30 December 2013

My most used make up 2013

During the last year I have been lucky enough to own or try many make up products and other beauty bits. Yet although I may really enjoy using them some pieces I only reach for certain occasions or wear continually for that season. This List here are the make up products that no matter what the weather or time of year I wouldn't be without. If I'm ever in doubt of how I'm going to do my make up these are the products I find I automatically reach for.

- Touche eclat
By YSL this is a beauty staple and is perfect for highlighting, concealing dark circles and blemishes.

- Mac Shy Girl lipstick
Described as a soft peach with a hint of pink. Goes with every outfit and is a gorgeous natural shade.

- Maybelline fit me foundation
An amazing dupe for YSL touche eclat foundation this gives perfect coverage with a natural dewy glow. To read more about this foundation click here.

- Cosmo beauty Blender
Not the cheapest beauty blender on the market but not the most expensive either. Without a doubt the best in my opinion, gives an airbrushed finish with its easy to grip shape. Its perfect for blending foundation. This beauty blender has a precision tip so makes blending concealer around the eyes and nose a breeze.

- Ysl babydoll mascara
Without doubt this has been my go to mascara this year. The formula is prefect for a beautiful fluttery look without the clumpy look. I have featured a full review on the blog here.

- Nars Orgasm
I love this shade it lifts and brightens your face instantly. The shade is coral/ pink shade is ever so flattering and perfect for any time of year. Have a look at my full review.

- D&G the one perfume
With hints of vanilla and musk I have been wearing this perfume alot this year its classic and classy with a gorgeous long lasting scent.

- St Moriz medium mousse tan.
I love a tan anytime of year but feel I look abit of a unnatural with a deep dark tan all year round. St Moriz is amazing for a budget product and the natural glow it gives is perfect for a tan but not in your face look.

- Vitamin E lip balm
No matter what time of year I often suffer with dry lips and this is one of the only products that soothes chapped lips as well as making them look kissable instantly. I apply this daily under my lipstick and often have one floating about in my handbag. If you suffer with dry lips have a glimpse at my goodbye to chapped lips post.

- Johnsons Daily Hydrating face cream
This is without doubt the best bargain skincare product of the year. It leaves my skin soft and supple without the price tag. Everyone I know that has tried it has loved it and cant believe its so cheap yet so nourishing. I have featured this already this year on the blog here.

- Sleek face form palette
The blush on this palette is an amazing dupe for Nars Orgasm. Yet its the brown shade and I'm obsessed with I always find myself using this over every over matte bronzer for contouring as its the perfect non muddy shade for my skin tone. The highlighter is also really pretty. I have a detailed review with swatches.

- Collection 24 hour liquid eyeliner
Without a doubt the best ever budget liquid felt eyeliner available with amazing lasting power and its easy to use nib. Its perfect for day to day use and is such a bargain. The full review of this product is here.

- Real Technique brushes
Have nearly all of the real technique brushes and love them all. My all time favorites are the contouring brush and the blusher blush from the duo fiber collection.

Do you have any these products? Are any of these your go to products in 2013?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

29 December 2013

NEW YEAR Giveaway!!!

To celebrate the New Year and the fact I have hit some massive milestones this year with my blog. I'm going to be running a really special giveaway to say thank you to all you gorgeous lot!

I am Giving away a Riri Hearts Pink and rose gold make up brush! It is a limited edition and sold out everywhere on the day it was released! you can get your hands on one for about £45.00 on ebay but here its Free to one lucky reader!

New and still in its box you can keep it for yourself or give it as gift to a friend or loved one! It is a stunning brush and I thought it would make a perfect way to say thank you for all your support this year!

All you have to do is enter below to be in with a chance of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Lucky winner is ..... Amy from @LittleKoalaBlog congratulations!

If you didn't win don't be too upset new giveaway coming very soon for hitting 1000 bloglovin followers so its going to be a biggie!!!!

Lots of Love,
Laura x

What I got for my birthday 2013!

I'd Like to thank you all for all your birthday messages cards and pressies! I had a lovely day spent with family and friends. I was spoilt rotten! I got so many beautiful bits and pieces I feel really blessed to have so many birthday wishes and gorgeous gifts. I thought I'd tell you about some of the main gifts I received and some pics of some of my lovely pressies.

Dave treated me to the black cape I wanted and the matching black headband. I think its even more beautiful in real life. Its ever so soft and really well made. Other clothes I received Where two new dresses, one grey patterned midi dress and a black and nude dress. I also got a really cute fluffy cream jumper.

