16 December 2015

Cloud Nine Gift Set

Styling your hair at home can be a real pain.You don't have hours to spend doing your hair but have to wait what seems like forever for your tools to heat up. Then there is the issue of actually achieving your desired style and trying to minimise the damage done to your hair. 

If you want to straighten your locks but only have a few kinks the high heat of other straighteners is not needed and just damaging your crowning glory. Yet if you want to create wickedly gorgeous curls you will need a bit more heat, so you end up reaching for yet another tool.

Cloud nine - Christmas - Gift set - The Iron - Review - Hair styling - Hair tools
Cloud nine have taken all of this into account when creating The Irons,with a super quick heat up time, no time is wasted sitting around waiting to style your hair. The ceramic coated plates glide through hair without any tugging and variable heat settings mean you don't use unnecessary heat on your hair but can still get the heat you require. The Irons themselves are perfect for straightening your hair, creating volume, curls and waves. So forget having drawers full of wires and tools this can replace them all! 

From the original founder of GHD, Cloud Nine brings you the latest in hair straightening innovation. Each of our irons features intelligent temperature control technology to give you a sleek, shiny finish and kinder styling.   
Our signature mineral infused ceramic plates will leave a healthy finish whilst the 360 degrees swivel cord allows ultimate hair freedom to create a range of styles.

With Christmas around the corner Cloud 9 created the ultimate hair styler gift set, including the fabulous award winning Irons as well as a beautiful heat resistant designer velvet covered bag. From the catwalk designer Emilio de la Morena which will look stunning on any dressing table and add massive style points on your travels. The bag comes filled with professional crocodile style hair clips which make sectioning and holding your hair a breeze. 

Cloud nine - Christmas - Gift set - The Iron - Review - Hair styling - Hair tools

The Cloud Nine Original Iron is the ultimate hair straightener. The innovative temperature control feature of this multi award winning iron, ensures optimum performance for all hair types with its super smooth ceramic plates.

Whilst the luxury velvet and gold embroidered heatproof bag, exclusively created for Cloud Nine by Emilio de la Morena, is the perfect place to protect and safety store your Iron.

Not only do you get all this,every gift set comes with a golden ticket giving the recipient the chance to win two tickets to the Emilio de la Morena show at London fashion week in February including one night in a hotel. 

This really is the ultimate gift for an fashionista who wants perfect hair in a flash without ruining the hair itself! Plus who wouldn't want to own an exclusively designed piece from a top fashion designer! You may not be able to afford one of the amazing clothing items but you can still have your own piece of designer luxury. Without doubt one for your wishlist ,check them out on The Cloud Nine site.

Will you be adding this to your Christmas List? Have you tried The Irons before? What do you think of the gorgeous case?  Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

13 December 2015

Top 3 Nude Lip Products

Top Nude lip products - Lipstick - lip paint - Mac - blankety - review - L.A girl - Whisper - Liar - Urban Decay - Nude lipsticks - swatches

When it comes to Lip products I nearly always reach for a nude. I love playing around with different eye looks but always fall back on my trusty nude lip. They go with any eye look and especially my all time fave smokey eye so I guess that one of the reasons my make up collection has more nude toned lip products than any other.

When my gorgeous friend Emily and I were discussing a collaboration post we automatically decided it would have to be a lip product post as we are constantly updating each other on our latest lip loves. Even spending a good hour swatching together in MAC to find the perfect shade. Yet when trying to narrow down my top 3 I must say I really did struggle lol so after much deliberation here are my top 3 lip products (at the moment)

Top Nude lip products - Lipstick - lip paint - Mac - blankety - review - L.A girl - Whisper - Liar - Urban Decay - Nude lipsticks - swatches

Blankety - Mac
Described as a soft pink beige this is becoming my day to day go to shade. It's in an amplified creme finish so it's pigmented but really comfortable on the lips with a slightly glossy look. If you have drier lips this is a fab choice as its really moisturising. that does mean it does needs to be touched up every few hours but that really doesn't bother me as it's a beautiful shade. On me it looks like a neutral pink mauve toned nude which is just up my street.

