to date without spending lots of money.

Dirty Dolly Jewellery - Jewellery - Bracelet - skull bracelet - review

I am loving here vintage looking pieces and they are already on my wish list. I also love there scrabble collection! I wont lie I love all of the Dirty dolly jewellery. I really believe there is something for everyone on this website. 
I'm really pleased to announce that Dirty dolly is releasing an exclusive French range. These Oui and Nom bracelets are part of this range and I think you will agree with me when I say, I can't wait to see the rest of the range. 

Dirty dolly jewellery is definitely a brand to watch out for. Created by the lovely sisters Leoni and Gemma. The creative flare the sisters possess, will without doubt take them far. I love how the jewellery is unqiue. You wont be seeing every other girl with the same jewellery as you which is so refreshing. In my opinion buying any of there jewellery will be an investment as they will soon be a household name.

Let me know what you think of the pieces on the website! Have you bought anything from the site yet? What bits are you lusting after?

Lots of Love
Laura x

11 July 2012

Osmo Essence Intense Deep Repair Mask

This is a post to update you on my favourite hair treatment of the moment. Osmo Essence Intense Deep Repair Mask which is a treatment for over stressed, heat traumatised and chemically treated hair. This deep nourishing treatment helps restore moisture and elasticity leaving hair feeling silky, smooth and manageable.

My hair is always in need of a bit of extra pampering considering what I put it through. I bleach my hair regularly and am always curling, straightening and generally being mean to it. I have noticed a vast improvement of the texture and shine as well as less breakage since using this. I think its great value for money as you can buy it online for around £3.00. I bought mine from Sally's but I know it is easily available online.

I really recommend this product, I have been using it for a few months now and I will definitely be repurchasing. It is also great for applying before going into the sun especially for bleached hair. Just apply it to your hair scoop your hair up and leave it while you kick back and sunbathe. It will help prevent the sun drying out your hair and leave your hair looking amazing for the evening.
I use it once a week and put it on before I have a bath, as heat helps intensify the treatment. So I lay back in a nice hot bath and relax while my hair soaks in the product.

The packaging isn't amazing looking but it smells and feels like a high quality product. For the price I don't think you can moan. Especially since it restored the shine in my dull dry blonde locks.

Have you tried this treatment? What did you think of it? What treatments have you used that really worked?

Lots of Love,
Laura x
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