4 February 2014

The Bloggers Twitter Chat timetable

As an avid twitter fan and a devout blogger. I get really excited when two of my favourite things come together. So whenever possible I try not miss any of the many UK blogger twitter chats available.

Community is one of the best things about blogging and these chat are great way to connect with your fellow bloggers. They are a great way to help you on your blogging journey giving you the chance to gain valuable knowledge from other bloggers and share your own hints and tips.

I'm sure many of you are aware of when the chats take place and the hash tags used however there are more and more twitter chats each month. It can get abit overwhelming and hard to remember which hash tags to use at each time. So I am going to share with you my timetable of the various chats, the time they start and what they are about.

#fbloggers          8pm- 9pm = A chat for fashion bloggers
#irishbbloggers  8.30pm - 9.30pm = A chat for Irish Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers

#mybchat  7pm - 8pm = A chat covering topics like PR, marketing and networking.
#SBNchat   7pm - 8pm = A chat for Scottish bloggers to network and share tips. 
#fblchat      8pm - 9pm = A chat for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers.
#bloghour   9pm - 10pm = Share/find hints and tips about Blogging.

#lbloggers  7pm - 8pm = A chat for lifestyle bloggers
#bbloggers 8pm - 9pm = This is a general chat about beauty products and beauty blogging.

#fbloggers         8pm - 9pm = A chat for fashion bloggers
#bloggersWLW  8pm - 9pm = A chat for bloggers wanting to lose weight, get healthy or fit.
#BBOE               9pm - 10pm = Blogging Bit Of Everything, a chat about all things blogging
#tbloggers         9pm - 10pm = A chat for teen bloggers.

#mblogchat     8pm - 9pm = A chat for mum bloggers
#sbloggers      8pm - 9pm = A chat for student bloggers

#tbloggers  8pm - 9pm = A chat for teen bloggers

#lbloggers          7pm - 8pm = A chat for lifestyle bloggers
#foodbloggers    7pm - 8pm = A chat for food bloggers
#blogchat           8pm -9pm = Topics vary from general blogging tips to specific subjects
#bbloggers           8pm - 9pm = Beauty chat
#pbloggers           9pm - 10pm = A chat for parent bloggers.
#psbloggerschat  9pm - 10pm = A fashion chat for plus size bloggers. 
#30sbloggers       9pm - 10pm = A chat for bloggers in their 30's

Hopefully I'll be chatting to you soon at one of these chats and I really hope this helps you. Have you found any new chats to get involved in?  Have I missed any off my list? Which chats do you take part in?
 lots of love,
Laura x


  1. Awesome post!
    I'm so forgetful of when the chats are.. the only one I remember is Sundays beauty chat and the new 30s chat..


  2. So helpful, I see various chats going on twitter but I never know what there about or when they are this is so helpful xx


  3. Oooh I didn't know about the chat for bloggers in their 30s.. sadly I can join in that one!


  4. great post. i am always super confused about what some of those acronyms mean. this post is super helpful, thank you for sharing.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  5. I didn't know that some of these chats existed!! Thanks for the date and times x


  6. Such a helpful post, I’m always getting confused with what chat is when! I didn’t even realise most of them existed!x


  7. Aww yay! Just what I needed! Great post thanks lovely xxx

    Kate | raspberrycheeks

  8. I love the Sunday & Wednesday #bbloggers chats :)
    Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  9. thanks for posting this , this is very helpful !
    Melissa x
    My Blog | My YouTube

  10. Thanks for this. As a new blogger I never knew this existed!!


  11. So useful. Hand no idea about half (actually majority) of these!

  12. This is so helpful thank you so much! xx


  13. This is such a helpful post I always miss the chats! And thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog :-) xxx


  14. Oh my gosh, I had NO idea there was that many! Although I don't fit in most the categories haha. Thank you for this though, your such a sweetheart.

    Belle xxxxxx
    Mascara & Maltesers

  15. Thank you... This is so helpful and had no idea just how many chats take place. I am relatively new to the blogging world and this is greatly appreciated. :) Look forward to chatting to many of you. Check me out at www.fashionloulou.com

  16. Fab list hun, you'll be sure to see Fanny there!

  17. Amazing list! Thank you hun!

  18. Thanks for posting this, it's a really useful reference :) I'm very new to blogging and have been wanting to know when the chats are as I don't want to miss out! Sophie Clare x

  19. this is so helpful because I always forget when they are! thanks :-)x

  20. Great post! I had no idea half of these existed!! xo


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