I was so happy to have been given the brown tall UGGs I wanted and some really pretty nude and black shoes which match my new dress perfectly.

Dave also bought me a Michael Kors watch that I wasn't expecting at all! I was so impressed as I can be quite particular about things like watches but he had took note of all things I'd previously said and got me the one I've had my eye on for a while!

Jewellery wise I got beautiful dangly earrings as well as some sparkly studs with a stunning matching necklace

I got some lovely make up and beauty bits including the soap and glory set I wanted, aswell as a different soap and glory gift set which I love! I also got the naked 3 palette and the nude tude palette. I also some new lipsticks aswell as other bits and pieces. So stay tuned for lots of new reviews.

I was lucky enough to also be given some money, which I will be using to treat myself in the sales and other pretty bits and gorgeous flowers. I'm extremely grateful for all I received and for all your messages and cards, you all helped make my day really special!

What will you be purchasing in the sales this year? Have you asked for any of the gifts I received? Or already own them?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

28 December 2013

Christmas nail art!

Christmas Nail art - Christmas - nail design - nail varnish

I love nail art and really enjoy coming up with different designs based on the time of year etc. You will often find me pinning all sorts of different nail designs on my boards on Pinterest. So I took inspiration from some of my favorite nail art on my Christmas nails board which you can have a look at here. When I saw a girls nails with candy cane stripes on them. I decided that I'd give it ago with my own twist.

So I painted my nails a bright red colour from W7 and then used my Barry M red glitter polish on my thumbs. If you cant wear glitter at Christmas then when can you. I then thought I'd add some diamontes as the glitter wasnt enough. So I added the white diamontes in a line one my index finger. I was tempted to add some to my ring ringer but decided to do a whole nail in red diamontes instead.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Everyone has been complimenting me on them. What do you think? Have you tried any festive nail art over Christmas?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

17 December 2013

My Guide to all things Perfume

Guide - Perfume - fragrance - how to - Beauty - Eau de parfum - eau de toilette

I like to vary my scent depending on the season. During the summer I like fresh and citrusy scents. Opting for a richer heavier scent in the colder months. Yet I find picking a new perfume can be a bit overwhelming and understanding all jargon is an absolute nightmare. So if you're looking to make your perfume last longer or find out what the different perfume terms mean, this is the posts for you.

What's the Difference between EDT, EDP, EDC and Parfum ?

Perfume professional advise using an EDT or EDP during the day and Perfume during the evening where the scent is richer and stronger. Yet what are the differences between them all and which is the best for your price range or needs.

Perfume can be split into different categories each with different prices and with different strengths.

Is the strongest Perfume, as it has the highest percentage of Fragrant oils present. Usually about 40% due to having the highest concentration of scent, it is the most expensive. Only a tiny amount is needed and lasts for the longest time, usually a full 24 hours.

Eau de Parfum
Is the next strongest scent it usually has a concentration of about 15% with some having as high as 20%. Only some perfume houses stock this. Cheaper than perfumes but has good lasting power lasting around 6 -8 hours.

Eau de Toilette
The most commonly used scent. This has a concentration of around 10%. Lasts for roughly 3-4 hours. The top notes are the strongest and is quite refreshing when applied.

Eau de cologne 
Has the lowest concentration of about 7%. I would describe this as more of a body spray as its perfect for hot weather refreshing to the skin when applied. It doesn't last very long yet will stay the truest to the original scent in hot climates.

How to pick a new Fragrance for yourself or a gift?

A fact to take into account when picking a perfume, is that just because you like the smell of a scent on somebody else, it won't necessarily smell the same on you. So always try the perfume on your skin to see if you still like it. Fragrance reacts differently on different skins and under different conditions such as temperature, climate and your diet.

All scents fall into different categories of scent such as fresh, floral, woody etc. Most people tend to like scents in one particular category so if buying for someone, take note of what sort of scent they like to wear normally. If you/they tend to wear floral perfumes that's probably the best family of smells to start exploring. The chances are if they like one floral they may also like other similar scents.

When trying out fragrances one of the worst place to smell the scents is in a perfume shop. As there are so many different smells mixing together. It can be really hard to get a good sniff of just the one particular scent. Also try not to try more than three different scents per trip as your nose will get desensitised to the different smells.

