14 February 2013

Valentines nails


Hope your all having a lovely Valentine's Day. Dave and I don't celebrate Valentines Day. Why should we be told when to be loving to each other, plus we celebrate our anniversary instead. We do always have a romantic meal though but I am very lucky as I get flower's and little present's all through the year. He is very romantic and loving.
Anyway not that I need any excuse to do my nails but I thought I'd do a valentines manicure. So here it is I have used Barry M shocking pink and some jewels in the shape of a heart on my ring finger. The finger that leads to my heart awww lol.

What are you up to for Valentine's? Do you and your partner celebrate Valentine's day? What are you nail's like this week?

Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. So lovely Laura - I really like the white manicure. Very cute!


  2. Love your nails especially the pink ones they look so so pretty :)

    Love Emily xx


  3. I love your nails! I done mine espicially for Valentines day and they all thought I was crazy at work! haha xxx

  4. what did your come out like?? everybody thinks I'm mad lol xxxxx

  5. Love your nails the pink ones are so cute! xo

  6. Your nails look amazing. I love the xox on the thumb. Did you have a lovely day? xx


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