25 June 2013

Vitamin E sink-in moisture mask

Vitamin E - The Body Shop - Facemask - Review
Face masks are often only used when pulling out the big pampering guns. They definitely shouldn't be ignored when considering your skincare. They are perfect for adding moisture back into the skin. Perfect for dry facial skin. This mask can also be used on any dry patches of skin.

The Body Shop very kindly sent me a sample of this moisture mask and I'm so glad they did. A face mask is something I already enjoyed using as they are one of the only skincare products were the results are instantly noticeable. However they can be a bit of a pain as you have to spend ages removing them.
It appears The body shop have addressed this with this overlooked sort of face mask. With this mask you have to apply a thin layer, then kick back and relax for 10 minutes before removing with a tissue!!

The mask is for all skin types and called Vitamin E sink -in moisture mask. For intense moisture replacement perfect for my dry/combination skin.

I also love using it as an intense moisturiser when my skin is feeling particularly dry. I just applied at night after cleansing and toning. Then wiped off in the morning even then my skin was left none greasy and didn't cause any break outs.

Although a little pricey for a face mask at £12.00. A little goes along way so you do get your moneys worth. It leaves your skin feeling softer and hydrated for days so this is definitely an investment in your skin. Have already bought the full sized pot which I feel says it all.

Have you tried this? What is your favourite face mask? What type of mask do you like best?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

22 June 2013

The best hairstyles to suit your face shape

There are many things that should influence the style of hair cut you go for these include your lifestyle, hair patterns, as well as the shape of your face. If you don't know which face shape you have please check out my post here to help you find out.

Oval Face Shape - If you are lucky enough to have an oval shaped face, the shape of your face wont influence the type of hair style suited to you. This face shape presents the fewest problems and limitations to style selection.

Long Face Shape - Shorter length cuts suit this face shape best as longer styles may drag the face down. Avoid centre partings aswell this also makes face appear longer. If you want a longer style it will look better with softer layers on this face shape. With any style aim to add width rather than height.

Round Face Shape - Rounder faces need height to even out the width of the face. Hairstyles that are cut too short tend to draw attention to the widest part of the face. Longer lengths at the sides of the face a better option. A choppy sweeping fringe adds angles to a round face making for a flattering look.

Square Face Shape -If you have a square face shape you need rounder edges with texture on to the face to soften a heavier jawline. Longer styles with lots of layers soften the face. Wavy styles also look flattering, avoid blunt cuts.

Triangular Face Shape - Added height in a style will compensate for the width. If you have a triangular face shape you may well have a pointed chin. If this is the case avoid short layers framing the face as this draws attention to the chin.

 Has this helped you? do you agree with which styles suit which face shape?

lots of love,
Laura x

18 June 2013

My summer sandals

Ted Baker - Scented sandals - Jelly shoes - bowed sandals - summer

I love anything girlie and loved the whole jelly trend is back. I was often seen in primary school rocking my sliver sparkly jellies with my big frilly socks.

Yet when the trend hit this time round, I was excited but abit nervous. Ever heard the saying If you wore the trend first time round you should give it a miss the second time lol. I know I was only a youngster last time but I don't want to look like a right wally.

It seemed like all my shoe prayers where answered when I saw these Jelly Sandals from Ted Baker in Office. I had been wanting a pair of ankle strap sandals for the summer aswell these ticked all of these trends and look so so cute with the black bow and Ted Baker badge.

Ted Baker - Scented sandals - Jelly shoes - bowed sandals - summer
A good friend of mine has a pair very similar and said to me that they leave your feet smelling really bad. Even after washing the sandals retained the smell. Well Mr Baker Must have heard her because they have solved this issue by making the sandals scented. Yes you read it correctly my new shoes are scented with the smell of watermelon lol. I didn't know this when I bought them but the packaging does say they are good enough to eat. With big juicy watermelons all over the box then with a tiny little label stating scented at the bottom.

My dreams appear to have been answered on my quest for summer sandals. Yet I still find myself looking at other jellies so who knows I may add some others to my collection.

Have you found the perfect sandal? What are your views on Jellies? Love or loathe them let me know!

Lots of love,
Laura x

15 June 2013

YSL baby doll mascara

YSL - Babydoll mascara - Review - swatch

I love a good mascara and probably spend more money on my eye make up than any other! I cant get enough of thick long dark lashes.
When I saw YSL had bought out a new mascara I really couldn't resist giving it ago. There other mascaras have been amazing with faux clis being my absolute favourite mascara ever invented.

At £24.00 its quite expensive available in some stunning shades, I was tempted to be more adventurous than go with the usual black but because of the price I thought I'd get more wear of black.

I love the smell of YSL products so firstly I had to give it a good sniff! I wasn't disappointed and was greeted with a pleasant, clean and slightly floral smell. The packaging is beautiful as you would expect from YSL! The iconic gold remains with baby doll written on the tube.

YSL - Babydoll mascara - Review - swatch

The brush isn't as thick as I was expecting and yet its bristles are chunky. I'm not normally much of a fan of rubber brushes as I love wen you can feel the brush grabbing hold of your lashes as it coats them. This isn't an issue with this brush as with its mix of different sized bristles it really does get right in your lashes. I didn't experience any clumps, the brush really does define each individual lash, giving you a full fanned look.

YSL - Babydoll mascara - Review - swatch

The formula is thick and really can be quite messy but with practice and time to apply it , it shouldn't be too much of problem. I do find that all YSL mascaras take abit of time to get the technique right, yet once you have the perfected it you will be left with a wide eyed effect. One of the best ways to tackle this is to remove some of the mascara from the brush as it does build up quite quickly.

Overall I really like this mascara if you like the look individual eyelash extensions this is the perfect mascara for you.