Professionals will take smell breaks by inhaling coffee beans. The experts recommend that if coffee beans are unavailable then take a deep breathe through your nose and sniff your collar or cuff. This will help clear your nose of any lingering perfumes. Most shops have samples you can take away with you to try again at a later date. I would highly recommend doing this especially if you're investing in an expensive fragrance.

How to apply your fragrance?

This should be applied directly to the skin on your pulse points, insides of wrists, behind your ears and throat. Applying too much can be overwhelming.

Eau de Parfum/ Eau de Toilette
Due to the lower concentration these are perfect to mist over your hair or clothing without the scent being overwhelming be careful with delicate materials as they may stain. Apply from about 20cm away from your body as this makes it absorb better. Applying too close may stop the scent from drying naturally to make it smell different.

Eau de Cologne
As it isn't very long lasting this is best applied directly to the skin like a body spray and reapplied regularly. The most common mistake most people make when applying a scent is to rub their wrists together. This causes the different delicate notes mix together and also removes the top note making the fragrance smell different.

As well as applying like above make sure you are applying to clean unscented skin. Also apply to naturally warmer places on the body as this will increase the intensity of the scent.

Places such as your
- wrists
- inner elbow
- behind knees
- behind ears

Make your scent last longer?

To make your fragrance last longer mix a couple of drops into a fragrance - free moisturiser and apply all over. Layering your scent like this should make your scent last.
Store your fragrances in their boxes as the light reacts with the liquid making its lose its scent. 
If you have an EDT or EDP spray lightly onto a hair brush and then brush your hair as your hair moves throughout the day it will give you an extra whiff of scent.

I really hope this guide helps you. If you have any hints and tips that I have missed please leave them in the comments below! Which sort of perfume do you like best? 

Lots of Love,
Laura x

16 December 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas and my birthday rapidly approaching I'm getting ever so excited to see if I got what I have been wishing for! Obviously I am grateful for any gift and I will love anything I receive but here is my wish list of the what I have been hoping to find under my tree.

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.
Even if your not excited buy Urban decays new launch. Everyone is talking about rose gold colours this season. I can't wait to have a play with the beautiful array of pink and gold shades in this palette so fingers crossed I'll get my hands on this.

Stud Earrings
I love jewellery and think it can really make a difference to an outfit. I'm always forgetting to put my earrings in when I'm in a rush. So a new pair of studs will go with most outfits so I wont have to worry about which earrings to wear.

Black Cape
ever since the beginning of the season I have loved the whole Russian look that's popular this season. with Cossack hats and fur headbands faux fur is a must in the winter and when I saw this cape I feel head over heels in love. I have begged Dave to get me this do fingers crossed this will be mine Christmas morning.

Soap and Glory - The Yule Monty gift set
Soap and glory products are amazing. This is such a good deal normally £60 this set is on offer and is £27 pound in store now! I told my mum about this deal hinting that I'd every much like it as a gift lol.

The Balm Nude Palette
I have seen amazing reviews about The Balm products and when I saw this gorgeous palette. I really wanted it! The colours look amazing and are the sort of neutral shades I wear on a daily basis. I have resisted so far but I haven't kept my longing for this product much of a secret, so maybe someone might get me this.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer
Like above I have heard amazing things about The Balm's products and after seeing a review on this highlighter. I knew one day it would be mine, Such a gorgeous shade and super pigmented this looks gorgeous in swatches. If I get any money on for Christmas I will without doubt be purchasing this.

Tall Chestnut Uggs
I have had my trusty black tall Uggs for a good few years now and they have definitely seen better days. I know this is a expensive gift, so I asked my lovely big brother if I could have these as a joint birthday and Christmas pressie. I will be over the moon if I actually get them but I can dream.

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Do you own any of the above? Have you asked for any of the same things as me?

Lots of love,
Laura x

13 December 2013

Mac Ramblin' Rose

Ramblin rose - MAC - Frost Lipstick - review - swatch

Ramblin’ Rose is described as a pink-peachy frost. This isn't a new shade yet since Rose Gold has become so popular I find myself reaching for this colour more and more. As it does fit perfectly with this trend. 
What MAC Says: Excellent colour payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish

