28 June 2012

Oh my GOSH!!!

I was sent this item to review by GOSH and I'm so glad they sent it!

I absolutely love this mascara you can really feel the brush grabbing hold of your lashes as it coats them. One of my favourite things about it was the lack of clumps. It honestly didn't clump my lashes together but also doesn't make them look really long but thin. This to me is the perfect everyday mascara it gives you volume and length but it also doesn't make you look like you have applied lots of mascara.

Another thing I really liked about this product was it didn't weigh my lashes down making them lose their curl which I find a lot of mascaras do. I curled my lashes put the mascara on and they still had a noticeable curl to them. The only down side was it did take forever to remove at the end of the day, other than that it gets a big thumbs up. I would definitely buy this mascara for my everyday make up look not so much for the evening as I still don't think they look thick enough without the help of my trusty falsies!

What's your fave GOSH product?
Have you tried this mascara what did you think of it?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

22 June 2012

Garnier Intensive 7 days lotion

I have always been a fan of the Body Shops Body Butter and I never thought I would change to a different body moisturiser. I have tried many others and the only ones that make me stray are the moisturers with tan in them but I still have my trusty body butter waiting for a day when my skin feels abit dry. I do still use gradual tanning moisturizers but I find that they can be a bit drying on the skin. I am a die hard tan addict, so I need to keep my skin as soft as possible. To stop streaks and blotches.
Always on the look out for new beauty products I saw Garnier had a new 7 days moisturizer. Not wanting to spend money and not like it. I signed up for a free sample which Garnier are always doing keep your eye out.

They give you 7 sachets so you get one for each day plus two skin readers. One to use before and one to use after you have used the moisturizer for a week! I was shocked at how much dry skin the skin reader said I had before I started. 
One the first use I couldn't believe how yummy it smelt, only problem is it did squirt everywhere when I opened the sachet lol. It did feel abit oily but it made such a difference to my skin. I don't really care! My skin still felt moisturized the whole of the next day! I absolutely love this stuff I have already bought a full size bottle. Have I got rid of the body butter? Well no but that's because I still have loads left lol! Plus I don't think you can have too many moistursers, what if you run out lol.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

21 June 2012

MUA Eye Primer

One of my favourite products at the minute is eye primer! I saw MUA's one a while ago but I have only just tried it, because it is always sold out in my local Superdrug! It only cost me £2.50! If you had told me it cost three times as much I would have believed you. You get a fair amount for your money especially since you only need to use a small amount.

I love eye primers and have tried a few now but this one is my favourite even though its the cheapest one I have tried. It is really silky and covers your eyelids flawlessly but doesn't weight down your lids, which I have found with others I have tried. When I applied my eyeshadow it blended easily over the primer and held the colour beautifully all day and evening. The colour was still really pigmented and didn't crease which happens alot with me especially in the heat.

I'd really recommend this product, for anyone that likes to wear eye makeup. I really think it does help too keep it in place! Plus for the price its amazing! Have you tried any eye primers? How did you find it? Which ones your favourite? let me know!

Lots of Love,
Laura x

19 June 2012

My 10 Fake Tan tips

Fake tan - tanning tips - how to fake tan

Here are my top tips for getting the best looking fake tan at home.

  • To remove fake tan build up. Mix crushed sea salt, lemon juice with a squirt of toothpaste, into a paste apply to your skin for 15mins then wash off. You will be tan free in no time.
  • Wear gloves or a mitt, if you don't have one use a thick old sock to apply your tan.
  • To avoid orange hands rub wet wipes around your wrists and palms after you have tanned. don't forget between your fingers!
  • Always moisturise to avoid dry skin, which when you tan will led to patches.
  • I really cant stress enough how important exfoliating is if you want a even tan. Get buffing all the dead skin cells away.
  • Dont get dressed until you are 100% dry, otherwise you will get patches. Wear dark and loose clothes when you do get dressed.
  • Wax 24 hours before tanning, otherwise youll get dark dots on the skin where tan collects in the follicles. If you shave, shave the day after tanning to avoid dotty legs.
  • To avoid smudging the bits that you've already done, work from your feet up doing your arms last to stop creasing on the inside elbows.
  • Make sure you tan been your toes and round the back of the ankles, don't forget your ears and under the armpits. as leaving these out will show your tans fake.
  • Always make sure the tan goes to the hairline. Apply Vaseline to your eyebrows and hairline to avoid staining.
  • Dont Applying make-up to soon over your tan, this also leads to patches.
I hope this helps you get that perfect summer glow! Do you have any tanning tips? How do you ensure you get the perfect fake tan? Let us know below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

18 June 2012

Get Summer Ready with this Quick Home Workout – no equipment needed

Hi girls! I’m Chloe, Laura’s personal trainer. We have been working together for a while now and so she has asked me to post a quick workout, to help to whip you into shape for summer!

