28 May 2013

What faceshape do you have?

What is your face shape? - Finding out your face shape - What is my face shape? - faceshapes

Knowing what face shape you have is an important in many aspects of hair and beauty. It should help you decide what hairstyle would suit you, which make up looks would work best for you and what shape eyebrows will bring out your natural beauty. Once you know this you can adjust your look accordingly and make your face appear more oval which is the most desired face shape.

Firstly you need to find out what face shape you have. The easiest way to do this is to tie your hair back with no makeup on, look at your face in the mirror, if you still cant see what face shape you have it might help to draw the outline of your face in lipstick on the mirror. 

If you see -
The chin tapers slenderly from a slightly wider forehead.
Oval face shape -
This face shape and bone structure is considered to be the ideal face shape.
Your aim -
To accentuate the natural shape.

If you see -
A short face with broad with full cheeks and round contours.
Round face shape -
Face is widest at the cheeks
Your aim -
To slim the appearance of your face.

If you see -
Broad forehead with angular jawline
Square face shape -
This shaped face should have a little height without width
Your aim -
To narrow the forehead and jawline, reducing the squareness of the bone structure.

If you see -
A long face with not much of width
Oblong face -
This shaped face has a narrow frame.
Your aim -
To create the impression of width and shorten the length

If you see -
A wide forehead with the face tapering to a long jawline.
Heart face shape -
This shaped face looks much like an inverted triangle.
Your aim -
Is to reduce the width across the forehead, emphasising the jawline

If you see -
narrow forehead with wide cheekbones and narrow chin
Diamond face shape -
This face shape has alot of width in the middle of the face
Your aim -
Minimise the width across the cheekbones.

If you see -
A narrow forehead, the face gradually widens towards the jaw
Pear face shape -
Widest point of the face is the broad and prominent.
Your aim -
Create width across forehead and to narrow jawline.

If you see -
A wide forehead with a sharp pointed jawline
Triangular face -
Much like the heart shape but not as soft.
Your aim -
Reduce the sharpness of the chin and reduce width of forehead.

Hope this helps, I will be showing you the best hairstyles, highlighting and contour for your face shape and other things to do with face shapes soon.

What face shape have you got??

Lots of Love,
Laura x

23 May 2013

Pink nails with white bows

Pink nails - nail art - bows - nail varnish - Queen nail polish

I been feeling really girly lately and have painted my nails pink again this week! I picked a much brighter almost neon pink! This is a polish from a brand called Queen. Which I got given to me at a nail bar. The colour is gorgeous but the polish is very thick and isn't easy to apply. I'm not very keen on it. I don't think I would purchase this brand if I saw it in the shops.
I then used a white polish to paint a bow shape on my nails. I also applied a diamonte in the middle of each bow. I think it looks so cute and is definitely do this design again. What do you think?

What are your nails like this week? Have you used this brand? Did you like it?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

21 May 2013


Hey everyone,

I need your help which of these glasses suit me best! The kind people at www.specspost.co.uk have sent me three pairs of frames, so I can choose which ones I like. Then I'll send the frames back with my eye prescription and they will send me my new glasses!
I'm putting the decision totally in your hands! Out of the three frames you get to pick which you think I should keep and then the ones with the most votes are the ones ill pick.
If you are looking for some new glasses check out Specspost as they have amazing glasses at such low prices! All you need is to get your eyes tested and ask for a copy of you're prescription. A copy of your eye test results shouldn't cost you a thing! And then pick your frames from the many brands available on Specspost!
I am shocked at the amount of money that can be saved by getting my glasses this way instead of in-store!
so get voting and ill let you know which ones you picked.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

15 May 2013

My blog birthday!!! *GIVEAWAY*

Wooo it's been a year since my first blog post! I still love blogging and have made some amazing friends along the way!
So too thank you all I'm holding a giveaway 3 lucky winners will win a can of Beyond Bronze Fake Bake. I love a product that people have a strong opinion on! I get so much more excited to try it out and see how I feel about it. They also are much more fun to review. Beyond Bronze is exactly this sort of product.
This tan is a bit hit and miss some people love it and refuse to use anything else and others don't like it at all! I really like this and think is perfect for a lighter natural tan! especially for paler girls or tanning virgins! Yet it can be built up for a darker colour!
  Its normally £25.00 in the shops so get entering and 3 of you will be a lucky winner!

Good Luck!

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13 May 2013

postive friends make a postive you

Friendship - life lessons - quotes - postivity

As you go through life you meet so many different people. Some become friends others acquaintances but one thing we all have to learn is when its time stop holding on to someone. I don't mean being horrible or failing out but as we grow our opinions change, what we enjoy doing changes and in a sense who we are. Our goals and what we want from life differ.

Friendship should be a two way street and if you find yourself not getting any happiness out of the friendship it may be time to move on.

One of the Most important lessons, I have learnt in life, is to be around positive people.

Honestly you don't realise what a difference they make.  positive people urge you to grow and support you in whatever makes you happy. they can help you remain on track and encourage you in your goals.
Anyone that makes you feel down about yourself or drags you into situations you would rather not be in aren't the people to surround yourself with. does your friend phone to tell you what's going on in their life but never want to listen to your problems. This doesn't make them a bad person they may be in a different stage in their life. If someone makes you smile and laugh or makes you feel good concentrate on your relationship with them.

When you find a true friend you will fill up lifted and even if you don't speak everyday you still have a bond. Just thinking of your true friend will be enough to bring a smile to your face.
Do you agree with me? Have you learnt this life lesson the hard way let me know!

I would like to thank my friends old and new for your support and love! My blog has come so far and without you, it wouldn't be such a pleasure to write. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

3 May 2013

Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Rimmel - Apocalips - Nude Eclipse - Lip products - Apocaliptic - Review - swatches
This is lots of different products rolled into one with the vibrancy of a lipstick, shine of a gloss and lasting power of a stain.  I love the extreme pigmentation which also lasts. When first applied you get a super pigmented gloss that coats your lips beautifully. The only issue I have was how precise you need to be when applying. The gloss does stain your lips and is hard to remove so you definitely need a mirror to apply so not that great for an on the go gloss!

The gloss lasts a good few hours and you are left with an even lip stain which is great as I find some stains can be quite patchy and uneven when they dry.
The gloss is not at all sticky, but does transfer quite a lot when eating or drinking. The foam applicator has an indentation so you get the right amount of product. This perfect for making sure your lips are evenly covered and stops any sort of mess that is often associated with glosses.
You get a full opaque coverage with only one coat. So although not the cheapest lip product it will last you ages.

Rimmel - Apocalips - Nude Eclipse - Lip products - Apocaliptic - Review - swatches
I have two shades one called nude eclipse which is a peachy nude colour. Its a beautiful shade but its hard to pull off. So not for people who struggle with nudes as the the tone can wash you out. It can leave you looking like the walking dead or like you have no lips. Yet if your a new lover like me. Is perfect for day to day or for adding a a nude lip to a smokey eye look.

Apocaliptic is my other shade and isn't a tall for the faint-hearted. A breathe taking bright pink perfect for showstopping lips. It looks zing on tanned skin so defiantly one for the holiday make up case. Yet the shade still looks beautiful on paler skinned beauties. So this is the shade to pick if you want to follow the bright lip trend of this summer.This shade will brighten even the dullest day.

Do you own any of these? What shades do you like the look of?

Lots of Love, 
Laura x

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