13 February 2014

Cuticle Tattoos

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Nail art has grown in popularity in recent years, with nearly every beauty lover dabbling in the trend in some way. Well now the latest trend in the nail art world is to decorate your cuticles as well as the nail.

Although not a new idea the trend has only recently taken of. Some say its due to the many of today's celebs getting there fingers inked, with popular stars like Miiley Cryus and Cara Delevingne getting permanent tattoos on there fingers. Whatever the reason sales of these stick on cuticles tattoos have rocketed.

cuticle art - stick on tattoos - cuticle tattoos - nail art - nail trends

With brands like Ciate getting in on the trend and launching their own range, It looks like this will be the way to jazz up your nails in the upcoming seasons. And there was me thinking the whole fake stick on tattoos was something I left behind when I hit ten lol. All you have to do is add water and voila your bang on trend. 

What do you think of this trend? Is it just a passing fad or will it be around for seasons to come? Will you be jumping on the bandwagon or do you think its all a bit naff? Let me know what your views are by commenting below. 

Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. Wow I would love to try this out especially the gem! Amazing

    Gemma ButtonsBlog

  2. I think I will give this one a miss! Thanks for sharing though haha :)

    kathrynscupcakes.blogspot.com xxx

  3. I love this trend, I think it is really pretty! x


  4. i think it looks quite cool but my cuticules are not in a nice enough state for this!

  5. I don't know what to make of this trend! I'm actually currently in the process of starting up my own mobile nail service and this is the first I've heard of it! I'm actually quite surprised with this idea as like you said I pretty much thought I left the idea of of nail tattoos behind me when I was ten too! I defo think this will be a phase just like most things but i'll definitely be willing to giving it ago!

    Jess x
    Now following you through Gfc xx

  6. I've never seen these before! They are pretty cute! xxx

  7. Wow, this is a thing!? I actually love this idea, it's approx 92920202 x better than getting a hand tattoo. <3

    Tara xo

  8. They do look really cool. Steve :o)

  9. They're cute any everything but I think if I were wearing them personally, I would feel as though I had messed up my nail polish all of the time! :P
    Elephant stories and more

  10. Hi!
    You have a lovely blog!

    Please check out mine, A To The Chic and follow. I will follow you back ;)


    Thanks ;)

    Lois G

  11. It's odd but at the same time quite cool. I love Ciate's Idea tho :)


  12. I really like the Ciate tattoos, I think they look pretty cool. : ) xxxx

    Carly's Beauty World

  13. I've always wanted to try them but I don't think I could ever pull it off! Haha. x

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  14. Haven't seen this before! Looks really cute!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  15. That's a very interesting trend and I think another step forward to nail art. I think it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm definitely going to try it some time soon. :)


  16. I have seen this type of tattoos on instrag and i tough its amazing and very unique..and i want to try it !!

  17. I have tried this on myself before, and I just could not do it! I was like a child playing with a sticker, complete nightmare! I do love the idea though, just need my own personal nail artist haha.

    Belle xxxxx
    Mascara & Maltesers

  18. It looks nice, but I don't think I would do in on myself though.
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  19. I actually think this trend is pretty cool. I don't know that I would do it on all my fingers and I definitely wouldn't go the permanent route, but I think the bow and the triangle look cool and could be great on accent nails. Also, I bet you could use a sharpie and cover it with a liquid bandaid to get the same look for free!

  20. I don't think I would do it myself but I think it's a fun idea! I especially love the bow xo

    MD. http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

  21. I think they look nice but they would wear off very quickly x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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