IMPORTANT – If you have any health issues or injuries please consult with your GP prior to completing the below workout. Also ensure you drink water throughout the workout to keep you hydrated.

The Workout:

·         12 Bodyweight Squats (Nice & low and keep those toes pointing forwards!)
·         12 Press Ups (Can be done on your knees if you are unable to achieve a full press up0
·         12 Side Lunges
·         30 secs starjumps

1 min rest

Repeat x 3

·         Back extension (lie on your front with your hands either side of your head and raise your upper body a few inches off the floor)
·         20 secs lying leg raises – left leg
·         20 secs lying leg raises – right leg
·         12 Tricep dips (you can use the bed or sofa to place your hands on)
·         30 secs Mountain Climbers

1 min rest

Repeat x 3

Tummy Toners –
30 secs ankle crossovers
30 secs rest
30 secs dead bugs
30 secs rest

Repeat x 3

Cool down with upper & lower body stretches

So how often should I do it & how does it work?

I would recommend performing this workout 2-3 times per week. It is a Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) workout which means the heart is pumping blood to first your upper & then your lower body, and then there is a short burst of cardio. As your heart works harder, you burn off calories for up to 3 days - even when you are asleep! It’s fab for fat burning & for targeting those difficult areas.

Please feel free to tweet me on @GetFitWithChloe for health and fitness tips, thanks & enjoy!

15 June 2012

Fructis bamboo flexihold hairspray

As I'm sure some of you know, I love my hair BIG but you can back comb as much as you like. If you don't have a good holding hairspray your hair will not stay big. Yet the downside to a good hold hairspray is that your hair can look stiff and sticky (not a good look). Always on the lookout for the perfect hairspray, I can across Garnier fructis style, bamboo flexihold volume and hold hairspray. I thought I would give it ago. It wasn't expensive at £2.00.

It states that it will give you up to 24 hour hold. Also it says it gives a flexible hold that bounces back into place. I love curling my hair but I find it looks like a helmet head when I spray super hold hairspray, so i really like the sound of flexihold. So after teasing my roots and clipping in my hair extensions. I covered my hair in the "does it all hair spray". I sometimes find that using hair spray on your hair extensions makes them look abit matted and feel nasty. Yet when using this I found that didn't happen at all.

I love this product it really is the do it all hairspray my curls didn't drop out and moved naturally as well. My hair didn't feel sticky or look coated and crispy. I found it left my hair looking really glossy. I really cant find any that I dislike about this hair spray. Its a must have for all extension lovers and all fans of big hair.

What is your favourite hairspray? Have you tried this hairspray?
Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

14 June 2012

Stop the Girl hating!!!

After watching The Only Way Is Essex, Marbs special. I have decided that us girls are really mean to each other. I don't believe the sisterhood exists. My reason for believing this is twitter! My twitter feed was filled with everyone showing support for Gemma standing up for bigger girls. Yet not so long ago, I witnessed tweets about Lauren Goodger. Telling her how fat and ugly she is! I happen to think they both look great but shouldn't it be less about what people look like.

Why cant us girls be more supportive of each other. Just because someone is on the telly, or in the public eye doesn't mean you can be so utterly rude and nasty to them.

Why do us girls feel the need to put each other down when we all suffer from insecurities. We all know, how much a hurtful comment can knock our confidence. Women have and still fight tirelessly for our rights. Yet instead of being there for each other and showing solidarity we take every opportunity to put other women down.

I'm not going to say I'm innocent, I've bitched with the best of them. Yet I also no how upsetting it is to be on the other side of a hate campaign. So I have made a vow to be more understanding of other peoples feelings. I think all girls and women should join together and whatever our size or race. All realise how really we are destroying ourselves.

