1 July 2013

Make your hairstyle last with the right hair styling products

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Hold and durability of a hairstyle are one of the most important things when styling hair. You don't want to spend a lifetime curling teasing, back combing and using cans of hairspray for you hair to only look fantastic for a total of ten minutes. With this in mind choosing and using the correct hairstyling products is as important as your actual abilities to dress hair.

I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the products available which add hold to your style.  When you should use this product? What it is meant to do? How to apply the product? There are hundreds of different hair styling products for men and women available, so always read manufactures instruction to get the most out of a product.

Styling Mousse

Use on damp hair before sectioning and drying.

A styling mousse is used to add volume and adding hold to a style.

Apply a blob the size of a small orange evenly through the hair.

Styling Gel/Glaze

Not suited to use with blow drying as not easy to work with. Best used with finger drying and scrunch dry techniques.

A wet look firm hold finish on shorter styles.

Apply a pea sized amount with fingertips.

Moulding Clay

Used on damp or dry hair. used to give texture on all hair lengths.

A styling and finishing product that bonds hair with a firm hold.

(Damp hair) Apply small pea sized amount with the fingertips evenly all over hair.
(Dry hair) Apply pea sized amount to ends of hair for texture and definition.


 Used as a final fixative as an overall style sealer or applied as a scrunching textural finish.

A finishing product that is available in a variety of holds and strengths.

Apply a mist to hair around 30 - 40 cm away from the hair for a fixed hold on dry hair.

I hope that this has helped show you which products you need to fix your style for longer and how to use them. I review different brands hair products on my blog regularly. So keep your eyes open for which ones I think are worth a buy or those which I don't believe work.

What hair styling products do you like to use on your hair? Which products have you found amazing at adding hold? Are you going to use any of your products differently now?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

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