7 August 2013

My First Major Panic attack

I was so shocked when chatting on twitter to find out how many of you also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I decided I would write this post ages ago. I received so many messages from you all saying you would like to hear my story. I have really struggled to find the words. It also really hard to sort of know where to start So I thought, What I'd do is to separate into major events and turning points in my mental health story.

My first ever major attack happened It was totally out of the blue, well it appeared so at the time. I'd just gotten on the bus to go work when all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and came over all dizzy. I stood up to get off the bus after only 3 stops and then I passed out! If that wasn't embarrassing enough everyone was staring at me and nobody offered to help! Until one elderly lady who had just got on shouted at everyone saying how could they all just leave me on the floor! I was mortified and really scared as I didn't no what was happening.

The Lady was really kind and got off the bus with me, sat me down and stayed with me till I calmed down. Then walked with me part of the way home, I was an emotional wreck shaking and crying. Then I had to phone work and tell them what had happened and explain why I wouldn't be attending work that day.

Do you suffer from anxiety? have you or anyone you know experienced a panic attack?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

If you are suffering, remember you are not alone and talking about it can make the world of difference! If we are all more open with our mental health problems, this will help break down the stigma attached to it!


  1. Aww my poor little sausage! I also get anxiety, for me my heart beats so fast and I get palpitations it's horrid. I'd love to hear more Hun. So many people can relate to this and will find it helpful, x

  2. I cannot believe they left you there, that's disgusting to hear!
    I get them quite often for no reason at all, like just sitting in bed and then all of a sudden my chest feels like there's a ton of bricks on top of it and I can't breathe and then I panic more and then I can't move cos i'm all spacey, it's awful :( i'm glad we're not alone xx

  3. That's so awful - sorry you had to feel alone in that moment! I suffer from anxiety, but rarely have panic attacks. Hope it eases up for you x

  4. Oh no! Public places are the worst places to have them! I had a major one whilst in work once, full on hyperventilating, tears streaming. When it was starting I was half way through serving a woman :/ I get heart palpitations more than dizzy panic attacks. My heart speeds up to 10x the normal pace (well it feels like it)the first time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack. I'd love to hear more of your story, It's inspired me to start thinking how I could tell mine!

    Cat xx


  5. Completely understand this :( I have a massive problem with anxiety and panic attacks and it sucks when it controls what you do... I'll avoid some situations because I worry, which just makes it worse! Would really love more posts on this, and thanks for sharing!

  6. I can't believe no one tried to help before that lady said anything! That is absolutely ridiculous. I was really lucky because the first time I had a panic attack I was at home. It was the most horrible thing I've ever experienced and wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I was luckier than most since it happened in my own house xx

    D Is For...

  7. That sounds awful! Thank you for sharing though, I cannot believe that nobody offered to help you at first! That's horrible! Please continue to share your anxiety and panic attacks though, its always good to understand how these things work as my brother suffers from really bad anxiety. xx


  8. Panic attacks so scary and unless you have had one you can't understand. You honestly feel like your going to die. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, among other things, so I feel what you are going through. It is good now there is more awareness around mental health but there is still a long way to go! I am very experienced on panic attacks and general panic so just gibe me a message Laura if you want any advice! I'll try to be as helpful as possible!

    Love Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. So sorry to hear that :( but you're definitely not alone which for me, is quite reassuring. I've wrote about my panic and anxiety here.... xsarahspeaksx.wordpress.com/a-goal/... and I've had messages from people who understand which is nice. Talking about it is half the battle so well done :)
    I can't believe people just left you though! I don't understand how a person/people could do that.


  10. So sorry to hear you too suffer with anxiety, please read my story! http://beautyaddict1985.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/mental-health-awareness-my-story.html

    am now following via GFC xx

  11. I had one this morning before work, its horrible! Its good to hear other bloggers have it too as blogging really helps take my mind of anxiety xx


  12. So awful to think that people around us wouldnt help in a situation where clearly someone needs it, i have suffered myself from anxiety and panic attacks for around 3-4 years now, i hate it but im learning to keep it under control, its so wierd because you always feel like your the only person going through it so to know there are others out there that are going through the same thing as you is kind of comforting, atleast i know theres people to talk to out there :)

    Following you, would love to keep in touch, my blog is:


    Would love if you could follow me back :)


  13. Hi Laura. This is something that I've had to try and overcome in my life too. Like you, I was really shocked at how many beauty bloggers also have these issues. It's nice to know that others understand. Xxx

    Carly's Beauty World

  14. I suffer panic attacks too :( such a scary thing at the time! It surprised me how many people get them as its not a thing a lot of people talk about! Hope you're ok love, I know how alarming they are xox


  15. You are so brave putting that out there hon. They are horrible!! Big hugs!


  16. I can't believe no one helped. That's one of my biggest fears in crowded places is that I'll pass out and just be left there or cause a huge scene and be judged and all those thoughts just make the panic attacks worse. Stay strong!


  17. No one helped...that's terrible and sadly expected. I have very little faith in humanity nowadays. I have major anxiety - never had a panic attack, I think. I just tend to freak out inwardly and then run away from whatever it was I need to do, mostly public speaking events, job interviews, anything involving strangers. It's nice to hear about others' stories to know we're definitely not alone in this.

    Following you from Gemma's advertiser post :)
    A Beauty Moment

  18. I have anxiety and panic attacks too, but they've gotten better over time... I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. I couldn't imagine just leaving someone lying there like that!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  19. Very brave of you to share this on here. I would definitely love to hear more on this story, and I'm sure it would help a lot of other people too. :)


  20. Ah no, what horrible people not helping you! Thats so bad! I'd love to hear more on your story, not really brave enough to share mine yet as my blog is linked to facebook etc and I'm a bit iffy on the topic. I think its all too raw! xxxxx

  21. Wow, a few days ago I wrote a similar post on my own blog, but after 5 minutes I went back and reverted it to a draft.. So I really admire you for writing this post.. I have suffered from anxiety for around 18 months, and only very recently started with panic attacks..It makes me feel better to see how other people deal with too.. So thank you :)



  22. I actually did a blog on panic attacks and anxiety, would be so happy if you read it! You're so brave to publish such a delicate subject!
    check out my blog- http://hannahsbubbe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/anxiety-panic-attacks-part-1-re-zoella.html
    follow me on twitter- @hannahsblogs

  23. This post is so refreshing. I'm glad you're okay though.
    I don't suffer from severe anxiety or panic attacks but my boyfriend does and I hate how much it affects him!
    Top marks for writing such a brave post about it.

    Love Daniela (New fan) www.ohellabella.blogspot.com

  24. great post thanks for sharing ...........


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