Society plays a massive roll in all this. How many times have you opened magazines, to see women's  imperfections pointed out. with a big red circle around it. With hateful comments plastered on the pages. So and so needs to loose weight. Yet on the next page, this celebrity is too skinny, doesn't she look awful. Us women are own worst enemies. How about we start promoting eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise. As long as your healthy and happy don't worry about your size. Whether we are big or small, curvy or skinny what does it really matter. We should all pledge to stop the girl hating and join together. Women have enough problems with men upsetting us and making us feel bad without turning on each other.
Lots of Love,
Laura x


12 June 2012

Makeup Academy - Heaven and Earth

MUA has been out quite a while now, but I'm still shocked at the amount of people that have yet to try it. They have some amazing products, for as cheap as one pound! Considering they are so cheap, I honestly can't believe the quality of there products. It does make you wonder how other company's can charge such high amounts, for sometimes lower quality products.

If your thinking about trying a new look or this summers shade but not sure if it will suit you. Makeup Academy is the brand I suggest. If you hate the colour or you don't feel like its you. You have only spent a few pounds.

They aren't just great for trying new things they have a superb range of colours in eye shadows, lipsticks and nail varnish. Plus many other fantastic products.

There eye shadows are really pigmented and have real staying power. I especially like there palettes which are an unbelievable £4.00 for 12 colours! My favourite of all the palettes is Heaven and Earth. Which has been likened to Urban Decay's naked palette whether you think they are similar or not. This is a must have for day and night looks. The texture and consistency of the eye shadows isn't anything new, but I think for the price you cannot fault it. If I had paid double the price I still would think it was a brilliant product.

Have you tried any MUA products? How did you find them?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

11 June 2012

Anti-ageing treatments - What are your options part.2

Laser skin resurfacing
The word laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Laser treatment can be used for skin ageing and wrinkles. As light stimulates the capillary level, this  improves the circulation. Acne and cellulite also respond well to laser treatment.

Botox treatments
Botox works by paralysing muscles located at the site where it is injected, thus reducing lines and wrinkles. It is often used to treat frown lines and crows feet. the effects can last from 3-6 months. The long term affect are yet unknown.

Collagen Treatments
Collagen is a protein that is found in tendons ,bone and skin. It is said that the skin cannot absorb artificial collagen.
However one collagen treatment that is temporarily effective is CRT Collagen Replacement Therapy. This involves collagen being injected directly into the skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Collagen injections to lips are very common, yet can still go wrong.

Cosmetic surgery
Surgery is an invasive treatment and carries all the risks of a operation. However it is considered to be one of the most effective ways of looking younger. Your skin can be tightened and lines significantly reduced. There is a danger of the skin looking to tight and looking very unnatural.

Any sort of treatment should only be cared out by a trained professional. Any treatment should only be considered after a great deal of research and thought.

I think there is so much emphasis on looking younger today. Getting older is nothing to ashamed of and it happens to everyone. I personally think lines and imperfections make us all unique and beautiful. However if you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin. Only undergo any treatment if its what you want. Don't feel pressured by society or other people.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

8 June 2012

Anti ageing treatments - what are your options part.1

Anti- ageing
I'm sure you have heard it a million times but prevention is better than cure. It is so much better to  start looking after your skin before the signs of ageing have started appearing. No anti ageing treatment can turn back the clock so start caring for your skin asap! Yet some do reduce the signs of ageing, so keep reading to find out more.

Contrary to popular belief, moisturisers do not add moisture to the skin. They act as a barrier to stop moisture from the skin being lost. The moisturiser forms a thin layer on top of the skin and stop water evaporating out the body. This results in the outermost layers of the skin absorb the water being released by the deeper layers, so fine lines are filled and the skin looks softer. Using a moisturiser helps protect the skin from pollution and harsh weather. A day moisturiser should contain SPF which will protect the skin from the sun throughout the year.

Salon treatments
Any treatment that helps the old cells of the epidermis being shed and new cells coming to the surface. Is going to help the skin look clean and fresh. Combine with a that deep cleanses and then re-hydrates the skin using electrical current like a galvanic facial. The results will be instant the skin will look fresher and plumper. However this doesn't prevent ageing. Salon treatments only work if you have them carried out on a regular basis.

This is a harsh skin treatment. Normally it involves wire brushes, diamonds or small crystals being used to remove the top layer of skin to the lowest possible cell layer. Micro-dermabrasion is a much milder form of the same treatment. The removal of top cells of the epidermis will encourage new cell formation. The skin will have a fresher look, yet it can leave skin sore and vulnerable to damage. Only get these treatments carried out by professionals.

