5 September 2012

MUA lipstick no14

MUA - Lipstick - nude - swatch - review

I'm a massive fan of lipsticks they can change a boring outfit an up to date look. Or even help you go from a day look to night look with just a sweep of a stick. I'm always adding to my make up collection. MUA are a brand I have talked about before but I am blown away at the choice of lip colours, they have one to suit everyone. Also they have all the latest colours, so are a brilliant way to try the current trends.

MUA - Lipstick - nude - swatch - review

I absolutely love the nude lip look and I have tried so many different lipsticks but I am honestly obsessed with my MUA nude shade 14. It is my go to lipstick at the min. It cost one pound! the lipstick doesn't last a long as other brands but the lipstick now goes everywhere with me for any touch ups. The shade is a beautiful nude that does make you look like you have no lips which I find   some nudes do.

Do you own any MUA lipsticks? What MUA shade do you love?

Lots of Love
Laura x


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  3. Hi Laura, beautiful blog (I love Pink!!!). I'm a new follower from BSN, I thought you also might be interested in one of my posts about the chemicals found in lipstick
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