30 October 2012

GOSH eyeliners

Gosh - eyeliner - liquid liner - felt tip eye liner - review - swatch
I was sent these awhile ago but I have been using these religiously since I got them. I don't normal like pen liners but I cant deny they are so easy to use. They are a brilliant way to achieve perfectly applied eyeliner with minimum fuss! I love how you can still be as creative as you would with a brush with no mess. I thought u would be limited to the amount of looks you could achieve as the nib on others i have used have been really thick. This not the case, the nib is flexible but not weak so you get even application.

Gosh - eyeliner - liquid liner - felt tip eye liner - review - swatch

Gosh - eyeliner - liquid liner - felt tip eye liner - review - swatch

 I found these to be versatile and I was able to achieve a variety of looks. After weeks of use the nib is still strong, not frayed which has happened with lots of ones I have previously tried. Also the nibs tend to lose there pigment so you have to go over the same spot several times. This didn't happen at all with these eyeliners, the pigment is brilliant and the colour lasts all day with out smudging or running. Which is a major problem for me as I often get watery eyes. I would without a doubt go and purchase these now I have tried them, I'm addicted.

Have you tried these? what are your fave eyeliners?
lots of love 
Laura x

23 October 2012

Fat Hair Mousse

Fat Hair mousse - hair mousse - review

I love a mousse if you want a blowdry to last and your volume to last its a must! There are so many different ones on the market. I have tried alot some I have liked, some I have loathed, this I loved! I found this one in Superdrug, for about £5.00.

I must warn you do not be tempted to give a big squirt as this mousse does defiantly expand! I found that I don't need to use nearly as much as I do with other brands. So it lasts, big deal I hear you say. Why would I spend more on a mousse for that reason? Well this mousse claims to Transform baby fine hair into thick, luxurious hair. quite a claim! Well I did think this might be a bit over dramatic!Yet I did find that when using this, I did notice that I appeared to have more and thicker hair! The baby hairs didn't appear as sparse or as fluffy looking. The same can be said for broken hairs, my hair is stressed, over bleached and I'm often left with little broken hairs around my hairline. The mousse did make these look 100% better!

 My hair looked so much more healthy. my style lasted, my hair didn't fall flat even in windy, rainy weather! So all round its a winner! I will without a doubt be repurchasing  If you buy this mousse, I can not stress enough don't use to much or you will end up with crispy hair and sticky hands. Never a good look!

lots of love
Laura x

Have you tried this? What are your must have hair products?

9 October 2012

Be kinder to yourself!

I have previously written posts about how I believe girls should be nicer to each other. Today I thought  I would do a post about being nicer to yourself.

I honestly believe us girls are too hard on ourselves. We live in a have it all culture. We are lead to believe we should have a high flying career, flawless skin, money in the bank and all the latest must have gadgets. The media portray a certain image of what we should aspire to and we are constantly putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Yet not even the richest, prettiest or skinniest celebs aren't perfect and we should learn to love ourselves as we are.

I'm as guilty as anyone in striving for perfection and feeling inadequate when I fall short. I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to improve yourself but I have seen how this image of how we all should be can lead to girls hating themselves.Why do we place our worth in how we look, how much money we earn or what possessions we have. The beauty and celebrity industries are constantly laying on the pressure of how we should be, I do believe that making the most of yourself can make you feel great but trying to be someone else will lead to nothing but unhappiness.

I have been trying a new way of thinking and I think we should all give it ago. Every time you feel or think something negative about yourself, say stop in your head. Then think of something you have done well or a time when you were really happy and focus on that. Negative thinking is a vicious cycle and its all about breaking the cycle and eventually you will think these negative thoughts less and less. Dwelling on things that are wrong or your imperfection's is a downward spiral the more you think about it the more of a problem it becomes.

Its defiantly worth a try and even if it doesn't stop the thoughts coming, at least you wont be concentrating on things that make you unhappy.
Join my campaign to stop girls being nasty to themselves and others!

I am giving this a really go and I hope you will aswell! Do you have anythings you do to make you feel better about yourself? will you try this?

lots of love
Laura x

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3 October 2012

Loreal Professional Absolut Repair

I have found that people very rarely invest in the basics of hair care but spend loads on tools to create looks they use once in a blue moon. I think investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner are one of the best ways to get your hair looking its best! Plus why spend hundreds of pounds a year getting your hair done at the hairdressers then not look after it properly between visits.

My go to shampoo and conditioner is L'Oreal Professional Absolut. Unlike many shampoos and conditioners, the shampoo actually penetrates the shaft and helps restore moisture and strength. Many cheap shampoos will leave your hair looking really glossy but this tends to be superficial coating the hair rather than actually helping it become any healthier  After using these products for a while the hair will get a thick coating layer and hair will cease to look shiny aswell.
I put my hair through alot I have gone for blonde to black and back again. I am always putting in extensions, curling or straightening it. so its fair to say my hair is damaged. Since using this shampoo and conditioner, I have without a doubt noticed a massive improvement in my hair. My hair is softer, stronger and shiner. My hair breaks alot less and is alot less knotty. 

Loreal Professional Absolut - shampoo and conditioner - review - haircare

Here is what L'Oreal say about the shampoo and conditioner.


Damaged hair adores this fabulous shampoo fix. Enriched with Lactic Acid, the formula leaves damaged hair feeling stronger, softer and smoother and looking shiny and replenished.
Featuring Lactic Acid, this lush conditioner is a star performer in the absolut rescue plan for very damaged hair. Cocooning the whole fibre, it leaves hair feeling gorgeously supple and looking extra glossy.

THE EXPERTISE: Healthy hair is hair where the cell structures and ionic bonds are intact and strong.  In sensitized and damaged hair, cortex cells are disconnected, weakening the internal structure and leaving the hair dry, rough and dull.

THE SOLUTION: New Lactic Acid Technology has the power to reach to the heart of the hair fiber to repair broken bonds while simultaneously working at the surface of the hair to smooth the cuticle for a shiny, glossy finish.

RESULTS: In just 10 days*, hair is 74% stronger and 83% softer and more conditioned.

*Daily use of Absolut Repair Shampoo & Masque compared to a classic, non-conditioning shampoo.

I have to agree with what they say as my hair is without a doubt healthier. I love this shampoo and conditioner and although it is a salon product it doesn't cost the earth. I got mine from Capital hair and beauty and they cost me around 10 pound each. When you consider the amount you get for your money, I got the bigger size (1500ml) Its really good value. It lasts for absolutely ages aswell, when I worked it out I had actually saved myself money considering I would have bought at least 4 bottles of normal shampoo and another 4 bottles of conditioner

Have you tired these? what is your fave shampoo and conditioner?

lots of love
Laura x
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