28 May 2013

What faceshape do you have?

What is your face shape? - Finding out your face shape - What is my face shape? - faceshapes

Knowing what face shape you have is an important in many aspects of hair and beauty. It should help you decide what hairstyle would suit you, which make up looks would work best for you and what shape eyebrows will bring out your natural beauty. Once you know this you can adjust your look accordingly and make your face appear more oval which is the most desired face shape.

Firstly you need to find out what face shape you have. The easiest way to do this is to tie your hair back with no makeup on, look at your face in the mirror, if you still cant see what face shape you have it might help to draw the outline of your face in lipstick on the mirror. 

If you see -
The chin tapers slenderly from a slightly wider forehead.
Oval face shape -
This face shape and bone structure is considered to be the ideal face shape.
Your aim -
To accentuate the natural shape.

If you see -
A short face with broad with full cheeks and round contours.
Round face shape -
Face is widest at the cheeks
Your aim -
To slim the appearance of your face.

If you see -
Broad forehead with angular jawline
Square face shape -
This shaped face should have a little height without width
Your aim -
To narrow the forehead and jawline, reducing the squareness of the bone structure.

If you see -
A long face with not much of width
Oblong face -
This shaped face has a narrow frame.
Your aim -
To create the impression of width and shorten the length

If you see -
A wide forehead with the face tapering to a long jawline.
Heart face shape -
This shaped face looks much like an inverted triangle.
Your aim -
Is to reduce the width across the forehead, emphasising the jawline

If you see -
narrow forehead with wide cheekbones and narrow chin
Diamond face shape -
This face shape has alot of width in the middle of the face
Your aim -
Minimise the width across the cheekbones.

If you see -
A narrow forehead, the face gradually widens towards the jaw
Pear face shape -
Widest point of the face is the broad and prominent.
Your aim -
Create width across forehead and to narrow jawline.

If you see -
A wide forehead with a sharp pointed jawline
Triangular face -
Much like the heart shape but not as soft.
Your aim -
Reduce the sharpness of the chin and reduce width of forehead.

Hope this helps, I will be showing you the best hairstyles, highlighting and contour for your face shape and other things to do with face shapes soon.

What face shape have you got??

Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. Ugh I'm round with a round face :) Nice post.


  2. Ooh really great post! So informative! I've been told before that I have an oval face. But I'm not sure.
    I'm a new follower by the way - found you on Gemma's advertisers post!


  3. Omg soo glad I have found your blog :) I can already tell you're going to have some brilliant tips for me with regards to hair and beauty! Now following you x


  4. Love this post! So helpful, I think I definitely have a heart shape face. These type of posts really help with hair styles etc, I used to have a middle parting but now have a middle parting, think it suits my face shape so much better :)

    If you have a spare minute, I've recently uploaded my first OOTD on Youtube, the link is on my latest post. I'd love it if you could take a look, maybe give me feedback and/or like & subscribe! Lucy xx



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