31 May 2012

Nail colour of the summer

Peach melba - Barry M - Nail paint - nail varnish - nail polish - pastel - peach - nail lacquer

If you have read my summer is here blog you will know that I love Barry M's nail paints. They are really good quality and wont break the bank at £2.99. Plus the colour range is amazing, I bought one of there new colours a few months ago. It is a peachy orange colour but wasn't to sure about it, but now the sun is shinning  and everyone is feeling summery. I thought I'd try it again pastel colours are in and this is sort of a really bright pastel. It looks amazing if you've got a tan and somehow makes your tan look darker! I'm so in love with this shade, especially since so many people have commented on it. This is definitely my must have summer colour.

       This shade is called PEACH MELBA No.318



29 May 2012

How to get the best sun tan!

With summer well and truly here most of us love to catch a few rays and top up that tan. I am a slave to the sun god and will be laying out in the sun whenever I can! If the suns not shinning, I will fake it but as much as I love my fake tans. nothing beats having the real thing. So whether you tanning in your garden or going on Holiday here's my tips on getting the best darkest tan ever!

how to get the best sun tan - sun tanning - sunbathing - how to - get the darkest tan - deep tan - tan tips

I can't say this enough exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate!! Exfoliating before tanning helps get rid of dry and dead skincells. If you don't then this dry, dead skin creates a barrier. So the dead skin becomes tanned rather than the new skin underneath. Be gentle as you don't want to damage the lower levels of skin.
Shave or remove hair before tanning
When you shave not only do you remove the hairs you also remove the dead skin cells lingering on your skin. So to get the best tan on your legs get shaving! plus who wants stubbly legs.
Get your lotion on
Protecting your skin from the sun doesn't stop you getting a deep tan. All it does is protect your skin from burning. Meaning you can tan for longer, without turning lobster red! You can even get oils that protect you from burning while enhancing your tan. My fave tanning oil is Lemon Oil, It's really moistursing so stops your skin from drying out and helps you get a really dark tan. I really recommend protecting your skin. Getting a tan slowly means it will last longer and wont peel.

Get an all over tan.
Tanning in or near water will give you a darker tan as the water reflects the suns ray. you must be careful to avoid burning and continually top up your lotion. If your on a beach you can get a really nice tan but be sure to check for burning as when its windy or you have a strong breeze you don't notice how burnt you are. When tanning make sure you turn over regularly about every half hour to get an even tan.

When fake tanning you must keep away from oily products as they will give you uneven coverage. Yet when getting a natural tan you want to give your skin as much moisture as you can. Use bath oils or add a few drops of baby oil to your bath to get you really soft moisturised skin. Try not to use any soap or any other products that dry your skin out. There are plenty of affordable soap free shower gels available. Body shop sells some beautiful smelling ones that feel delicious on your skin.
Give into your thirst
to get the best tan your skin needs to be healthy. Water is good for you anyway. Yet you will notice the difference in your skin and tan, If you drink 8 glasses a day. When you are sunbathing your skin is loosing moisture and becoming dry. Your also loosing fluids when you are sweating, so keeping hydrated is a must.
Drench your skin in Moisturiser
Using moisturiser stops your skin drying out. As I said above sunbathing dries out your skin and you loose all the skins natural oils. So using a good moisturiser morning and night will help your tan last longer. Aftersun is brilliant for this and you can even get ones with a hint of fake tan making your tan look darker.
Sunbathe on more than one day
Don't spend the whole day tanning as this will just leave you burnt. When your on holiday you get a better tan because every day you are topping up your tan. To get the darkest tan possible, you have to get sun for as many days continually as you can. If you aren't going abroad this can be hard especially during the working week. Yet to get the darkest tan you need to get out and top up that tan as often as possible.

Top tip!
Change up the type of bikini you wear each tanning session. This will stop you getting really harsh tan lines and you can see the depth of tan developing each time. So if I wear a halter neck the neck day I will wear a strapless top.

Remember do all you can to avoid burning. your tan wont last as long, peeling is going to set you back on your mission for an even dark tan.

What are you best tanning tips? Do you have any products you swear by? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

23 May 2012

Skincare Routine

If you had a look at my post about recognising your skin type and my post about What products do I need to look after my skin.  Then you know what skin type you have and what type of products suit your skin. Once you have bought your skin care products it important to know how often to use the products. So I have put together a example of perfect skin care routine.


removes dirt, make-up, sweat and oil from your skin.
You should cleanse your skin both in the morning and before going to bed.

