28 April 2013

The MUA debate

Some people are really beginning to get annoyed with MUA and their copy cat products. I on one hand think its healthy to give the higher end brands a run for their money. Yet is it morally right to copy other brands. I love my MUA products but should I be supporting the brand? Does making duplicates of more expensive brands mean they are giving the public who couldn't afford the other brands a chance to try things normally out of budget. or is it just stealing?

The big question is should MUA be allowed to blatantly clone products? I am not sure to be honest. I think the odd dupe is fair game but is it right to base your whole production line on copies of other brands. This has made many people boycott the brand. I think people might not be as harsh on the brand if they had some products that were unique to them as a brand.

Essie's nail varnish is £7.99 yet MUA's copies are just one pound! Yet not only are the colours dupes MUA have now changed  their packaging and it is indeed almost identical. Yet "ripping off" a companies packaging does seem like they are taking "dupe" products a bit far.

Some of MUA's products have really made an impact in the beauty world with even some of the TOWIE cast being fans.They sell lipsticks that are better than lipsticks that have previously been beauty must haves. The lipstick cost an amazing £1. Meaning you can try out the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Don't get me wrong I don't think all of MUA's products are on par with their more expensive counterparts but for more than half the price it does make you wonder where our money is going. It amazes me how MUA manage to be selling these amazing products at such low prices and still making a profit. It does make you wonder how much it costs companies to make these products and how much money they make from us.  The eye shadows may not have as much pigmentation or last as long as the more expensive palettes they copy but the MUA palettes cost so much less at £4.50 than the urban decay palette that cost £35.That is a massive difference and such good value. Yet is it ok to steal another brands idea and colours.?

Copying other companies isn't the only reason people are angry with the brand. They upset many MUA fans back in March when Karla Powell left the company. The brand posted comments on their Facebook page that many considered unprofessional and rude. I was shocked that an up and coming brand would make such a faux pas. They have since apologised for the comments but the whole incident has left people with a bitter taste in their mouths.

With their lack of tact, the fact that there products are not only good quality but so reasonably priced has been their saving grace. Meaning that the company still has a strong following, yet with the list of misdemeanors growing will the public continue to buy MUA?

What are your views on MUA?

Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. I personally am all for MUA constantly duping other products. They are just offering what everyone else is at a massively reduced cost. Also if you look at what all the other companies are offering, it is all the same as each other just presented differently so why shouldnt MUA join in?! =D



  2. I dont know what to think about this whole topic - I think if I was better off I'd go against it, but since I can't afford payin £7.99 for a tiny bottle of paint I put on my nails (which is oh so necessary!), I just have to say a quiet thank you to MUA and leave it at that. It is not right though - business ethics wise, that is.

  3. I believe this happens with a lot of brands and nt just in the beauty industry, all over the high street brands take inspiration from designer brands. Surely if Essie had a problem with the MUA nail varnish packaging they would raise a legal issue with them.. so is it necessary for the consumer to be worried about it?

  4. I don't see why they had to copy the packaging. Fair enough copy the colours of Essie polishes as that is what people want and are paying for, the actual polish. Not the bottle though? You don't buy the MUA nail polish just because the bottle looks like Essie? The copied packaging makes no difference so why did they do it? I just think it was blantantly cheeky of them to copy it. They could have done without it.

  5. I've not tried any MUA products, not boycotting or anything I just haven't picked any up :)



  6. I don't think it's very ethical. Can they not come up with their own ideas? They have ridiculously bad customer service which they should perhaps put more effort into, improving.. rather than stealing other brand's designs. xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. I personally can't afford to blow much money on beauty products. In the past I've turned to MUA for products I can't afford elsewhere. However, now I tend to go to Fragrance Direct. I think there's nothing wrong with cloning the product or packaging, Primark get away with it with their clothing. It just makes things more affordable for beauty lovers with a tight budget. :) x

  8. Love this post!

    I've never tried anything by them, I'm always wary of things being too good to be true and I feel you will get what you pay for.