This lipstick is the exact shade, I would imagine Nars orgasm would be if they bought out a lipstick in the shade. Its a pinky/peachy shade with  a strong golden shimmer. The lipstick its self appears to have a really strong deep rose pink to it. Yet when the lipstick is applied the strongest colour is without doubt the golden shimmer. The shade has tiny flecks of gold in it so appears quite coral on the lips.
The mix of all these warm tones is extremely flattering to all skin tones.The frosted formula gives a strong shimmery finish to the lipstick. I think looks beautiful but is particularly unforgiving on dry lips and highlights any creases and lines on your lips.
The frost lipsticks by MAC do tend to be not as well long lasting as there other formulas, it did last for a good few hours though. When the rose colour has worn off the your lips are left with a slight golden shimmer.
Ramblin rose - MAC - Frost Lipstick - review - swatch

I love this shade for anytime of year and is lovely finish that reminds me alot of a gloss yet without the sticky feeling. I would definitely repurchase but would advise making sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized before applying to make the most of the beautiful sheen.

Have you tried this shade? Do you like the Frost finish of this lipstick? Which MAC lipsticks are you lusting after? 

Lots of Love,
Laura x

12 December 2013

L' occitane Shea Butter

L'Occitane - Creme Mains - Shea butter - hand cream - review - swatch

One part of the body that gets used more than any other body part is often over looked by many of us until its too late is our hands.

You can have as many facelifts as you want yet your hands will often give away your true age. we use our hands day in and day out and often they suffer from real abuse. Hot water, chemicals and the harsh weather.
So during the cold weather I like to pay extra attention to my hands and often carry a hand cream around with me in my bag.

So on my search for the perfect hand cream I read about L'occitane Shea butter hand cream. After reading so many amazing reviews I had to literally get my hands on some.

L'occitane Say:
Enriched with 20% Shea Butter, the super-creamy Shea Butter Hand Cream penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise hands. Honey,almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with shea butter to create this extremely effective care. The rich texture is rapidly absorbed to leave the hands soft and smooth with no oily traces. 
Apply day and night as needed.

It is extremely pricey for a hand cream but if you really suffer with dry hands its worth it for the amazing results. I know that some people with extremely dry hands find that their skin hurts during the winter. Due to chapping and cracked skin. I would really recommend giving this ago to see if you find this reliefs you of the tearing of the dry skin.

The cream is really rich and highly concentrated. Due to this only the smallest amount is necessary, so although much more expensive than normal hand creams available. A tube does last a longer than normal. The scent is really unoffensive, it smells clean and reminds my slightly of baby powder. 

It takes a little while for the cream to absorb but this isn't really an issue as I would expect that from an intensive moisturiser. Although I wouldn't say it takes any longer than other hand creams, I've used. My hands didn't feel greasy at all or covered in a residue. My hands just felt extremely soft and nourished.

As they say the proof is in the pudding. So don't just take my word for it. The results of consumer tests confirm how amazing this hand cream is. Plus the masses have spoken and awarded this cream a massive array of awards.

L'Occitane - Creme Mains - Shea butter - hand cream - review - swatch

Consumer test on 131 volunteers over 1 weekthis cream penetrates quickly, leaving no oily traces (93%)
  • skin is nourished and durably hydrated (98%)
  • this cream leaves skin supple (100%), soft and comfortable (99%).

- Woman's Own Ageless Beauty Awards 2013

- Bella Beauty Awards 2013

- 2013 Woman Hot 100
-Look Fantastic Hair & Beauty Awards 2012 
- SHE Beauty Awards 2011 
- 2011 Harper’s Bazaar "Beauty Hot 100 list” 
Voted BEST CLASSICAL BEAUTY Product of the year 

I do think this is the best ever hand cream, I have ever tried! Yet the price of a full size tube is £19.00 and a tube this size is £8.00. I think it is such a big price tag to pay for a hand cream, even though I know I should take the best care of them possible. Unless I come in to some money or they lower the price, my hands will have to make due with cheaper alternatives.

Have you tried this? What hand creams do you recommend? Do know of any cheaper alternatives?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

11 December 2013

Sleek Face Form

Sleek Face form - sleek palette - contour kit - light - highlight - contour - blush - review - swatch

Sleek are quickly becoming a leader in the high street blusher market. With amazing pigmentation and a formula that is long wearing and really workable, It is a brand that is making quality make up affordable.

I wouldn't be without my sleek Face Form palette it has everything you need to create the perfect contoured look. It cost me £9.99 and I have had it for ages yet always go back to using it! I am a massive fan of contouring, it can totally change the shape of your face. Using Highlighter to draw attention to your best features and contouring to define the shape of your face, Really does make a difference to look.