Have you tired this mascara? What's your favourite high end mascara?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

12 June 2013

What skin tone do you have?

When considering a new colour for your hair, its really important to take into consideration your skin tone. Have you ever coloured your hair with what appears to suit the pale girl on the box but leaves you looking like the living dead? This may be due to your skin tone.

So although your friend and you may have the same depth of colour if you have  different tones the colour may look different on you both. Have you always worn a pink blusher but  when  you have borrowed your friends it  makes your skin look flat, this could be because you may have  the same skin shade but different skin tone.

A lot of people get confused as skin shade and skin tone are very different you may be fair with a cool, neutral or warm undertone. To find out what skin colouring you have please follow as I will be doing a post on this soon!

Once you have worked out these things you shouldn't struggle with picking colours to suit your skin again. what a relief!

Here are some techniques to help find out which skin tone you have. Firstly remove all make up and fake tan from your skin so you see your natural skin.
Take a good look at your natural eye colour and think about your natural hair colour.

Cool tones
Usually have blue, green, cool brown eyes
Hair is normally blonde, black or brown.
The hair often has blue, sliver or ash/mousey undertones.
skin is pink or rosy coloured.

Warm tones
Usually have dark brown, hazel, amber eyes.
Hair is normally brown, black, golden blonde.
The hair often has orange, yellow, red or golden undertones.
Skin is golden or apricot coloured.

1. What colour do your veins look?

This is one way you have probably tried before. Yet it can be a bit confusing as to what exactly you are looking for. Have a look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins appear more greenish this indicates a yellow tone which would mean you have a warm tone. More blue looking this would imply your skin has blue 'cool' undertones.

2. Your skin against white test.

There are 2 ways to do this test you can hold up a piece of white paper next to your skin and take note of whether your skin appears more yellow or golden if this is the case it would suggest a warm tone. If your skin has a pink or a bluey red tinge to it this would suggest a cool tone.

The other way of doing this test is to try on a brilliant white top and an off colour white top. if you look better in the whitest top then you may have a cool tone. if the off white looks best then it may be you have a warm tone. If you cant tell maybe ask a friend to help. also if you look good in both you may have neutral skin tone.

3. Silver or gold? 

Which colour jewellery do you wear? you probably already have a preference towards silver or gold jewellery. if you look good in both then you more than likely to have a neutral skin tone. silver looks best on a cool skin tone. where as gold looks better on warm skin tones.

4. Look behind your ear.

Pretty much impossible on your own but get a friend to help. Pull your ear forward so you can see the skin in the crease. What colour is the skin there. The same rules as before apply yellowy skin = warm, pinky =cool.

Still not sure?
If you are still unsure you are more than likely neutral toned. You may lean towards warm or cool but generally you look good in any colour lucky you!

If you still are struggling then ask at your local beauty salon or most make up counters will be willing to help you.
Which skin tone do you have? Did you find this helpful? Do you know any other ways to workout your skin tone?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

11 June 2013

Craving coral and silver glitter

Revlon - craving coral - H&M - nail polish - silver glitter - nail designs

This week I have gone for a really summery colour! The colour is called craving coral by Revlon. I love Revlon polishes as you get a big pot of varnish, which is much like a high-end polish. Its thin but not too runny. It also wears really wear and hardly chips at all. I'm yet to find a polish that doesn't chip at all but now they are stocking Revlon in Poundland you can get a really nice polish for a real bargain price. The glitter polish is from H&M its beautiful but takes ages to dry and smells so strong it made my eyes water.

Have you tired ether of these brands of polish? what are you wearing on your nails this week?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

6 June 2013

Losing the Louboutins

I like most have known somebody affected directly or indirectly from cancer. It's heartbreaking to see the sorrow and devastation this horrid disease brings. Yet Through all the sadness you can always rely on the likes of Marie Curie cancer care to support you in this difficult time.

They provide an amazing service to the patients and their families, supplying the highest quality care and support.
Two girls, who unfortunately know the heartache, this disease brings is two cousins Natasha Lynch and Kerrie Powell. Also know as Team Losing the Louboutins. Unfortunately their beloved grandfather aswell as two other family members have been diagnosed with Cancer. Not ones to sit and wallow in the sadness of their families situation. The brave girls have decided to fight back by trekking across the Sahara Desert in October 2013. They hope their efforts will raise funds for Marie Curie.

"It feels apparent more than ever to do our bit. The trek itself is going to be physically and mentally challenging but nothing compared to the pain those directly affected by cancer."

I'm sure you will agree these beautiful women need our support. To show you aren't just going to sit back but help fight against cancer you can now buy one of the Losing the Louboutins beautiful bracelets. Exquisitely designed by Fleur from Rocks 'n' Chains 50% of the proceeds will go to Marie Curie. So not only do you get a beautiful bracelet you are making a difference.

The design features haematite which promotes Love, protection and healing. As well as crystal which reflects the light beautifully. Portraying the message that there is still hope and beauty through dark times. Very poignant considering the families personal struggle and the struggle of all those affected by cancer.

In a very similar style to the celebrity fave Tresor Paris bracelets, these are perfect for this and many seasons to come. The bracelets themselves are beautifully made and of such a high standard I'm thoroughly impressed. Plus the fact a percentage of the proceeds go to charity. Makes it a must have. I will be wearing mine with pride and showing my support to an amazing Charity, the beautiful Natasha and Kerrie and everyone effected by cancer.

I would personally like to thank the girls for making a difference. We all are proud of your courage and bravery. I think you will agree with me, if you would like to tweet the girls you can at @LtheL13 

Please help Losing the Louboutins by donating on their just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/LosingtheLouboutins

To purchase any of the bracelets visit 

Lots of love,
Laura x
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