29 August 2012

Beautilicious Pink cashmere body butter.

Body butter - Beautilicious Pink Cashmere - Body lotion - Skin care - review

I was doing my weekly shop in Morrison's. Needing some more body lotion as I use it like its going out of fashion. I spotted this beautiful box, I was so happy when i saw it. It is beyond cute and is perfect to use again to store your bits and bobs in. Not only is the box lovely but the product inside is lush! I love Baylis & Harding products but some can be quite pricey so I was delighted when i saw this was £2.50 bargain!

Body butter - Beautilicious Pink Cashmere - Body lotion - Skin care - review
When looking at the pot inside i did feel a little disappointed. The pot wasn't nearly as pretty as the box but all disappointment soon disappeared once I tried it. It has a subtle clean flowery smell and leaves your skin soft without a greasy feel. The softness doesn't disappear as soon as it is absorbed either, the silky softness lasts all day as does the fragrance! Definitely a must have!

Have you tried this? let me know what you think of this product or any of Baylis & Harding products!

Lots of Love
Laura x


  1. That looks lovely, great price too! I'll be keeping an eye out next time I'm in Morrisons x

  2. Thats a lot of product for the price, cute packaging too.

    I have nominated you for The Leibster Blog Award 2012, check out my blog for the info.



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  5. Love the packaging of these!!!

    Found you on BBU blog hop. :) x


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