My kit is the one for light skin. You get three different colours in the kit. A brown for shading, a rose gold blush and an extremely flattering highlighter.

The brown shade is the perfect non muddy shade. This can really be an issue with a brown contouring colour as you want a non shimmery shade. Most browns available without a bit of shimmer can appear rather muddy and dull this isn't an issue with this shade. The shade is a deep brown shade without a hint of Orange. Yet it isn't to dark so will suit fairer skinned beauty's. The formula is easily blendable so you don't need to worry you will be left looking odd and stripy. Alot of people have complained about the brown not being very pigmented. I think Sleek have made it lighter so its more wearable for a on the go user, so you don't have to spend ages blending. I find using a lighter hand and building up the colour rather than going in heavy handed gives a much more natural look and also makes the colour stay put for longer.

Sleek Face form - sleek palette - contour kit - light - highlight - contour - blush - review - swatch

I absolutely love the shade of highlighter. Its a glowing creamy colour which is really flattering on my skin tone even now when I'm not as tanned as I was in the summer. It is shimmery yet not to much, I don't really like an overly shiny look from a highlighter. I feel really shimmery skin looks slighty oily. Also the shade isn't to light and is more of a champagne colour rather than a off white. Giving you a more natural glow. You don't need much product at all as the highlighter is really pigmented.

The rose gold blush is stunning, its has a strong gold shimmer and is an amazing dupe for Nars Orgasm. Maybe not so much in the pan as it does appear to have a high presence of gold in it but once blended they are almost identical. You can view my review for Nars orgasm here. Stay tuned for a comparison post! The Shimmer in the blush does look like it maybe too much, but it isn't at all over powering when applied. The warm tones of this pinky blush really make it flattering to most skin tones. The Blush complements the highlighter beautifully and really do give a beautiful yet natural glow to your skin.

Have you tired this palette? What products do use for contouring? Which of Sleek's products do you recommend?

Lots of love,
Laura x

10 December 2013

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

You cant go wrong with a Chanel perfume, classic and elegant they ooze class. When wearing this perfume, I automatically feel more confident and feminine.  I love that the scent is instantly recognisable once you have smelt it.

The professionals at fragrantica.com say:
Coco Mademoiselle was introduced as eau de parfum in 2001, as well as eau de toilette in 2002. Both compositions were created by Jacques Polge – perfumer for Chanel since 1978. Feminine edition Coco Mademoiselle was presented as pure perfume as the very essence of this edition.
Top notes of Coco Mademoiselle Parfum incorporate Sicilian oranges, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit. A floral heart is created of pure rose extract and pure jasmine extract, along with a fruity touch of litchi, while its base notes carry a combination of Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla ad white musk. This fragrance is dedicated to courageous, brave and modern women who prefer luxury and elegance.
The composition is focused on two characteristic ingredients of Chanel editions – jasmine absolute and May rose absolute. Delicate flowers are enhanced and enriched with a touch of Florentine iris.
Top notes of Coco Mademoiselle Parfum incorporate Sicilian oranges, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit. A floral heart is created of pure rose extract and pure jasmine extract, along with a fruity touch of litchi, while its base notes carry a combination of Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla ad white musk. This fragrance is dedicated to courageous, brave and modern women who prefer luxury and elegance.

I constantly get compliments from men and women alike whenever I have this on. the lasting power is fantastic and is a scent which lingers on your skin and clothes giving you a refreshing hit when you move around.
It is very expensive yet a little goes along way, so defiantly an investment buy. Your bottle will last and last. Although targeted at young women its not at all sickly or overall girly like you might assume. the scent has a  feminine feel yet there is a hint of masculine strength to it.  The smell is sophisticated and will suit women of all ages. Its fresh and light yet the base notes add depth and a more mature sexy tone to the perfume. 
Not a fun fragrance but a enticing and heavenly scent none the less. This is a timeless classic for women of all age. Its not to heavy that you cant wear during the day yet probably most suited to a wedding or a special occasion. The fragrance has a definite class and a real glamorous feel.

Chanel say:
A unique blend of intense freshness and lightness. A light, fresh, sophisticated fragrance for a sexy and captivating woman.

Not at all dainty or demure, yet more refined and charming. this is a scent for a lady that wants to stand out not blend in. Definitely a strong, fresh confident scent that makes me feel exactly that. This is without doubt my favourite fragrance ever made. I have had it in EDT, EDP and the perfume itself. I love this perfume and will with out doubt repurchase.

