27 January 2014

Baby Skin Primer, Perfect for my skin

Maybelline - baby skin - instant pore eraser - primer - review - swatch

As someone who suffers with their pores and congested skin on my t-zone. I couldn't live without a primer as they make so much difference to the appearance of my skin and without it my make up just doesn't ever look as good or last as long.

So when I saw that Maybelline had launched a new primer I was over the moon and couldn't wait to try it. My good friend Jo from A Little Pop of Coral sent me this after she purchased it and found it just didn't work for her skin.

Maybelline - baby skin - instant pore eraser - primer - review - swatch

I wasn't expecting brilliant things after reading Jo's and other's reviews but really wanted to see if it would work better with my dry/combination.

The primer comes in a pastel green packaging with baby skin across the front. Its a translucent gel that promises to erase the appearance of your pores and give you the softness of babies skin. It almost blurs the skin making the pores much less visible. It is light and has a slight powdery feel to it when it dries. Which gives you a matte finish, making it easier for your foundation to cling to.

I loved the look it gave my skin and I felt much more confident about my skin's appearance. Containing Dimethicone, it is a silicone based  primer, which a lot of people find doesn't agree with their skin. Yet I find on my slightly dry skin, it really works. It doesn't cling to the dry areas instead it creates a barrier between my skin and foundation. Which in turn leaves my skin with a much more even and velvety look.

Maybelline - baby skin - instant pore eraser - primer - review - swatch

This primer reminds me slightly of Benefit's Porefessional. Also its really similar to Smashbox's photo finish primer. So if you are a fan of Smashbox's Photo finish then you will more than likely get on with this as they are really similar in terms of texture and finish.

Overall I really like this product and am so glad it actually improves the appearance of my skin without any adverse reactions. My skin is prone to the odd rash and just doesn't agree with certain products. So this is perfect for me! I will definitely continue to use this and would really recommend you give it a try if you have similar skin to mine. I don't however think it is for everyone as anyone that has slightly oily skin has said they just cant get on with it.

Have you used this primer? Did it suit your skin? What primer do you use? Do you have similar skin? Which primer would you recommend?

Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. I have dry skin so this wouldn't benefit me, but I've heard loads of great things and you've done a great review :)
    Beauty by Alicee xoxo

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you like it! I think it is definitely suited to more normal-dry skin types and glad it has gone to a good home! x

    Jo ★ | A Little Pop Of Coral

  3. Oh yay! I'm glad there's something that's close to Benefit's Porefesional. I've been wanting to try it but didn't want to spend so much on a primer. I'll have to check this out.

    Great post xx


  4. I'll be picking this up next time I'm in boots
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes

  5. I absolutley love this product its amazing! I have dry skin and it's done wonders for me
    loving your blog, beautiful photos! new follower here :)

    I also wrote a review of it on my blog @ http://bethnalbohemia.blogspot.co.uk/
    Jamie xox

  6. I have heard this is similar to porefessional, I love that so good to hear you agree is similar as cheap alternative is always gd!

  7. So much hype around this, I do think I'm going to have to give it a go! I do have combination skin though so we'll have to see how it goes seeing as Jo didn't have much luck!

    Ashley x


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