  9. Great Post! I love MUA products but I;m a bit on the fence about the whole thing. Will I stop purchasing MUA products.. probably not. I love what they offer and even more love the price! Yes I completely was shocked by the whole Facebook comments but I just don't think that will make me stop buying from them. Obviously they are not breaking any laws or these other companies would sue surely?

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele-Marie | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

  10. I can't always afford the expensive brands and so I personally love MUA :)
    Laura x

  11. Very interesting post! You raised some good points and whilst I know it's not always possible to afford high end pretty lipsticks without the boundary between high end and high street there would be nothing special about beauty buying. When you save up and get that expensive lipstick you've been lusting after it feels good and a nice reward. And finding cheap dupes can also be exciting too.

    In terms of MUA's obvious copying, it's clearly done in a way that wont get them sued but it's sad because it gives the impression that the brand have no creative flare of their own. Personally, this annoys me and puts me off buying from them. x

  12. Great post! I have issues with all the blatant copies and the bad pr, but at the end of the day people (including myself) are going to buy their products because they're cheaper than most and decent for the price range. It's a shame that I feel like I want to avoid them because of the ridiculous things that happen via their social media though!

    Amy - srslylou

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  14. Like most other people have said this is a really interesting topic but I personally love MUA. I love the fact that they are giving us beauty lovers who can't afford to spend £10+ on every single product in their collection an option as well. Why is it a big deal that MUA also have a neutral shades palette, I'm pretty sure so do most other brands because its a popular choice.

    I do think they have gone slightly too far changing the style of their nail polish one to look very similar to an Essie one. Not that It's terrible because lets be honest there are only so many shapes and designs of a nail polish bottle you can have but there seemed no need for the change at all. It was slightly odd.

    But in no way does the fact they may copy other brands slightly bother me and make me not want to buy from them. Other brands just don't offer the same quality for a price as good as MUA.


  15. I do love MUA products, but only some of them. They can be a hit and miss when it comes to quality - so you do have to give things a go first, which you can afford to for the prices. I'm all in favour of finding dupes of products and similar items for a fraction of the price - the only thing I'm a bit wary about is the blatant packaging copying. The heaven and earth palette for example - has mostly similar shades to the naked palette, but looks no where near as luxurious and has simple packaging - you can tell the difference. The nail varnishes however have been CHANGED to look identical to Essie - which I think is a bit OTT.

    I also found them to be unprofessional on social networks when they had their massive 50% off code, which resulted in me not placing an order on principal. HOWEVER, as a whole I do like the brand and use them regularly - I think there is good and bad in every brand.

    Jess xo

  16. I really like MUA's products especially there lipsticks and palletes but I am not keen on MUA as a brand! The case you were talking about with them making rude comments on FB was not the only faux pas they have made! When they were having a 50% sale, they sent messages out on twitter telling people to get off the website! A bit more tact could have been used!

    I love that you chose to talk about this subject - it's an interesting debate!

  17. I have never had an issue with the brand personally. Whenever I have contacted them someone has answered relatively quickly and politely. It would be a shame if now they're getting more popular their being less appreciative to those who are giving them the money.
    I must be out the loop as I wasn't aware of anything happening between Karla and the brand either :|

    As for the dupes.
    I'm torn. The packaging being very similar to other brands is a big no no to me. I like to be able to look in my collection and be able to pick out a palette, or a nail varnish etc etc and know what brand I'm going to get, whereas this is going to cause confusion. Will I get MUA or Essie. Not a tremendous deal but still irritating. Also I don't know, I think it's cool that every brand has their own style with packaging so coping others is just weird to me.

    As for the actual products, I would say that it's good for people who don't want/can't afford to spend excessive amounts of money on a product. Naked palette - Undressed Palette.
    Obviously naming them very similar is unimaginative, but they see what people want and what's in-demand right now, I think most companies would do the same to try and jump on that bandwagon.

    So whilst I get it's good for people who don't want to spend a lot of money, it would be nice if they could bring out products that wasn't so similar to other brands though, I haven't bought anything new from MUA except their brushes.

    Juyey xx

  18. I have the eyeshadow palette, may go back to try some more products, but I can't help wondering... if it's so cheap, what's the quality of the ingredients and could it be harmful to me?



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