Tightens your pores, stimulates circulation also gets rid of any cleanser left on the skin.
Use after cleanser. You should tone your skin both in the morning and at night.

Day cream (moisturiser)
Creates a protective film to help keep in your skins moisture. Restores any natural oils to the skin.
Day Creams normally contain SPF protecting your skin from the sun.
Use after toning in the mornings.

Night Cream (moisturiser)
A rich cream to restores skins natural oils, helps keep skin supple.
Unlike day creams these offer no protection to your skin and are often much more intensive than day creams.
Use after toning at Night.

Eye make-up remover.
cleanses the delicate eye area of make-up and dirt. much more gentle than a cleanser which shouldn't be used on the sensitive skin around the eyes.
Use in the evening to remove any eye make-up.

When needed

Eye balm/cream
A gentle balm or cream for on the eye lid and around eye area. soothes and refreshes eyes. reduces puffiness and dark circles. You can get anti-ageing balms which reduce fine lines
Use when feeling tired or you notice your eyes are puffy. Use more often if you suffer with fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area.

Lip balm
Lip balms and creams help to heal dry or sore lips. They also protect the lips against harsh weather and stops the lips from cracking. Most contain sunscreen but always check as the lips have no natural protection from the sun.
Use when lips feel dry or if you are going out in harsh weather or the sun.

Once a week

Removes the dead cells from the top layer of skin. Improves texture of the skin.
Use to get rid of dead skin cells and improve circulation. use before tanning.

Face mask
Deep cleanses, soothes and balances the skin

I hope this helps you create the prefect skin routine and if followed you should notice a difference in your skin. Remember to look over at my other post to see what types of products you should be using in your routine.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

21 May 2012

What products do I need to look after my skin type

If you haven't already take a look at my post recognising your skin type. Once you have worked out what skin type you have. The next step is finding out what type of products are most suited too which skin type. What sort of products should you be looking for to help care for your skin type. Get your pens at the ready and jot down what you need for your skin.

Normal skin

eye make-up remover lotion
light cleansing cream or lotion or a facial  wash if preferred.
a toner with 10- 20%   alcohol content
light moisturiser cream/ lotion
eye lotion

Dry skin

eye make-up remover oil or cream
cream cleanser
low alcohol content toner
paraffin wax masks
non setting masks
eye cream
cream moisturiser

Oily skin

eye  make  up  remover lotion
cleansing lotion or cleansing milk
facial wash or foaming gel
toner with 2-50% alcohol content
cleansing peels
clay-based masks
milk moisturiser
light eye gel

Combination skin

T- zone - use products recommended in oily skin
Dry cheeks - use products recommended in dry skin
Normal cheeks- use products recommended in normal skin

Sensitive skin

The same as dry skin
Fragrance free products
Use specialist brands for sensitive skin.

You don't have to go mad and buy loads of products. The products I've suggested will really help with your skin type. I haven't stated any brands as no matter what your budget repeated use of the correct products will make a difference! If you would like me to go into detail about what brands, I like for each skin type leave me a comment below. Let me know what products you are using and what brands you use.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

18 May 2012

getting to grips with products for hands and nails.

There are so many different products available to give yourself a manicure or pedicure at home its hard to make sense of what is what. Whats the difference in nail hardener and nail strengthener. It can get really confusing. So I've made up a list of some of the types of products you can come across in your local beauty shop and what they do.

Nail varnish/enamel remover
this is usually a liquid  that is used  to dissolve nail varnish. They are normally a mixture  of acetone, glycerol and perfumes. Acetone can have a drying affect on nails and skin. If your a fan of acrylic nails, look for nail varnish remover which is acetone free. The acetone can dissolve your fake nails as well as the nail varnish.

Nail varnish thinners.
All over the Internet you will find people telling you that when your nail varnish gets thick and gloppy add nail varnish remover to your polish. Yet due to the oil in the nail varnish remover added to condition your nails. It may make the varnish discolour or separate. I'm not saying don't ever do this but be prepared that it might change the polish slightly. Your best bet is to buy a actually nail varnish thinner, which doesn't ruin your expensive polishes.

Cuticle cream/oils
This is used to soften and soothe cuticles. Applied to the cuticle it makes it more pliable. Most creams contain soft paraffin, minerals and some also contain lanolin. Oils are normally a mixture of almond and jojoba as well as other mineral oils.