Top Nude lip products - Lipstick - lip paint - Mac - blankety - review - L.A girl - Whisper - Liar - Urban Decay - Nude lipsticks - swatches

Whisper - L.A girl
This cool toned lip paint is simply gorgeous with a full on glossy finish. If you are fan of a lighter nude this is the one I'd recommend. It's more creamy and pink toned than the other two. It is one of the lightest nude shade I own but its glossy finish and pink tinge stops the dreaded concealer lip. This is one I team with a dark smokey eye on a night out.

Top Nude lip products - Lipstick - lip paint - Mac - blankety - review - L.A girl - Whisper - Liar - Urban Decay - Nude lipsticks - swatches

Liar - Urban Decay
The darkest of my favourite nude tones and the brownest of the bunch. I originally found this last year and have it in the original shade which I reviewed here. As well of as the newer sheer version which is a lot lighter and glossier. The original is still my all time fave of the two even though they both get a lot of use. Liar is a pinky nudey brown, which is the perfect " your lips but better" shade. If I'm looking for a more grown up timeless colour then this is the shade I go for.

This post is in collaboration with the gorgeous Emily from British Beauty Addict. So pop over and have a read of Emily's top three nude lip products and give her a follow. I can't wait to see what shades she has picked and will be adding them to my wishlist if they aren't already in my stash.

What are you favourite nude shades? Which of mine and Emily's picks are your fave? Do you prefer a lighter nude or dark? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

11 December 2015

Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

It's time for another Lush Christmas product! After delving into my stash I decided to give the fruity peeping Santa bubble bar a go! This cute little bubbleroon is super cute resembling a little santa peeping out from under his big red hat. Complete with glitter and dairy free chocolate eyes this is without doubt my favourite looking product from the Christmas range plus I love bubble bars as you get more than one baths worth per bar.This works out much better value for money as well as letting you enjoy the experience more than once.

Filled with bergamot and geranium oils, it gives off a real rich and fruity strawberry scent. The bubble bar also has a slight floral tone to it which adds depth to the scent. It is a really beautiful refreshing scent but not at all what I expected from a Christmas product. Yet with the abundance of fluffy white bubbles and bright red bath water it is without doubt the most christmassy bath I have ever had. The bath reminded me of father Christmas' red and white furry cape.

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Only Peeping Santa knows for sure, so you should probably crumble him up in your tub before he tells everyone your secrets! Made with hand-churned shea butter from the Ojoba women's cooperative in Ghana and creamy fair trade cocoa butter, this bubbler will keep winter skin soft and smelling like sweet summer strawberries. What more could you ask for this Christmas?

If you're not a big fan of the spicy heavier scents that are around this time of year this is the bubble bar for you. It would also be great for kids as vibrant red water and big white bubbles are perfect for getting them excited in the build up to santa's visit.

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas products? What are your fave Lush products? Do you like the sound of the peeping santa bubble bar? Which Lush bits should I get on my next trip?

Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of love,
Laura x

9 December 2015

Like this ... then try that - Perfume

Like many of us one of the things I gift and get gifted most at Christmas time is perfume. If you're looking for a new perfume for yourself or a loved one it can be a bit of a minefield .To help you understand the lingo I've created an in depth guide to perfume which you can view here.

Even once you understand your eau de toilette from your parfum, picking a new scent is a really personal thing. It's hard enough picking a new scent for yourself let alone for someone else. So I put together a list of scents that to me are quite similar. If you like perfume on my list you may want to try the other. Or take a peak at your loved ones collection and you may get an idea of what other scents they might love.

If you like ....

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle try Dior Miss Dior

Paco Rabanne Lady Million try Dolce and Gabbana The One

Thierry Mugler Angel try Chopard Wish

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo try Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Obviously scent is such a personal preference so even of you love one scent you might not like my suggestions but go give them a sniff. You might find you come across your new signature scent.

