30 October 2013

Has the media driven Lauren Goodger to starvation!

I feel its important to address issues that affect us young women daily. Our struggles with self esteem and body confidence are unfortunately problems which many of us suffer from. I have posted in the past about my views on what is beautiful? Also I have posted about Lauren Goodger before and how us women need to be more supportive of each other. Yet now i'm tackling the issue from a different angle, is the press to blame for our continued girl hating?

Lauren Goodger has continually suffered at the hands of online bullies and the medias constant critique with regards to her weight. Yet now it appears the pressure has got to much.

Earlier today the 27 year old tweeted that she hadn't eaten for the past 3 days and would continue not to eat until She is left the hell alone. Here is the full screen shots of the tweets.



The Towie stars outburst is in reaction to the medias reaction to her appearance after the Inside soap awards. This is just the latest in Lauren's struggle with the judgement of how she looks and her weight.

Yet although I totally disagree with promoting of starvation. I do think more needs to be done when it comes to the medias obsession with weight. Stars are often criticized for gaining and losing weight, being told they are a role model to young girls. Yet it appears to me the stars aren't the ones in control of what is considered beautiful. They themselves are under the scrutiny of the world and are constantly having there bodies assessed by everyone. Many stars admit they are made to feel inadequate and feel under pressure to change themselves. When there figure doesn't match up to the medias ideal. It seems like a dangerous chain reaction to me. If people considered to be the most beautiful in the world fall under pressure to change themselves what chance do insecure teenage girls have.

It appears Lauren thought better of the tweets deleting them and then posting an apology.

The whole episode has resulted in angry tweets, with many accusing Lauren of attention seeking. Other tweets remind the star that she is a role model to teenage girls who may also struggle with her weight. I feel angry tweets directed at Lauren aren't the way forward. We as a culture are obsessed with how we look and nothing makes us feel better than putting others down.

 If we want to make a difference, maybe we should boycott the magazines and newspapers. Which constantly comment on celebrities weight and looks. Take the time to think how your actions and words affect others. If you were receiving millions of tweets pointing out your flaws and lots of column inches about the size of your belly. How would you feel?

What are your views on this issue? Do you Feel sorry for Lauren? Who is to blame for the lack of body confidence in our generation? What do you think needs or can be done?

Lots of Love
Laura x

17 October 2013

nspa's Illuminating Beauty Serum

As the winter creeps in I notice a difference in my skin not only does my skin seem drier but without the sun I have lost my glow. Even for those of us that don't like to tan there is something about the summer which makes your skin look brighter and healthier. I decided this isn't going to be the case this winter! So I went on a quest to find a beauty product that would help me beat my dull winter blues. 


That's when I came across nspa's Illuminating Beauty Serum*. After reading quite a few reviews, I was extremely excited to give it ago.

This beauty serum has been described as ‘sleep in a bottle’ as it recreates the benefits of a night of deep sleep. Packed with a powerful mix of moisturising ginseng and natural vitamin E, radiance boosting maca root and grapeseed oil, it works to give your skin an instant, natural and luminous glow.

 It's has a pearlised formula and this creates a luminous affect. It looks slightly intimidating as it is shimmery, my immediate thought was aaah this is going to make me look greasy and shiny not a look I tend to go for lol.

It is intended for use after you have cleansed your skin, I did also tone my skin as I really notice the difference in my pore size when I don't. Then applied a pump to the back of my hand before applying all over my face. The serum has a clean none intrusive smell, it is smooth and not at all oily on the skin. Even without foundation I could see my skin instantly looked brighter yet not shimmery its like the formula contains microscopic glitter particles that create a glow rather than a shine.

 A little does go a long way, so although priced at £7.99 it will last for along time I`ve been using this for a few weeks and haven't even got half way! When foundation is applied over the top it gives an ever so subtle glow.This serum can also be applied over make-up and just gives a brighter glow yet still doesn't look over the top. Perfect for days when your skin is looking particular drab. I love this product and without a doubt will be using it throughout the winter. No more dull skin for me.

