11 February 2014

L'oreal skin perfection moisturiser

Loreal - Skin perfection moisturser - skincare - day moistursier - swatch - review

This has swiftly become my favourite day cream. I have been using it religiously since it was recommended to me by a close and really good friend. I had commented that her skin looked really fresh and clear, She stated it was due to this new cream she had been using. So the next day I didn't hesitate at purchasing it myself.

New Skin Perfection Day Moisturiser helps transform the appearance of skin quality, as if perfected. Pores look virtually undetectable, tone looks more even, skin texture feels silky-soft.

The silky-smooth cream locks in moisture for up to 24 hours of hydration.

In your 20's and 30's your skin is still young but not always perfect. Stress, fatigue and an unbalanced lifestyle can affect skin quality causing irregularities to appear: imperfections, enlarged pores and an uneven skin texture.

The packaging is really pretty and looks much more expensive than it is at £9.99. It comes in a glass pot with an ombre pink affect on the jar and a pink mirrored lid. It is really girly and will look beautiful on any dressing table. The scent is light and powdery and in no way overwhelming and the cream its self has a very slight pink colour to it.

Loreal - Skin perfection moisturser - skincare - day moistursier - swatch - review

The formula is thick and creamy, yet it is extremely lightweight when applied to the skin. It glides beautifully over the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, without feeling at all greasy. L'oreal appear to have perfected their cream formula as with other day creams, The formula is too thick and more like a night cream. This is light and airy on the skin so perfect for those of us that suffer from combination skin.

I am really impressed at the results this has given me. I really suffer from visible pores and although I use toners and other products to help make them less visible. Since using this I have seen a real difference. I never thought a moisturiser would be able to help my pores but I guess I was wrong because this really has.

This moisturiser has now won it's place as a staple in my skincare routine and at a fraction of the price of many other skincare products I own, I will without doubt repurchase this and save myself some money. I'm blown away with this moisturiser and I will be investing in the rest of the range. You can view and purchase the entire range here.

Have you tried this or any other of the products from this range? Which cheaper skin care products have blown you away? Will you be buying this cream?

Lots of Love,
Laura x


  1. I love their Micellar Water and Velvety-Soft Toner :) x

  2. This looks amazing, can't believe it's only £9.99 - what a bargain! Thinking of putting it on my wishlist now, lovely review :) xx


  3. I've been on the hunt for the perfect face moisturiser, maybe I need to give this a go!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  4. I would have probably bought it because it was pink x

  5. I'm using the serum version of this and loving it, I'm definitely gonna pick this up once I run out of my other moisturizer!


  6. I've seen this cream advertised in shops and I'm in love with the packaging! I love the Nivea and Garnier range at the moment x


  7. I think you may have just persuaded me to try this! i thought the pore reducing effects would just be gimmicky and not actually work but you've made me want to give it a go! xx

    Genna at Lipstick Crush

  8. Always willing to try one for £9.99.....I have a habit of loving the ones which are stupidly expensive

  9. This sounds lovely, i think i may need to give it a go!
    Gorgeous photos too (:


  10. I've heard great things about this crème. I'm definitely thinking about trying it.

    Ray | Obey Ray

  11. I've try it, and I really love it!!

  12. OOh this sounds like a really love moisturiser! I love the packaging xxx

  13. Sounds like a great day moisturiser, the pink packaging is super cute too!
    Love the pics huni.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx


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