9 April 2013

Face Primers are they worth it? ELF mineral primer is!

ElF - Mineral Primer - review - primer

It appears nowadays the number of make up essentials is going through the roof. With BB creams, primers etc. It`s easy to think these are just another way for brands to get your money.

With some of the new must haves this may be true but primer isn't one of them. I like many other make up users have a problem that with this simple added step to our routine can banish this problem once and for all. What is this dreaded issue I suffer with? My make up disappears off of my face after a few hours. No matter how much I spend on a foundation it just doesn't last. Yet now, with the power of primer my make up does last longer.

Primers come in gels serums and creams and should be applied after moisturizer and before foundation. They leave a smooth even surface for your foundation to sit upon, making your foundation look better and last longer.

After trying many different primers many of which I will put up reviews for. I have to say when looking at the pros and cons of each. Elf mineral primer without doubt comes up trumps.
At only £6.00, you will struggle to find another primer that not only matches the more expensive primers, yet in some respects beats them.
I love the feel of this primer and it makes my make up last all day, without clogging my pores or making me feel like I was caked in layers of stuff on my face.
For women without any special requests from a primer such as needing colour correction, this is perfect. I will be raving about this product for a long time.

Have you tried primers? Do you find they help your make up last longer? Are they not worth the effort, do you think primers are just a waste of money or are could you not live without them now you have them?

Let me know your thoughts,
Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. Welcome back!
    I was eyeing this up during a recent ELF haul but didn't get it as I find ELF very hit and miss. I will definitely be investing in it now.

    I would love to hear about the other primers you tested too.



    1. Stay tuned I will defo do some more posts on the other primers i have.
      Let me know if you do get it! I'd love to see if you agree with me.

  2. I love ELF products as the price is so affordable! I once bought some eye brow stencils and an eye brow kit and loved them!! might try this primer! xx

    1. I love my brow stencils I bought from elf! Such good quality and amazing price! xxxx

  3. I am quite the elfette, but I sadly don't have the foundation primer. Every single time I go to make a haul, they're out! They've also always been out of the color correcting primers as well. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for this, though. It's my most wanted e.l.f. product. But then again, its about the ONLY elf product I dont have!


    1. Lol Any luck getting your hands on it yet?? xxxx

  4. Great review! i am actually going to try this primer as i need to find a cheap alternative to mac as they are just too expensive!xxx


    1. I know what you mean for something that goes under your make up, they can be so expensive. xxxxx

  5. I have never used a primer before attending the North Meet Up and using an Arbonne one - makes my foundation glide on!

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  6. I love this primer, it's definitely one of the best I've tried x

  7. I would never wear a primer ever single day but for a big night out I can definitely see them being a useful part of ones beauty regime!
    If you have a free moment I would so appreciateyou checking out my new

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  8. Oh I think I must be the only person that doesnt love this primer! Ive been through a few recently and didnt like any of them though so it might just be my skin. Really glad this works well for you, I love products that work well and are affordable! x


    1. aww nevermind hun! Alot of people's skin just dont get on with primers. As they are still quite new I'm sure one will come on to the market that's perfect for you xxxx

  9. I love & hate this primer at the same time. It's amazing, it makes my make-up last all day, but it breaks me out horribly :(

    sophielilliedreams.blogspot.com <3

    1. thats gutting hopefully you'll find your perfect primer soon! xxxxx

  10. I never really get on well with primers, unless they're the liquid consistency like the NARS one! :)



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