What do you think about this scent? What is your favourite perfume? 

9 December 2013

Nars Orgasm

Nars - Orgasm - blusher - review - swatch

Although really popular within the beauty world, it still has its fair share of critics. Nars is known for making extremely pigmented products and has produced some of the most popular blushers around. Yet Nars Orgasm has us all divided.

Like the rest of the Nars blushers this is very pigmented. Although it will set you back £21.50 for a full size compact. Due to the pigmentation you do only need the smallest amount. Meaning one compact does last you along time. The colour does last a really long time on the skin so you wont need to reapply all day unless you plan on going out after work. The colour maybe abit scary in the pan but it is very forgiving and workable.

Nars - Orgasm - blusher - review - swatch

The colour is described as a warm peachy pink. I would definitely say it appears more coraly/peachy to me this is probably because it has a real warm tone to it! This is where people differ on there opinions of Nars some think the warmness makes it appear to orangey. In the pan it looks more orange than on the skin but I think it's because of the amount of gold undertones present. When on my skin it doesn't appear orangey to me. Although it is alot warmer than blushes I normally wear!

Nars - Orgasm - blusher - review - swatch

Another reason alot of people dislike Orgasm is the amount of Golden shimmer present in the blush. There is no denying it if you don't like shimmery blushers this is not for you. The finish on the blush has a really strong sheen to it. I personally like the golden sheen once on my cheek, it gives a pretty highlighted look to the blusher.

Do you have Nars Orgasm? Which of the Nars blushers have you tired? Which are your favourite blusher shade?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

8 December 2013

Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

Loreal - Extra Volume Collagen Mascara - review - swatch

One of the things I look for most is Volume in a mascara. I love the look of thick full lashes but find a lot of mascaras made for this either don't give you much length, or clump your lashes together, this is one of the reasons I love YSL mascara such as Babydoll, which you can read my review of here as they give you the best of the both worlds.

As much as I love my YSL mascaras they are expensive so I am constantly trying to find a cheaper mascara that gives me the big dramatic lashes I like. So when my mum bought me this mascara I was really excited to give it ago. It cost £9.50 and costs less than half the price of a high end mascara. Yet it is now one of my all time favorites.

Loreal Say:

Voluminous® Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara with lash-plumping technology delivers breathtaking volume and incredible wear. -The Hydra-Collagen Complex Formula is infused with collagen, to enhance the thickness of your lashes for up to 12X more impact without any clumps. -Patented Instant Impact Brush is 50% bigger than a classic brush so it builds that incredible volume fast. Clump-free. Flake-free. Smudge-free. Ophthalmologist and allergy tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

I love the big lash look you can get with Ultra Volume Collagen. This mascara gives you a fanned out look without any clumps. I find I don't need to apply layer after layer as I get a really full and dramatic look with just two coats! I haven't found clumping an issue at all, I think this is due to the beautiful thick brush.

The brush is made of big bristles, which I find give a much fuller effect than plastic comb brushes or rubber ones. Loreal claim the brush is twice as big as a classic brush. The brush is big but not too big that its hard to control and unlike other big brushes it still manages to grab and coat every lash.

The formula of this mascara is amazing it's not too thick wet or dry! This means that you don't get any flaking and little smudging. I did get an ever so slight smudging after wearing all day. I do however have very sensitive eyes and my eyes tend to water during the day. Yet this was  so minimal  considering the mascara gives such a beautiful look. I would without a doubt recommend it. Next time I will buy the waterproof formula and see if it helps.

Have you tried this mascara? What is your all time fave mascara? Which is your favourite cheaper mascara?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

6 December 2013

Christmas Tag!

Wooo It's so nearly Christmas! I love this time of year, not just because of Christmas but because December is also my Birthday Month!
My Birthday is on the 19th so I was born really near to Christmas. Lots of People hate having birthdays near Christmas. When I was at primary school, I loved having my birthday so close to Christmas as it was always the last day of term! So we didn't have lessons but got to watch the Christmas plays and have our Christmas parties! I still like it now as everyone is always really happy and everywhere always look pretty! Plus everyone wants to go and celebrate!
So when Christmas is coming I'm always extra excited! When I got tagged in this post by The beautiful Rebecca over at Flores Y Moda, I couldn't wait to have a go!

So here is my Christmas Tag!