Have you tried this? Do you own any nspa products?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

16 October 2013

Mac Riri Woo Review

After all the hype about Riri Woo last time it was launched there was no way I was missing out this time round. Plus I love the packaging of the Riri Fall collection it is stunning!

I have heard lots of mixed reviews with some people claiming its not any different from Ruby Woo. Yet when looking at swatches, I can see that they are very similar yet Riri Woo is ever so slightly darker.

Riri Woo comes in the retro matte formula. It is so Pigmented and is the prefect shade of red for any skin tone. Some Reds can be really tricky to pull of as they can make your teeth look really yellow. Yet because of the blue hint in Riri Woo this isn't an issue. Plus the fact that it is matte makes the red look less harsh and in your face so perfect for people not used too red lipsticks.

However the matte finish shows up any dryness in your lips. You need to make sure your lips are in tiptop condition if you want to be wearing this. I did find it is hard to apply as the formula is so dry almost impossible with a lip brush ! Yet after balming them up it wasn't an issue.

I also found it is really hard to keep within the parameter of my lips so you definitely need to use a lip liner to make the most of this lipstick. as a messy or bleeding lip line is never never a good look. plus if you do happen to go over the edge due to the dry formula you will be left with slightly stained skin. This is not one for applying on the go lol

lucky once applied this lipstick isn't really going anywhere. Due to the formula it clings to your lips and lasts and lasts This is a picture of the lipstick nearly 4 hours after application so you shouldn't need to reapply in a rush!

I would definitely repurchase, I love the shade! Do you own any matte lipsticks? did you find them difficult to apply?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

15 October 2013

Tag: This and That

I love a good tag! I was tagged in this one by the beautiful Carly over at Carly's Beauty World check her blog out! This tag is called this and that so here goes...

Blush or Bronzer? Ermm this is hard I use both! if I had to pick it would be bronzer!
Lip gloss or lipstick? Lipstick, cant stand my hair getting stuck to lipgloss.
Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara
Foundation or concealer? Concealer
Natural or coloured eyeshadow? Natural
Pressed or loose eyeshadow? pressed
Brush or sponge? Both

OPI or China Glaze? OPI
Long or short? Long. 
Acrylic or natural? Natural
Bright or dark? Dark
Flower or no flower? No flower but diamontes lol

Perfume or body splash? Perfume smells stronger and for longer
Lotion or body butter? Body butter
Body wash or soap? Body wash all over but soap in smelly bits lol
Lush or other? Think I'm the only one but I prefer Bodyshop! Lush gives me a headache if I'm in there to long lol
Jeans or sweat pants? at home joggers or pjs lol out and about jeggings
Long sleeves or short sleeves? Long sleeves.
Dress or skirt? I love dresses 
Scarves or hat? Hats but wedding hats lol
Studs or dangling earrings? Studs
Necklace or bracelet? Bracelet
Heels or flats? Heels
Cowboy boots or riding boots? I have both but love my riding boots
Jackets or hoodies? HOODIES!! but jacket if I'm going out out lol
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe? Forever 21 but like other shops better I've never even heard of Charlotte Russe.
Curly or straight? big curls :)
Bun or ponytail? Messy bun
Bobby pin or butterfly clips? Bobby pin
Hairspray or gel? Hairspray.
Long or short? Long.
Dark or light? Light!!! all about blonde lol 
Side swept bangs or full bangs? Side swept.
Up or down? Down.
Rain or shine? Shine.
Summer or winter? Summer.
Fall or spring? Fall
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate 

I tag all of you please send me your links so I can have a nosey lol

Lots of Love,
Laura x

14 October 2013

How to pick a hair colour? cool or warm toned

Before choosing a hair colour its important to know which skin tone you have. When picking a colour if you go for the wrong tone. It can really wash you out and ruin your chosen look. A lot of people say to make sure you colour your hair to a shade that suits you stick with ether 2 shades lighter or darker. I do agree that maybe if your inexperienced this is the best way to stopping a hair disaster but if were honest most of us would like to try a totally different look. I mean if it was the case that only two shades darker or lighter will suit you how comes Beyonce looks amazing with a honey blonde barnet. It maybe best to visit a salon or get a professional to help you on your mission to drastically change your look.


