7 August 2013

My First Major Panic attack

I was so shocked when chatting on twitter to find out how many of you also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I decided I would write this post ages ago. I received so many messages from you all saying you would like to hear my story. I have really struggled to find the words. It also really hard to sort of know where to start So I thought, What I'd do is to separate into major events and turning points in my mental health story.

My first ever major attack happened It was totally out of the blue, well it appeared so at the time. I'd just gotten on the bus to go work when all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and came over all dizzy. I stood up to get off the bus after only 3 stops and then I passed out! If that wasn't embarrassing enough everyone was staring at me and nobody offered to help! Until one elderly lady who had just got on shouted at everyone saying how could they all just leave me on the floor! I was mortified and really scared as I didn't no what was happening.

The Lady was really kind and got off the bus with me, sat me down and stayed with me till I calmed down. Then walked with me part of the way home, I was an emotional wreck shaking and crying. Then I had to phone work and tell them what had happened and explain why I wouldn't be attending work that day.

Do you suffer from anxiety? have you or anyone you know experienced a panic attack?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

If you are suffering, remember you are not alone and talking about it can make the world of difference! If we are all more open with our mental health problems, this will help break down the stigma attached to it!

6 August 2013

DreamWeave Mascara


Dreamweave - Mascara - Review - swatch

Do you long for day when your mascara rivals your trusted falsies? Stubby, spidery, clumpy, straight and thin. Sound like your lashes? If so keep reading as I have the answers to all our lash problems.

I love my false lashes and on a night out I would feel naked without them. Yet they just aren't practical for normal day to day life. I have constantly searched for a mascara that will give me thick full long curly lashes with real staying power. I didn't dare to dream a product could give me all this let alone all this and actually improving the condition and look of your lashes in the long term. well that was untill Dreamweave & CO.

Dreamweave lash construct magnet mascara will change the way you view mascaras. with built in wide-lash conditioner technology the mascara thickens and nourishes your lashes from root in 15 days. Yet after just a few uses my lashes really do appear to be falling out less and definitely appear less sparse.

The formula adds amazing length without the heavy, droopy eyed feel you can get if you wear thick, long strip lashes. The brush is thick and provides volume which I personally love in a mascara. As the formula is so lightweight, it wont weigh down your lashes making them lose the curl. So you can ditch the false lashes and still be confident your lashes are going to be looking amazing and you have a wide -eyed fluttery look.

Dreamweave - Mascara - Review - swatch

The way this mascara works is amazing. Dreamweave coats each lash with a silicone shield which when dry will stopping any smudges. clumps or flakes developing throughout the day. A promise which many a high-end products fail to deliver on.

 The only issue with this is you have to make sure you are happy you have the correct amount on as you cant go back and add more. This shouldn't be a problem though as if you are in a rush in the morning before work, you can apply the lash construct the night before, as the silicon wrap protects your lashes, so you can have beautiful eyes 24/7. You can also rest assured sure you wont wake up with panda eyes the morning or leave black stains all over the pillow.

Dreamweave - Mascara - Review - swatch
Unlike other long wear mascaras. Dreamweave mascara is easily removed with any eye make up remover taking the pain out of removing. I used a cheap brand and it removed without any problems.

I don't know what more you could ask for form a lash extending mascara? It ticks every item on my mascara wishlist and for only £14.50! Are you going to get in on the secret before everyone has beautiful lashes?  This is without a doubt my new favourite mascara and I have already converted my mum, it wont be long till this brand is a household name.

Have you seen this brand before? What would a mascara have to do to be come your favourite? if you have given it ago, what did you think? Let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love
Laura x
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