28 November 2012

Why do we need eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a very important feature to our faces  Different cultures think different types of eyebrow shapes are more attractive than others, Meaning lots of people spend time modifying their brows. in this series of posts we will be looking at these methods of changing the look of your brows such as different types of hair removal. Ways to solve your brow problems and how to find the perfect shape for you.

We pay a lot of attention to them even subconsciously. Eyebrows are also one of our most expressive facial features. they reveal alot about how we are thinking and feeling. raised brows can help convey many different emotions such as disapproval and fear. One of the clearest ways to tell somebody what you're thinking is to simply move your eyebrows. so its important to keep them looking there best. 

Most hairs on the brows are terminal hairs. Unlike other terminal hairs, brow hairs are usually short in length but are still there for protection. the reason we have hairs on the brows and lashes is to stop debris entering the eyes and to keep germs out. also the way the brows are shaped they stop water and sweat dripping into the eyes. 

lots of love,
Laura x

stay tuned for more brow posts! let me no any eyebrow problems your having. What posts would you love to see? 

19 November 2012

I love.. strawberries and milkshake body butter! Well actually i hate it lol

I love .. strawberries and milkshake - body butter - body skincare - body product - review

I hate writing bad reviews but I can't really find anything positive about this product apart from the pink on the label! I have tried a few i love products before and really liked the so while out shopping and I spotted I love strawberries and milkshake body butter.

I was excited to try as I thought it appeared to be a cheaper version of the body shop strawberry body butter which I do love. How wrong was I, it isn't a butter at all its more of a whipped body cream so it absorbed quickly into the skin without a long lasting moisturising effect .

I love .. strawberries and milkshake - body butter - body skincare - body product - review

 Plus the smell was awful! Honestly I hope mine was part of a bad batch or something as I don't understand who wants to smell like the morning after a big night out. It for some reason smells really alcoholic with a faint off strawberry smell. I hated it so much I felt like having another bath to get rid of the smell. Yet lucky the smell didn't last long at all, well I still smelt like an alcoholic with booze seeping out of my pores but the rotten strawberries had gone.

 In all I lasted an hour with this on before having to wash it off. I am so disappointed with this and to top it all off I then got a massive headache must be from all the booze lol!

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Was mine just a bad batch?

Lots of love,
Laura x

15 November 2012

my brow views

Eyebrows are so important they help to frame your face and since eyes are the windows to your soul you wouldn't want them to look scruffy lol! Honestly the difference to your face through changing your eyebrows is amazing they can help open your eyes and change the look of your face shape! I always look at women's eyebrows and if they are bushy and messy, I do tend to think she doesn't take as much pride in her appearance as women with neat and tidy brows.

I'm defiantly not one to follow trends, I think eyebrows are very personal and unique  I don't agree that the same style brows will suit everyone. So I think its important to stick to what suits you. Some women can pull of an big and bold brow and others just cant. So stick to what suits you best and I don't think you can go wrong.

There are so many obstacle's in the quest for the perfect brow! What issues do you have? What do find is holding you back from getting your ideal brow?

lots of love,
Laura x

13 November 2012

Nails of the week!

Hey everyone this is post is abit over due as I didn't do my nails of the week last week, sorry!

Well as we had fireworks night last week and Diwali starting today. November's fireworks aren't over yet! I thought I'd have to do sparkly nails to match and this colour 100% fit the bill! It has green blue and gold glittery bits in it which I thought is very much like the colour of fireworks! Its by W7 which is a brand available at many different stores! I got this from peacocks for £2.50, which is a bargain. Yet  if you really want to scoop a bargain they often sell this brand in pound land for you guessed it one pound! So next time your in the highstreet have a quick nosy.

 As with all glitter nail varnishes, they appear to chip much quicker than normal polishes, but the coverage is great and the bottle doesnt look cheap and nasty. Not the best polish I have tried but for a pound I think its well worth a buy even if only for the amazing range unique of colours they sell!

What colour are you wearing this week? Do you own any w7 nail varnishes?

lots of love,
Laura x

8 November 2012

My New Winter Warmers!

As the temperature drops even lower in the UK, so does my happiness levels! I cannot stand the cold, I get cold so easily it drives me mad. One of the reasons I get so frustrated is that scarfs and gloves can be so bulky they look ugly and frumpy. Well this was the case until I found these little beauty's from Matalan. Not only are they gorgeous they also are so reasonably priced it a sin to resist them.

I picked black as it goes with everything and looks good day or night. I love the little diamante bows, they add a girly twist without being over powering or tacky looking. The mittens are finger less so its easy answer your iPhone or rummage through your bag to find your lippy. All in all perfect for anyone wanting to stay fashionable in the freezing weather.

The mittens cost £5.00
The snood costs £8.00
The hat cost £5.00
When I bought these last week they had an amazing deal, if you buy a scarf you get a hat free, Which of course I took advantage of! Hurry up, get cosy and happy!!!

lots of love,
Laura x
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