However when drastically changing your hair colour how do you know which colours will suit you. Well the answer is to look to your skin tone. once you know if you are cool or warm. picking a shade is much easier. if we go back to the example of Beyonce she has a warm skin tone and so when deciding to go blonde she picked a warm shade of blonde.

To find out what skin tone you have check out this article previously on TeaseFlutterPout. Once you have determined whether you are cool or warm toned you can know pick your colour!

No matter what your desired colour there will be a shade of that colour that will suit you and the key is to match your skin tone to the tone of the colour. So if you are warm toned you want to pick a Hair colour with tones in the warm half of the chart. If cool toned you want to underlying tones of the cool colours.

How to pick a hair colour - warm toned - cool toned - which hair colour will suit you
Image from pinterest

Warm tones.

You want to stick to golden, copper. Golden and redder toned hair will prevent the skin appearing sallow and will make your skin tone glow.
You tend to suit butterscotch, honey and strawberry blondes. Carmel or coppery blonde tend to be the most flattering.
Look for Chestnut browns, Reddy browns and cinnamon shades.
You want red shades like copper as the reddish gold is very flattering. Stick to Orangey toned reds.

Cool tones.

As a rule you want to stick to blue or purple hues.
You tend to suit ashy tones such as sandy blonde and wheat. Aswell as Platinum and champagne blondes.
You want to avoid Reddy toned browns and stick to ash brown shades. You should look for flat browns and coffee or sandy browns.
You need to look for bluish reds like cherry, burgundy or purple toned reds.

I hope this helps you determine which shade of your chosen colour you should be looking for. Stay tuned for more hair related posts including, How to read hair colours! Aswell as how to fix certain hair colour problems.

What shade are you tempted by? Have you gone from black to blonde? Or had any drastic colour changes?
What shade suits you best?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

11 October 2013

Cherimoya nail polish by Angelica

angelica - plum - cherimoya - nail colour - nail varnish - review - swatch

One thing I love about Autumn is the beautiful shades of nail varnish! I love all the autumnal colours ranging from burnt orange to dark plum.
This Shade is called Cherimoya and is by Angelica which you can purchase is Primark stores aswell as online.
This shade is perfect for people who want to wear a dark nail varnish but find black just slightly to harsh. Its a extremely dark red/purple with a slight shimmer yet after two coats its very dark yet much more flattering on the skin than black. In certain lights you can see that it is in fact a dark plum.

angelica - plum - cherimoya - nail colour - nail varnish - review - swatch

The polish costs £2.75 and come in the sweetest bottles. The polish is relatively long lasting and very easy to apply. it is slightly prone to chipping which is a nightmare especially when wearing darker colours as they are obvious for all to see but with a decent base and top coat this isn't so much of an issue.

Have you tried these polishes before? what shades are you looking forward to wearing this season?
what do you think are this seasons must have shades?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

9 October 2013

How do I get rid of cellulite?

How to get rid of cellulite? - excerise - health - fitness - reduce cellulite - how to

The dreaded C word. Many women are faced with cellulite, particularly around the hips, bum & thighs. It's a dimply look of the flesh due to a build up of subcanteous fat lying under the skin, and makes many of us squeam at the mention of the word bikini.

So how do you banish the blubber & get body confident?

The first place to start is by looking at your diet. Cut out the processed foods & transfats as these are suspect number one for our enemy cellulite. Eat natural food, limit wheat & gluten intake (or even better cut it completely) & ensure your diet is rich in cruciferous veggies. (Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc). These veggies are awesome at reducing fat in the specific areas cellulite tends to build up. The reason is because they are rich in antioxidants & magnesium and so encourage the breakdown of fat for energy. They also have a positive effect  on estrogen & adrenalin levels, helping to regulate the balance between the two. Too much estrogen in the body can cause excess fat storage, especially around the hips and thighs. This applies to men as well as women as they also produce estrogen, although in smaller amounts.