Cuticle Remover
These are designed to break down the cuticle to make removal easier. They contain potassium hydroxide, water and glycerol. Due to harshness of this product it should be rinsed off the nail and skin after use. You can also use this as nail bleach to remove stains.

Nail Hardeners
This is used to strengthen weak nails. It acts as a binder to harden the nail. It is a liquid which is painted on and allowed to soak into the nail plate.

Nail Strengtheners
A mixture of powder acrylic and liquid plastic is painted on. Once dry it will reinforce the nail but still be flexible. This product is often added to base coats.

Buffing paste
This is an abrasive paste used in conjunction with a chamois buffer to smooth out and ridges on the nail. They may contain a mixture of kaolin, chalk, silica or talc.

Hand cream/ Hand massage cream
This is a cream which provides lubrication for massage and softens skin.

Hand lotion
Contains the same elements as hand cream but has more of a water base. Therefore it is less sticky than cream.

Base coat
Applied before colour. A base coat prevents staining of the nail. It also gives a smooth surface for coloured varnish to stick to.

Applied after colour to give extra durability from wear and tear.

Nail white pencils
Used on the underside of the free edge. This looks like an eyeliner and you wet the nib and then fill in the underside of your nail for a quick look French manicure. More of a quick fix as doesn't have much durability and wears of quickly.

Quick dry spray
contains solvents that evaporate and speed up the drying process.

Hope this helps you get to grips with the difference between the product types. Leave me a comment and tell me what products you use?  What brand do you like? What's your favourite product for nails?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

17 May 2012

Recognising your skin type

When buying beauty products especially skin care, everything is labelled to suit certain skin types and the skin types needs. yet recognising what type of skin you have can be tricky. making it harder to determine what products will suit your skin. Getting it wrong isn't the end of the world but it wont help your skin either.
I have struggled with what skin type I have as my face doesn't really get oily, I very rarely get spots and my skin isn't dry. So does this mean my skin is normal, it is possible but hardly anyone actually has what is called normal skin.

Normal skin has a even balance of oil and moisture. Normal skin is supple with no visible pores.
No skin should be assumed to be normal as most skin leans to either dry or oily.

Does your skin feel tight?
Do you get flakiness of the skin?
Does the winter weather make your skin sore?
Do you burn?
Do you lose your tan quickly?

If you answered yes then your likely to have dry skin.
dry skin lacks oil leaving the skin dry to touch. Depending on your age, there may be a lack of elasticity. your skin might be thin with red looking veins on your cheeks. You may be sensitive to different products. Your skin might chap but your pores are often small and closed.

Do you find your makeup wears off quickly?
do you often get spots and blackheads?
does your skin often look shiny?
do you lack wrinkles or fine lines?

If you answered yes your likely to have oily skin.
oily skin is caused by the over-production of sebum. This is your skins natural oil produced in the sebaceous glands. Teenagers are prone to this skin type due to the increase of hormones. Many teens skin settle with age but some people naturally have oily skin.

Is you nose shiny?
Do you get blackheads in your t-zone?
Do your cheeks feel tight maybe dry?

If you answered yes you may have combination skin.
Combination skin is a mixture of different skin types which is probably most common. Most commonly you find people have a greasy nose and forehead and dryer cheeks. This is because the nose and the T zone area has more sebaceous glands. So more likely to show signs of greasy skin.

Is your skin prone to allergic reactions?
Do you cheeks often look flushed?
Does your skin seem dry and reddish?
Are you naturally pale?

If you answered yes you may have sensitive skin.
Sensitive skin often reacts to chemicals and products applied to the skin. Your skin will have the tendency to colour easily. You may have to be careful with certain ingredients within products and you should avoid perfumed products.

There are many things that affect the skin such as age, poor diet, medication and stress. As well as more commonly talked about affects such as sun damage and smoking. Hormones and products also play a big part in your skins condition. Your skin type often changes due to these factors and others. So always keep an eye on your skin and adjust products accordingly.

Your skin, might be a different type from those stated above, such as dehydrated, mature or congested. I focused on these 5 as they are most commonly seen on products. Without seeing your skin in the flesh its hard for me to give you a definite skin type.

I always recommend seeing a local beauty therapist or dermatologist and they can thoroughly analyse your skin and give you a personal face map to show you what parts of your skin has what type. They should be able to give you a personalised skin care plan.

