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The Blogger

Hi, my names Laura and in some respects I fit the stereotype of your typical girly girl. With a deep love for make up, fashion and all things sparkly. However I'm also a big nerd!

I adore history programs, reading all sorts of books and documentaries. There will always be a special place in my heart for my main man Henry the VIII ( what a rogue) the ultimate bad boy lol.
I have a fetish for quizzes and board games. Playing computer games with Dave my fiance and watching fantasy films.

I find myself giggling over the silliest of things and find I often like animals more than people lol. I have a beautiful white German Shepherd called Arnie (after Arnold Schwarzenegger) He looks just like a fluffy white wolf and it was honestly love at first sight well for me anyway lol. Sometimes I'm sure hes not that keen on me and often find him trying to escape my cuddles.

All in all I'm just your average English girl from south east London (No I wont mug you but I may poke you really hard in the ribs if your mean to me) with geeky quirks and a massive addiction to make up, so join me on my journey through life with posts about make up, beauty fashion and life.

Please become a member, follow along and get in contact with me!

Lots of love,
Laura x

My Blog

The name of my blog came from the my favorite things about being a girl. Getting dressed up and pampering myself. I always feel the most glamorous when I have teased my hair, put on my false lashes and my lips coated in lipstick. 

I decided I wanted a place to log all of the facts and thoughts I have about make up, beauty, fashion and life. So My blog was born and has since become a place for like minded people, to share their thoughts and have fun.

I hope that you will find my blog a helpful and trusted companion in your journey through womanhood. With reviews, competitions, dupes, insider hints and tips, tutorials and more!!!

TFP was recently nominated for the UK Blog Awards and has made it to the final 10 in the Fashion and Beauty category! Thank you to all who voted and I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

Just to let you know if I have received any products reviewed on my blogs. I will always state below the post or in the post itself. Products marked with * are products I have been sent/gifted. 
All opinions will be my own. I will be honest about my views of the product's tested on my blog. I will not be giving fake reviews on products I get sent. If an items rubbish I will say, so you can trust what you read.
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