28 January 2013

Vivant skincare - Green tea cleanser

Green tea - Antioxidant cleanser - Vivant skincare - review

It's rare to find a product that does exactly what they claim it does. Yet this brand do exactly what they say on the tin and their products really work. I have spoken to loads of different people about  Vivant skincare and their products, all of the customers I spoke to have offered nothing but high praise.

 If you love investing in your skins future, or have problems with your skin look no further than Vivant skincare. The staff are so friendly and helpful and if you ask will help recommend products for your skin concern, problem or issue.

 My skins combination type and I was recommended to use green tea cleanser which clears your skin without any drying effects! Unlike other brands who just cater for the major skin types this brand help with skin issues such as acne  I really can't recommend this brand enough!
I have had this product a while but I  wanted to make sure my opinion on this product didn't change as some times after using a product for a while you start to find fault with it. Well not in this case, I can't get enough of Vivant skin care green tea face wash and body wash! I don't normally like face washes as they can be quite drying to the skin. This leaves my skin perfectly clear and silky smooth.

 I have had nothing but compliments about my skin since using this which I'm really not used to. Friends have asked if I'm wearing different make up as my skin looks glowing and so clear.
The smell is clean and fresh without a clinical smell, I really recommend continued use then you really do notice the difference in your skin.

All of their products look amazing and I can't wait to buy some more skincare from them. Got my eyes on a few of the products on the site already! :)

Get your vivant skin care products at www.vivantskincare.com

24 January 2013

What I wore In the snow - O.O.T.D

It is so difficult to know what to wear when the weather is snowy and freezing cold! Its not so bad when your just going out to play in the snow (who really cares what you look like, its to much fun lol) Yet on a day to day basis when you have to go out and look presentable. You can feel like a mad massive eskimo lol

My greatest bit of advice is layer upon layer wear vests and t-shirts under your clothes then you dont need to  look like your going on a trek to the north pole! I wear long socks that go over my knees under my trousers and then fluffy socks over the top lol! If anything sometimes I get too hot lol

I love wearing colours and hate that so many warm clothes are such drab colours! so to cheer myself up and add some colour. I wore some woolly leggings that my mother got me for Christmas, my hunter wellies with a black jumper and a red cardigan!

What do you think? What have you been wearing?

Lots of Love
Laura x

11 January 2013

Nails of the week!


It's time for my first nails of the week post in 2013! As I'm sure a lot of you already know I am partial to a bit of glitter and being the most downright depressing month. Nothing but sparkly nails will do! At least I can look at my nails and be cheerful lol. the colour I'm wearing is a glittery pink and sliver 435G by Wet n wild, wild shine. My friend Chloe bought me this back from america so it makes me smile as I think about her when I see them twinkling away! It's such a fun and girly colour it really makes your nails pop, without being to much so you can wear it for work!

What polish are you wearing this week? Are your nails bright and cheerful to help you through depressing January?

lots of love
 Laura x

6 January 2013

New year's resolutions

Hey my bunch of beauties! 

 After over indulging in December I thought I should set myself some rules for 2013! So here are my New Year Resolutions! 

 number 1 = Cut down fizzy drinks and drink more water, I'm going to aim for at least 5 glasses a day Beauty starts from within and all that. 

 number 2 = Be more consistent with my beauty regime. My poor Dave has a week of me being glamorous then a week of me being a tramp lol. 

 number 3 = Be more adventurous, sometimes I can be too practical and a bit of a grandma lol.

 number 4= Start planning my wedding been engaged over a year now, i need to pull my finger out.    

 number 5 = Stop picking my nail varnish off, its a naughty habit that has appeared from nowhere!   

 number 6 = Focus on my blog more, at least 2 posts a week!

 number 7 = Stick with my fitness plan, I'm easily distracted lol! 


 I think seven is more than enough! Wish me luck! what are your new years resolutions? Any tips on how to keep them??

 Lots of Love
 Laura x

3 January 2013

Goodbye Chapped Lips

In the winter months during previous years, I have really suffered with chapped lips. The freezing temperatures and central heating play havoc with my normally soft lips!

This year I decided enough was enough so I decided to try and find the best lip care for winter months. I have tried lip balm, lip salve, lip conditioners the list goes on. I have tried to find the best of the best!

So here is my pick of the best lip care around!

lipcare - Best lip balms - vitamin E lip balm - The body shop - Carmex - Vaseline - review

Vaseline lip care pink bubbly! This is a normal tub of Vaseline that leaves your lips with a slight pink tint! As far as I'm concerned Vaseline is an oldie but a goodie. One of the best lip care products available. It is meant to smell like pink champers but it smells more flowery to me but that doesn't alter the fact it smells gorgeous. Perfect for everyday use or to give a natural slightly pink glossy lip, While moisturising your lips, it doesn't get much better than that.

lipcare - Best lip balms - vitamin E lip balm - The body shop - Carmex - Vaseline - review
Carmex, this has been around for years, yet is still one of the best! this American lip balm was made to relieve the symptoms of cold sores yet was found to leave the lip intensely moisturised, So if you suffer with cold sores this is a must! If not then it is still worth a buy as it leaves your lips really soft. I love the tingling feeling that you get when applying on your lips! A must have with many celebs all over the world. also available in strawberry flavour in a squeezy tube perfect for traveling around with, or just to throw in your handbag

lipcare - Best lip balms - vitamin E lip balm - The body shop - Carmex - Vaseline - review

Vitamin E lip balm, from The Body Shop. This is becoming a favourite with make up artists and beauty fans alike. Amazing to prime lips before applying lipstick for a flawless smooth look. It has no flavour or colour so is perfect for applying before bed with your night cream for hydrated lips all day and night. Really is a savior for dry chapped lips and suitable for men as well as it doesn't leave a glossy finish

Hope this helps your lips stay lush all year round! What are you fave lip balm type products?
lots of love,
Laura x

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