High levels of estrogen in the body can also be caused by toxins, and surprisingly, everyday environment. One example of this is plastics. When food is heated in plastic, the plastic leeches toxins & nasties which increase estrogen levels in the body. The same applies to using the same plastic water bottle for a long period of time, and even using some cosmetic products. Opting for products with less chemical ingredients & not using plastic to reheat food is a simple way to help reduce estrogen levels, and therefore excess fat storage on the hips and thighs.

Forget the shake diets or magic pills. If you want an instant fix the results will not last & will do more damage to your body long term, including encouraging your body to store fat when you resume normal eating - and no-one wants that! A few small changes to your everyday lifestyle can make a huge difference, & can cause much more permanent results. Plus you get to eat proper food! Win win.

And as for exercise, forget the hours of staring at the wall as you go on & on with the cross trainer. The exercise to get you the best result is the fun stuff - short bursts of activity such as intervals, high intensity cardio, Bootcamp, Kettlebells, and sprints etc. you can complete a good cardio workout in half hour or less & get much more beneficial results on the battle against cellulite than you would running for an hour at a constant pace.

Not sure where to start? My classes incorporate all of the above & I also offer diet plans & online coaching. I'd be a bad trainer if I told you to spend hours at the gym & to starve yourselves, it's incredibly unnecessary.

So come & join us for a fun filled workout:

Thurs 7pm - Kettlebells
Online coaching including home workouts (message me for info)
One on one personal training sessions available in London & Kent, please message me on Chloe.reynolds@gmail.com for more details.

Hope you enjoyed this Guest post from my Lovely friend Chloe!
Do you have any questions or posts, you would like to see from her in the future? Did you find this post helpful? Do you suffer with cellulite?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

7 October 2013

MAC RiRi autumn collection - first impressions

Mac - Riri - Hearts - Fall 2013 - range - swatches -review

As I'm sure most of you know mac launched its latest celeb collaboration. Mac RiRi Hearts Fall collection. The collection again sold out in under an hour. I was Lucky enough to get my hands on a few pieces from Rihannas new range. The collection is packaged in the most amazing rose gold casing and Rhiannas autograph printed in pink across the packaging.

Mac - Riri - Hearts - Fall 2013 - range - swatches -review

Mac describes the collection as The perfect palette of fall colours, a range of decidedly daring yet classically gorgeous shades, finishes and tools all encased in the metallic warmth of rose gold packaging. Lipstick in deep raisin, orange frost, creamy nude and the vivid red of RiRi Woo and matching gleaming lipglass. While eyes in contrasting soft and smokey cocoas complement luminous skin.

Mac - Riri - Hearts - Fall 2013 - range - swatches -review
The brush I bought is The MAC 187SE Duo Fibe Face brush. Its described on the website as A large, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or powder blush. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of natural and synthetic fibers. Limited edition RiRi Hearts pink handle and rose gold ferrule. The brush is gorgeous and the bristles are ever so soft I love the pink tips on the bristles aswell.

I bought three of the lipsticks; nude, RiRi Woo and talk that talk. All are cool in colour and are in a retro matte finish. At first glance the nude looks slightly muddy, I wouldn't really describe it as a nude on my skin yet it is a beautiful shade none the less. It has a slight purple tinge to it and offers a nice alternative to the normal pinky nudes. Riri Woo is a beautiful deep red with blue tones so it doesn't make your teeth appear yellow which is one of my major dislikes about red. The matte finish also makes the red look less in your face and makes it suited to fashionistas of all skin tones. Talk that talk is a deep purple colour and is absolutely stunning not for the faint-hearted though as this lipstick is without a doubt a show stopping shade.

Mac - Riri - Hearts - Fall 2013 - range - swatches -review

To have a look at the eyeshadows from the new collection take a look over at my gorgeous friend Elysia`s site little beauty blogg
Was you lucky enough to get any pieces from the collection? If you could have one of these lipstick shades which would you pick? Let me know your thoughts

Stay tuned for full reviews and a Riri Giveaway.

Lots of Love,
Laura x
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