Have you tried any of these combinations do you like them both or love one but loathe the other? What scents are you loving at the moment? Have you bought anyone a new scent for Christmas?  Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

7 December 2015

Clarisonic Smart Profile

As time goes on I find myself investing more and more in skincare. Prevention is much better than cure and as the years roll on I want to take much more care of my skin. After all it's got to last me a lifetime. So I have been really making a effort to keep up my skincare regime but this has been made so much easier by my now Holy Grail skincare product the Clarisonic smart profile.

A few months ago  I was sent The Clarisonic Smart Profile facial and body brush.* I have done a first impressions post which you can view here but I wanted to update you on how I'm getting on as it is a real investment piece.

One of the reasons I normally give up on my skincare routine is due to pure laziness, who has time to spend ages every morning and night going through ten steps of a regime. Yet I can honestly say I have found sticking to my routine so much easier since getting this. It cleanses and exfoliates in one easy step and the whole face cleaning cycle takes only a minute. It also beeps when its time to move on to the next area of your face so you don't even have to be concentrating whilst cleaning your face (which we all know is hard when your sleepy).

I have normal to dry skin so I only use the facial brush once a day normally at night when I'm taking off my make up. I can suffer with visible pores across my nose area and cheeks. as well as dry patches of skin and my skin can often feel slightly uneven and bumpy. Yet I feel all of these problems have greatly improved since continued use of the facial brush, which I put down to the buffing and deep cleansing of the brush. Once a week I use the turbo button to give my skin a more powerful deep cleanse and exfoliation.

Clarisonic Smart Profile is smarter, easier, more powerful cleansing for smooth, beautiful, radiant skin from head to toe. Removes long-wear makeup 11x better than hands alone. Cleanses age-accelerating pollution 30x better than hands alone. Provides superior exfoliation for accelerated skin renewal on all body zones.

Smarter: Smart technology enables the Smart Profile device to read the two new smart enabled brush heads and automatically adjust timing and power for the optimal head to toe cleanse.

Easier: Replace brush head indicator illuminates to prompt you when it is time to replace the brush head.*

More Powerful: Amplified power boost removes makeup 11x better than hands alone delivering superior cleansing results.

I normally use the body brush head once a week before tanning to remove any dry skin. My tan applies much easier and my skin is softer than ever. The patches of Keratosis Pilaris (bumpy areas like chicken skin) that I have on my thighs is much less noticeable, which for me if amazing as I'm always looking for ways to smooth out these annoying little bumps. I'm so impressed I have started to increase my use of the brush to two times a week. Fingers crossed I will continue to see a vast improvement.

Although not cheap I wouldn't be without it now. My skin is glowing and is smoother than ever, I'm over the moon with this and if you have similar skin issues to me I recommend giving this a go the results are amazing. I feel so much more confident without make up on and my make up looks better on my smoother skin. All in all I would say it's worth every penny.

If you are considering a Clarisonic you can view the Smart profile brush as well as the rest of the Clarisonic range on the Debenhams site.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

4 December 2015

Lush Butter Bear

Lush - butter bear - scented - bath products - review - fragranced bath products - body skincare

It's December so it was only a matter of time before I busted out the Christmas Lush products. So first up this month I tried the Butter Bear bath bomb.

This little bear is super cute and is one of the smallest bath bombs Lush produce, which reflects in the amazing bargain price of £1.95 each.

Once dunked into the water it isn't the most exciting of bath bombs. It fizzes out quickly and doesn't give off any colour but what it lacks in excitement it makes up for in comfort. The scent is gorgeous, a mixture of vanllia with a hint of chocolate. Perfect for getting you in the cozy mood on the cold nights and for getting you in the mood for a chocolate feast. 

Snuggle up in a vanilla-scented bear hug with softening Fair Trade cocoa butter from the Colombian Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. Creamy and pampering, this polar pal will melt hearts young and old.

Once the bear has dissolved the bath water is left with little blobs of cocoa butter which slowly melt away while you soak. The cocoa butter leaves your skin so silky soft its like you have already moisturised your skin when you step out of the water.