Skin Peels and Alpha- Hydroxy Acids.
These work by applying a chemical agent or acid to the skin which dissolves the outer layers, therefore reducing fine lines. Yet theses effects like the others mentioned in this post are only temporarily. The long term effects of these peels are unknown and adverse reactions are quite common. Peels also leave the skin far more susceptible to sun damage. So sun protection is a must after this treatment.

Stay tuned for the more long term solutions to ageing plus there pros and cons. Have you been considering any of these treatments or others? Have you ever had these treatments? Let us know your experiences.

Lots of Love
Laura x

6 June 2012

Top uses for Vaseline

Top uses for vaseline - beauty tips - vaseline uses - skincare


Most households own a pot of Vaseline. If you don't there are so many uses for this cheap product, only 99p for a small pot. I definitely recommend purchasing. Here is a list of my favourite uses for Vaseline.
  • Lengthen the life of perfume. if you find the smell of perfume disappears to quickly dab your finger in Vaseline then apply to your wrists, neck etc then spray your perfume on top it will hold the smell for longer. 
  • Tame your brows. stick a tiny bit of Vaseline on your finger and run over your brows to smooth and set them. Much cheaper than eyebrow gel.
  • If you squeeze a spot, dab a thin layer of Vaseline on it to keep from scabbing over.
  • Lessen the pain from plucking. Coat the area in Vaseline first for quicker less painful removal.
  • Got a gorgeous ring and cant get it off Vaseline is a good lubricant. So apply to your finger and it should help remove it
  • Remove make-up. You can use Vaseline to take off mascara, eye-liner, lipstick, foundation etc. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes.
  • Stop the lids sticking shut on your nail varnish. Put a coat of Vaseline around the rim of the bottle.
  • Using Vaseline on new tattoos helps heal and protect them.
  • Apply to teeth to stop your lips from sticking to teeth when smiling.
  • Use Vaseline to remove chewing gum from your hair.
  • Rub Vaseline along hairline before dying your hair. It will act as a barrier to stop staining of the skin.
  • Apply a little bit to your lips to heal sore or chapped lips.
  • Coat your eyelashes before you go to bed. Apparently it will make your lashes grow thicker and longer.
  • Applied as eye shadow for a shiny dewy look.
  • Mix Vaseline with sea salt and you have made a new body scrub.
  • Put Vaseline on your cuticles everyday for softer cuticles.
  • Can be used as a facial moisturiser but only use a tiny amount.
  • Use to moisturises really dry skin
  • Apply Vaseline on cheeks and  use as a highlighter.
  • Make your own exfoliator for your lips. Apply to lips then with a old toothbrush buff away any dry skin.
  • Do you have a pair of really uncomfortable shoes? Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to the inside of the shoes it prevents rubbing.
If you know any other uses then please comment and share your tips with us. Let me know if you have tried any of my uses, did they work for you?
Lots of Love 
Laura x

5 June 2012

Tips for buying clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions - tips for buying extensions - Remy hair - Human hair extensions

I have tried many different types of clip in hair extensions! There is honestly nothing worse than bad extensions. I'd rather have short hair than look like I've just clipped a dead animal to my head. I think it really ruins a look if you have beautiful make up and a stylish out fit with a obvious difference between your hair and clip ins. So here are my tips on buying the most natural looking hair extensions.

Buy the right amount
Buy enough to blend into your hair I cant bare it went you see a girl with beautiful thick shiny hair and then a few straggly bits of hair hanging underneath it. It looks like rats tails hanging of your head. You need to get enough to match the amount of hair you have on your head if you have lots of hair you will need to buy more hair extension's. Most company's sell hair by grams. So check to make sure how much you need to buy to make a full head.

Match up to your hair colour.
Buy the right shade for your hair. If your buying online , it might be wise to send the company a picture of your hair. So they can advise you which colour to buy. If they you cant get an exact match and you have bought human hair then you should be able to dye it to match your hair. Always check first before dyeing otherwise you could just be wasting your money if you cant dye them. If you can't find a exact match buy the lightest shade as its easier to make them darker than to lighten them.

Match your extensions to your hair type.
If you have really course hair don't buy really silky hair extensions it will look obvious. To make they look as natural as possible try to get hair the same texture of your hair. if you have naturally really thin soft hair you might struggle to hide the clips under your hair. You'll be surprised how many people don't take this into consideration.

Which type of hair?

Synthetic extensions are the cheapest of all clip in hair extensions. They can be a fun way of adding a slice of different colour or adding length. Always remember that synthetic hair cant be dyed or have heat used on them. They are probably best for a one off occasion as they get matted easily.

