29 August 2012

Beautilicious Pink cashmere body butter.

Body butter - Beautilicious Pink Cashmere - Body lotion - Skin care - review

I was doing my weekly shop in Morrison's. Needing some more body lotion as I use it like its going out of fashion. I spotted this beautiful box, I was so happy when i saw it. It is beyond cute and is perfect to use again to store your bits and bobs in. Not only is the box lovely but the product inside is lush! I love Baylis & Harding products but some can be quite pricey so I was delighted when i saw this was £2.50 bargain!

Body butter - Beautilicious Pink Cashmere - Body lotion - Skin care - review
When looking at the pot inside i did feel a little disappointed. The pot wasn't nearly as pretty as the box but all disappointment soon disappeared once I tried it. It has a subtle clean flowery smell and leaves your skin soft without a greasy feel. The softness doesn't disappear as soon as it is absorbed either, the silky softness lasts all day as does the fragrance! Definitely a must have!

Have you tried this? let me know what you think of this product or any of Baylis & Harding products!

Lots of Love
Laura x

22 August 2012

N-SPA coconut ice cream, BODY SCRUB

N- spa - coconut ice cream - body scrub - review - swatch

I bought this a while back from Asda's for a pound! I don't think with stuff like an exfoliator you need to spend a bomb. The packaging looks much more expensive than it is and is high quality. It's called coconut ice cream and smells divine! It smells likes it would taste lovely but I have managed stop myself trying it lol.

The smell reminds me of holidays and definitely gets me in the summer mood. The consistency is creamy but not as thick as it looks. When out of the bottle, it is quite runny making it easy to work with. The texture is what you would expect with a body scrub with a rough feel. I do prefer scrubs with bigger beads as it did feel like the beads were tiny and scratchy. I'm not sure people with sensitive skin would get on with this as i can imagine it would be much to rough on your skin.
The beads are so small it feels almost like grains of sand. Which is quite an irritating feeling. You definitely need to spend time making sure you don't have any of the beads still on you as it is as annoying as having sand in your bikini bottoms lol!

N- spa - coconut ice cream - body scrub - review - swatch
Once the product is thoroughly rinsed of your skin feels so soft and fresh. So although I don't really like the feel of it, I cant really say it isn't any good.  It does what it says on the tin and only costs one pound! So all in all if you want a good exfoliator that's cheap but still works, you wont go wrong with this as long as you don't have really sensitive skin.

Have you used this or any other products from the range? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

15 August 2012

Nails of the week!

Angelica nail polish - green glitter - nails

A few weeks ago I did a blog post featuring a nail varnish I had bought from Primark. I also bought this shade called emerald isle which is lush! Its a lovely bright summery shade. As with the other shade takes a few coats to get an opaque look but I absolutely love the finish. Plus its such a fun shade, you cant really go wrong. Every time I glimpse at my nails, I cant help but smile and feel abit brighter. Loads of people have commented on just how glittery they are and how it is such a unusual colour.

what shade are you wearing this week? have you got any of these nail varnishes?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

14 August 2012

my new watch!

If you read my posts regularly you will have picked up on my love of jewellery. More than shoes, clothes and bags. Sparkly things are my thing, I have been called a magpie before as the lure of jewels draws me in every time. My collection is ever increasing, so I thought I would do a series of posts about   some of my fave pieces.

So on to one of my latest additions....
After a wonderful weekend with my family. My Nan gave me some lovely pressies, my Nan has the most amazing jewellery collection. Which to this day I have never stopped lusting over.

As a child I used to get my Nan to go through her jewellery box and tell me the story behind every piece. Trying every one of her rings, necklaces and bracelets on. Dreaming one day I would have a collection as amazing as hers. With alot of help from my loved ones I'm well on my way with my collection of sparkly things ever growing lol.

After expressing my wanting of a gold watch, my Nan very kindly offered me one of hers. I am so happy with my watch I haven't taken it off. I love the look of it and also the fact that its a gift from my nan. so here it is my new watch, I LOVE it!

Gold watch - rotary watch - yellow gold

I'm wearing a bracelet from Dagenham market which cost a grand total of a pound lol. What do you think? Have you got a gold watch? Do you have any fave pieces of Jewellery?

Lots of Love
Laura x

4 August 2012

Whats beautiful? curvy, slim, fake or natural?

Every era has its idols such as Marilyn Monroe in the 50's. Twiggy in the 60's the list goes on but what do all these women have in common? women of the time wanted to imitate them. The ideal figure in the 50's was hourglass. Women pulled themselves into the most uncomfortable corsets and pencil skirts to get the look. in the 60's women wanted boyish figures with really long legs to look like twiggy. Every era has a different view on what is beautiful.

In the 90's it became fashion to be grungy and heroin chic was in. Kate Moss was a star and being stick thin became the ideal. Or you could join the movement towards the Pamela Anderson look with cosmetic surgery on the rise and women being able to change there shape easily.
As time goes on fashions change as do views on body types, these days the blow up doll look will definitely not have people rushing out to copy you. Yet not that long ago people were asking for breasts like Pamela or the bum of JLO.

Both of these looks aren't what natural women look like. We are starting to believe that to be natural is to be some sort of hairy hippie or not care about yourself.
Women starve themselves to fit the medias ideal and whose fault is it? Well really its ours. Nobody forces us women to accept that this is how we should be. If women were less hard on each other and accepted that everybody has a different shape. Things could be different, maybe we would stop wanting to look like others and be happy with ourselves
So what does the future hold well as the recession hit there is still a rise in cosmetic surgery. with all these women changing there looks to fit with the media ideal. what will happen when the fashions change? and what will happen to women that have achieved last years perfection. will they be made to feel inadequate like most of us that don't fit exactly to the mold. Or will they start changing again to make themselves the latest version of perfect or face the wrath of the fashion police for being last session.

We all want what we cant have curly hair if its dead straight etc. Yet we will never be happy if we aren't happy in ourselves and no amount of dieting or surgery will change that.

What do you think? Do you strive to look like someone or to just look the best you can? do you think women will ever be happy and accept that we aren't the same?

lots of love
Laura x

2 August 2012

Nails of the week!

I took a little trip to Superdrug just for a little nosy, when I stumbled across some Barry M nail varnish that I am yet to own. Obviously this had to be rectified immediately lol.
I love glittery nail varnishes at the moment and wearing more than one shade. I was feeling particularly girly and wanted a fun look.
Barry M - nude - Sparkly nails - nail art

I used Barry M 342 in Nude as a base with i think is a beautiful classic shade, which is a must have! 
Barry M - nude - Sparkly nails - nail art

I used Barry M 336 in Magenta glitter to create the spots and on my ring finger! I love love love this shade its girly but not too young looking. Totally lush! 

What nail varnishes are you wearing this week? What Nail colour is your fave at the moment?

Lots of Love
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