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
Ohhh this is really hard! Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas reminds me of being a teenager and all my school friends. So will always be a favourite! I also love Michael Buble's Christmas album always gets me in the mood for Christmas! Yet my all time faves have to be last christmas as it reminds me of one of my best friends in the world Billy, when we was younger we made a tape of us singing it! So I always laugh when I hear it! I cant not mention Marys boy child by Boney M as the video is so funny! I love singing along with doing their accents!

2. Which is your favourite festive drink?
Well this is easy! I love a Snowball, Honestly it is delicious! You can buy them or make your own with Advocaat and lemonade!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas film?
I love home alone it always make me laugh. Or Muppets Christmas Carol - Legendary film! 

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
Erm Well I love getting loads of little things rather than one big thing as I love opening pressies! I have asked for some new stud earrings and a faux fur cape!

5. What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look?
Its all about Glitter and sparkle at christmas! I love festive coloured glittery nails! Make up wise It's the only time you can get away with smokey glittery eyes and red lipstick without looking over the top! I'll be busting out my lashes the lot!

6. What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas jumper? PJ's?)
I always plan to dress up but normally I spend all day in my pjs! Last year we all wore xmas jumpers though!

7. Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from inside with the fire and a cuppa?
The First few days of snow I'll be out playing in it! I get fed up with the snow, when it turns all slushy! When the snow looks dirty with loads of ice. I will be indoors all cosy!

8. Wrapping presents - love or loathe?
Some people have a flair for wrapping I unfortunately am not one of those people. I'm Rubbish at it and always get disheartened because they never look good lol! So loathe!

9. What is your favourite Christmassy food?
Lol Easy I wait all year for the little sausages wrapped in bacon yum!

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Having loads of fun and playing board games with people I love!

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about me and my Christmas! I'd love to have a nosey at your Christmas tags so leave me your links if you have done the tag.
If you haven't already done the tag, now is your chance as I'm tagging all of you!!

Lots of Love,
Laura x

Best Faux Fur Headbands

Next in my series of this winters head wear is a hat that's not really a hat! Faux Fur Headband are perfect to add a bit of class to your outfit and much easier to pull off than a Full Cossack. So if you like the look of the hats in my best of Cossack hats post but aren't sure they are for you. Maybe you should try a fur headband which aren't as big! Plus there are so many different styles around, from embellished fur headband to fur headbands of every colour! These are my top picks of the best fur headbands available. 

1.  Mix of Fur Headbands - Whatsabouttown.com from £27.95
2.  Fox Faux Fur Headband- Dorothy Perkins £10.00
3.  White Barts Faux Fur Headband - John Lewis £19.99
4.  Moore and Moore Faux Fur Black Headband - Whatsabouttown.com £27.95
5.  Natural Faux Fur Headband - Miss Selfridge £16.00
6.  Blue Luxury Soft Faux Fur Headband - Southbeachofficial.com £8.00
7.  Jack Wills Fake Fur Headband - ASOS £19.50
8.  Vicky Martin Fur Headband in Honey - Hurleys.com £25.00
9.  Light Blue Embellished Faux Fur Headband- River Island  £20.00
10.  Faux Fur headband - ikrush.com £6.99
11.  Cream and Grey Faux Fur Headband - New Look £6.99

Have you got a Fur headband? Will you be getting yourself one? Have you Checked out my other winter warmer posts? The best beanies and The best Cossack Hats are there any other series you'd like to see?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

4 December 2013

Dupe For Ciate Jellybean

We all love a dupe! Especially if you can save big money!

I love nail varnishes and am always painting my nails! I have so so many nail polishes and love purchasing new colours, textures and varieties.
However nail varnishes can  be quite expensive especially if your abit of an addict like me. So I am always over the moon when I find a dupe for one of my favorite colours.

I received Ciate's Jellybean as a sample with Marie Claire a good few months back and love the shade so I did plan on to repurchase.

Jellybean is a beautiful bright, bubblegum pink! With an ever so slight blue hint to it. Although Ciate is extremely popular and I do love there polishes. They cost a whooping £9.00.

So when I saw this amazing dupe, I bought it straight away!

This is called Siren by Collection and costs an impressive £1.99! It is a perfect copy for Jellybean. Its the same bright bubblegum pink and even has the same blue undertones. It may be ever so slightly lighter than Jellybean but I am just blown away by how similar they are.

What do you think of these polishes, have you tried either? What are your favorite dupes? Do you think Siren is a good dupe?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

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