Human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are the most expensive but last the longest. You can treat them as you would normal hair e.g wash, dye and use heat on them.
When buying human hair, always check whether or not the hair is Remy or not.
Remy hair extensions are human hair that is kept in its natural state so the hair cuticles all lie in correct direction, as you would find on your head. Remy hair is silky and soft often with a few waves.
Non Remy human hair extensions. When the hair is collected the ends and roots are often mixed so hair wont lie as naturally often more difficult to brush as cuticles are lying up as well as down. 

Stay tuned for some reviews on clip in hair extensions, as well as a more in-depth look at hair extensions.
If you have any questions or you have found the perfect extensions let us all know!
Please comment and become a member.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

What's the cause of your skin problem?

Skin damage and problems can occur for a variety of reasons. Yet when you have a problem area of skin, its hard to know why that is. Is the fact you keep getting clogged pores because of your diet or another reason. Take a look below.

Over stretching of the skin or the skin feeling really tight. Can be a sign your exposing your skin to too much heat and steam.

Lots of spots or really sensitive skin could be a reaction to a new product used or incorrect use of product. Always follow manufacturers instructions and buy products for your skin type. To find out what skin type you have take a look at my recognising your skin type blog.

If you have uneven skin tone and premature ageing. This could be a sign of excessive exposure to the sun or sunbeds. This causes the break down of collagen and elastin which supports the skin.

Clogged and blocked pores excessive lines. A tendency to have spots may have allergic reactions. This can be caused by smoking and drinking to much alcohol.

Dehydrated skin and the over production of oils can be caused by air pollution.

To reduce these skin problems and others follow my skin care routine regime. If you have any skin problems that you are worried about, or your not sure what is causing it, leave a comment or message me and I will do all I can to help.

Please subscribe and leave your comments.
Lots of Love,
Laura x

1 June 2012

Which type of concealer?

Lets be honest not many of us have flawless skin. Most of us have imperfections fear not! We can hide them, well make them less obvious! All you need is a concealer! So when you have a blemish or spot you will now know which concealer will cover it best. We all know someone who has used a concealer on a spot and its exaggerated it making it look crusty and nasty. Which type is best for my needs I hear you cry! Well read carefully as I'm going to go through the different types of concealer and what they are best at concealing.

Cover sticks
These are best used to hide minor imperfections such as tiny spots or a bit of darkness under the eyes. They come in loads of different colours to match your skin tone. They can be water based or oil based.

Medicated sticks
These contain antiseptics and drying agents which help speed up the healing times of spots. These are best for minor spots. Never use on a open spot. Trust me it doesn't look good and it stings Lol.

Liquid concealers.
Liquid concealers are better for the more mature skins. Using other concealers such as cover stick and cream concealers will make wrinkles and creases look worse as it can get clogged in the lines giving a cakey uneven look.

Cream concealers or camouflage concealers.
These are a creamy thick consistency which completely covers all flaws and blemishes. You can use it cover most blemishes including pigmentation marks, red marks such as birthmarks and dark circles. Also covers really well. These come in a variety of shades that can be blended to match your skin.

Correcting colour concealers 
Pigmentation creams can be used to help correct your natural skin tone. When using a colour corrector, only apply to the skin where needed. apply your foundation over the top. When applying use a tapping action to prevent the corrector cream smudging. This will ensure you get the most natural flawless look.

Green is used to counteract redness.
Lilac and Pink brightens a yellowish complexion.
Peach is used to conceal blue veins and pigmentation.

Scandal eyes mascara

After a emergency run to boots to buy a waterproof mascara for my grandfathers funeral. I saw that Rimmel Scandal eyes was on special, plus I didn't have time to run around. So thought I'd buy it. After shedding hundreds of tears I can say it is 100% waterproof which is brilliant. Other than that I was quite disappointed with it. It does say that this is a volume mascara and although I do find waterproof ones aren't ever as good as normal mascaras. You don't really get much lift. I had curled my lashes yet the Scandal eyes made them look dead straight. My lashes did look extremely long but that's nether here nor there. 

I did really like the big brush but found it wasn't very neat to work with as the brush gets way to much product on it just smudges everywhere. Yet when repeatedly removing layers off the brush it was fine. I have tried it a few more times and it was just as bad. Not the worst mascara I have used but definitely not the best. I think it would be better for people with naturally curly lashes as it won't weigh you're lashes down. I will not be purchasing again.
Lots of Love,
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