I hope this helps you decide what type of skin you have and determine what skincare products you should be looking for. If you enjoyed this type of post and would like to see more skincare posts let me know by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

16 May 2012

Illegal Length Mascara

Hey Huns! I saw the advert on the telly for this and thought hmm I got to give this ago. I like my lashes thick and as long as I can get them without them looking like clumpy spiders legs. I got this from Superdrug and it cost £8.99 which is sort of average for a new line Maybelline mascara.

When I opened it I was sort of unimpressed with the brush, I normally like big fluffy brushes.You can see all the little fibres which are meant to stick to your lashes and extend them. I initially thought this is going to be really lumpy as all  the little fibres will  just stick together.  I gave it ago anyway and  got to say I was blown away. It states it will extend your lashes up to 4mm and if you look at a ruler its quite a claim. I'm not sure my lashes were extended 4mm's but it did noticeably lengthen them.
The only problem with the mascara is its not a one sweep = fab lashes mascara . I literally had to put several coats on to get any sort of added of length. So definitely not one for on the go. Considering I put so many coats on I'm amazed at the lack of clumps! If you are going to add more than one coat I recommend not waiting for each coat to dry this made them look abit flaky.

As I said I normally go for volume instead of lengthening mascaras as i normally find i can get a good length with a volume mascara aswell as thicker looking lashes. I have used other lengthening mascaras and I find they make you look like you have about five really long lashes lol were they just clump together or you have really long lashes but they are so thin I end up applying another mascara on top. I didn't have any of these problems with Illegal Lengths my lashes were not only long but thick aswell. Not as thick as with the Maybelline Colossal Mascara but not that far off ether. The only other problem was it kept smudging onto my skin behind my lashes. I found if you put your mirror above you and look up when applying to your bottom lashes and the mirror below you when doing your upper lashes this helps alot! all in all I would definitely purchase again.

Hope this helps! Have you tried this mascara how did you find it?
Lots of Love,
Laura x

15 May 2012

getting to know me ....

Thought it would be fun to do some getting to know you questions that I got emailed.
Lets go...

1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?
I went to bed at about half 11, nope i had my doggy with me.

2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
To always be happy

3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?
Erm its really old film but i only saw it recently. One flew over the cuckoos nest. Amazing can't believe its based on a true story. A oldie but a goodie.

4. What is your favourite TV show of all time ie you've seen them all, can watch it over and over again and quote lines from it?
Its got to be Facejacker! If you haven't seen it, it's soooo funny.

5. Whats your favourite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do?
Naturally not by the alarm errgggh. I give my fiance a cuddle and a kiss.

6. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?
I like my name but its too common so something unusual but i don't know what.

7. If you had to do a bush tucker challenge (you have to eat insects/grubs etc) what would be the worst thing you had to eat?
A animals bumhole or rudey bits lol. errrr or an eyeball.

8. Whats the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you've ever owned and do you still have it?
lol its probably my one true voice Cd's (the band that lost to girls aloud on popstars the rivals) or my Gareth Gates CD but i still have a soft spot for him lol! Yep iv got them somewhere.

9. what would be your dream vehicle (bikes, cars, boats, batcar and millennium falcon is allowed!)? erm a flash sports car maybe a Aston martin in racing green.

10. Whats your favourite fantasy people sandwich?
I don't no what this means lol.

11. What characteristics do you dislike in yourself?
I'm really self critical and always hard on  myself.

12. Your favourite item of clothing and why?
PJ's they are sooo comfy.

13. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with?
I'd go to Australia to see my family over there and id take my family that's over here lol.

14. If you could have any animal/creature, What would be your ultimate pet be?
a  wolf or a lion or a monkey lol

15. What did you want to be when you were little and do you think you ever will be?
I wanted to be a princess! I really doubt it lol.

16. Whats the next event you're looking to in your life?
my wedding :D

17. What were you doing before you started this?
watching Eastenders

18. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldn't of ?
a maccy ds yesterday. Oopss.

19. If you were an ice cream/haagen daz/ben an jerrys flavour what would you be?
half baked lol.

20. Who was the last person you spoke to?
my mum.

21. What was your favourite toy as a child?
My dolls house.

22. When was the last time you cried and why?
Last night because my Grandad died on Tuesdays :(

23. What is your favourite colour?

24. What is your favourite time of day/day of the week/month of the year?
my favourite time of day is dinner time lol. Saturday and December because of Christmas and its my birthday lol.

25. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
Scream and phone my mum lol.

hope this helped you get to know me a little better!
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