3 May 2013

Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Rimmel - Apocalips - Nude Eclipse - Lip products - Apocaliptic - Review - swatches
This is lots of different products rolled into one with the vibrancy of a lipstick, shine of a gloss and lasting power of a stain.  I love the extreme pigmentation which also lasts. When first applied you get a super pigmented gloss that coats your lips beautifully. The only issue I have was how precise you need to be when applying. The gloss does stain your lips and is hard to remove so you definitely need a mirror to apply so not that great for an on the go gloss!

The gloss lasts a good few hours and you are left with an even lip stain which is great as I find some stains can be quite patchy and uneven when they dry.
The gloss is not at all sticky, but does transfer quite a lot when eating or drinking. The foam applicator has an indentation so you get the right amount of product. This perfect for making sure your lips are evenly covered and stops any sort of mess that is often associated with glosses.
You get a full opaque coverage with only one coat. So although not the cheapest lip product it will last you ages.

Rimmel - Apocalips - Nude Eclipse - Lip products - Apocaliptic - Review - swatches
I have two shades one called nude eclipse which is a peachy nude colour. Its a beautiful shade but its hard to pull off. So not for people who struggle with nudes as the the tone can wash you out. It can leave you looking like the walking dead or like you have no lips. Yet if your a new lover like me. Is perfect for day to day or for adding a a nude lip to a smokey eye look.

Apocaliptic is my other shade and isn't a tall for the faint-hearted. A breathe taking bright pink perfect for showstopping lips. It looks zing on tanned skin so defiantly one for the holiday make up case. Yet the shade still looks beautiful on paler skinned beauties. So this is the shade to pick if you want to follow the bright lip trend of this summer.This shade will brighten even the dullest day.

Do you own any of these? What shades do you like the look of?

Lots of Love, 
Laura x


  1. Such gorgeous products, I dont really like the smell though! xxx

    1. i don't really like the smell either! wonder why they don't change the smell

      lots of love

  2. I love the Apocalips range!
    I have two as well - Big Bang and Celestial.
    Your two colours look really nice actually! I only seen four the day that I picked up mine, so I'll keep an eye out for these ones next time! :)
    Great Review by the way!

    Leanne Marie @ Makeup Blast xox

  3. I love these :) not totally keen on the taste/smell but it doesn't bother me that much.

    Sally x

    1. I agree! It doesn't smell very nice


  4. I think I have celestial, which is a lovely shade. I wanted to pick up the nude one when they came out but it was always out of stock :( x

    Amy / srslylou

    1. I wanted celestial but that was out of stock :) xxxx they are so popular

  5. Oooo I really want to try these I've been eyeing up celestial, looks like a lovely shade.
    Apocalyptic looks lovely too.
    Megan xx


    1. Everytime I go to get celestial its always sold out :( xxxx

  6. I've got the shade celestial! It's really pretty but I can't stand the scent of these :( xx

    1. I dont think anyone does you would think they would change it ! :) xxxxx

  7. I think these are awesome! Such good colour pay off, you can't go wrong!

    Beth-Lou's Beauty Blog


  8. I love these! One of the best lipgloss / laquers Rimmel has brought out :)

    Your blog is so lovely, following you :)

    Alara x x x


  9. I love these-


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