If your not fussed about colourful baths with lots of fiz, this is one to try and it's perfect for anyone with sensitive or dry skin.

Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas products? Do you like the sound of the Butter bear? What Lush products get you in the mood for Christmas?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

2 December 2015

F&D wax melts

F&D wax melts - wax melts - home fragance - designer scents - wax tarts - angel style scent - Joop style scent - review

This time of year when the nights are dark and cold I find myself nesting more than other times of year and love making my home smell amazing, it really helps create a homely warm environment. Like millions of us the world over I'm a big lover of candles yet never really ventured into wax melts until now.

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous wax burner complete with a mixture of two scents of soya wax melts from F&D wax melts, which you can find on twitter here. A fabulous company set up by the lovely Angela. Angela creates an amazing array of scents based on your favourite perfumes and scents,using the highest grade perfume duplicate fragrance oils.

F&D wax melts - wax melts - home fragance - designer scents - wax tarts - angel style scent - Joop style scent - review

I received some pretty little heart melts in the style of Joop which is a scent I love and reminds me of an old friend who has recently moved away ,so smelling that scent is a wonderful way of feeling close to him. I also received some little flower shaped ones in the style of one of my all time fave scents Angel. Perfect for this magical time of year.

You pop a melt onto the wax melt burner and as the tea light candle below melts the wax ,your room is filled with the aroma. Both the scents are beautiful and easily fill a room and I think the scents lingered longer than a candle scent does. Another massive plus is how gorgeous they look I love how the cream little burner looks and the little candle inside gives off a soft glow ideal for creating a relaxing and cosy mood in any room.

F&D wax melts - wax melts - home fragance - designer scents - wax tarts - angel style scent - Joop style scent - review

If you are looking for a first rate gift for a loved one or for a little treat for yourself I can't recommend Angela's charming melts enough. All orders are custom and handmade so give her a tweet with any questions or requests. You can also email her at fdwaxmelts@aol.co.uk

Have you tried wax melts? What perfume or aftershave style wax melt would you love? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

1 December 2015

Party Coffin nails at Home

Party nails - nail designs - coffin nails - nail art - studs - gems - red nails - OPI - I'm not really a waitress - nail polish - at home - nail products

Are you a fan of nails short and natural shaped. or are you a squared nail fan maybe a part of the Long pointed clan? No matter what camp you're in, this could be a trend you may want to try.

Nail shapes are a massive part of getting the perfect manicure whether at home or in the salon. Women tend to be a fan of one nail shape and stick to it. Yet with a new nail shape swiftly gaining in popularity it appears the most fashion conscious are trying out this new style. First seen a few years ago the trend is really taking off and is perfect for the party season.

The original stiletto nail isn't at all for the faint hearted and even if you love or hate them,they aren't very practical for day to day activities. This trend takes on the length and shape of the original stiletto yet instead of the deadly point the end has been bluntly cut.

When creating my own design I wanted a mixture of red and gold to celebrate it being the Christmas season. Obviously I couldn't resist adding a touch of sparkle as well!

Party nails - nail designs - coffin nails - nail art - studs - gems - red nails - OPI - I'm not really a waitress - nail polish - at home - nail products

False nails - Broadway Long length
Glue - Nailene Ultra Quick
Red nail varnish - OPI I'm not really a waitress.
Studs and gems - Ebay

I created mine at home by filing the long length Broadway nails into shape before painting them a deep red shade from OPI. I then added small golden square studs on the little finger nails and middle fingers. Next I added a bigger stud to the index fingers and creating a line of big studs on the thumbs. On the ring fingers I added a mix of clear and gold diamantes.

I personally love them and think they look stunning. Although still not the most practical they are more so than the original stiletto and are a good middle ground for die hard fans of any nail shape camp. I'm really enjoying my latest glamorous nails and think I maybe converted to the coffin side.

What do you think of the blunt stiletto? Which camp do you belong to? Will you be trying out this trend? Do you like my nail design?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

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